Headhunter – Part 2


I tried to give this new person from the headhunting company the benefit of the doubt.  After all, she was charming and seemed like she cared enough.  I actually thought she had a desire help me find a better workplace, but I soon found out I was wrong.  

After we met in person and discussed the particulars of interviews, what I want to be when I grow up and what she could do for me; she told me that there were a couple jobs she thought I might like. 

I read through the descriptions and felt that both seemed to be a good fit; and since they were with reputable companies near the field I call home, I gave her the go ahead to submit my resume and let me know when they wanted to schedule an interview.

Side bar…You know that feeling you get when you’ve been dating someone for a short period of time and they start pulling back but won’t tell you what’s going on, but you just KNOW that something is amiss because they aren’t as eager as they were in the beginning of the dating process?  That’s the feeling I’m getting with this headhunter…and here’s why.

Back in January I emailed her to find out what the status was with the two companies we had discussed in our initial meeting.  She emailed me back, TWO WEEKS LATER (pathetic), to let me know she had been out of state and didn’t have an update but would let me know as soon as she heard something.

I replied, letting her know that I understood the delay if she had been out of state, but it would have been nice to get an out of office reply to let me know her availability.

No response.  (pathetic)

A week later I sent her another email asking for a status on the jobs we had discussed in our initial meeting.  This time she replied the same day, but only to inform me that she still didn’t have a status and was curious if I had applied for any other jobs and what/where they were.  (pathetic)

I waited the customary three days and sent her an email telling her that I had not applied anywhere because I hadn’t found any place I wanted to apply other than the two places she and I had discussed in our initial meeting, but since it had been so long since we had talked, I was curious if the jobs were still open or had been filled?

No response.  (pathetic)

On March 4th for some reason I decided to take a look at the headhunters website and in doing so I noticed that there was a job I was interested in.  And No, it was neither of the jobs I had talked with her about initially, but it was a job that caught my eye and piqued my interest. 

So I sent her an email on March 4, 2015 letting her know I was interested in the job. 

I figured it was still open since the posting date for the job was March 3rd, 2015.  ONE full day had passed since they posted the job and I emailed the headhunter to let her know I was interested. 

Here’s an image from the website, notice the posting date at the bottom circled in red: 


ONE day. 


Here was her reply on March 5th, 2015 @ 10:00 AM…

“My partner has been working with this position.  I spoke with him this morning, and he informed me that they have closed their interview process.  I will inform you if they decide to reopen the position.”  (pathetic)

Here was MY response to her on March 5th, 2015 @ 11:30 AM…

“Thank you for getting back to me regarding my inquiry.  I’m puzzled though, because the job post is dated March 3, 2015 so how is the interview process closed since it’s only March 4, 2015?  Are they still looking for applicants since it’s still posted as being open on the “headhunter” website?  Does your company post jobs that are closed just to get more applications for you all to rummage through when other jobs come available?  I’m a little perplexed here…please educate me.”

And her reply to my inquiry on March 5th, 2015 @ 2:15 PM…

“My coworker, teammate, had been working with several candidates before he had posted the position on the site.  He plans to close the position online when an offer is formally accepted.”   (pathetic)

If you’re not able to read between the lines, what she said was this…

1)  NO,  The job is closed and they aren’t taking anymore applications.

2)  YES, our company posts jobs that are closed so we can get more applications to go through for future jobs.

3)  Before you ask…YES, we are liars and use the old “bait ‘n switch” routine to make people think a job is available when it really isn’t.  We want you to think that we actually care about you as a person and want to find you a job, when the truth is, we don’t care about you…we only want to make money by filling jobs as quickly as possible.


I have not replied to her last email.  I don’t want to deal with these people any further because they think I’m just like the rest of the herd…just a stupid cow grazing in the pasture hoping to be rescued by one of these vultures circling overhead (no offense intended); but I have news for this young headhunter…I’m not like the rest of the herd.  I see through her lies and the lies of her company.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…headhunters are pathetic…but the fact that I never seem to learn my lesson is even more pathetic. 

Have a pathetic weekend.


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