Carbon Monoxide Detectors + Garage Door Openers

Every automatic garage door opener should have carbon monoxide detectors built in which would automatically raise the door if the carbon monoxide levels reach a certain level. 

They should also have weight sensors that sense the weight of the garage door within a specific range that will trigger a very loud and annoying audible alarm if it senses that the door did not open automatically when those carbon monoxide levels have reached a critical state. 

The alarm would have to be manually shut off within 2 minutes by pressing the door opener button either on the wall or the handheld remote three times; and if that doesn’t happen, the device would automatically send an emergency call to 911 that the levels are extremely high and someone is in danger.

Not a fool proof idea…but it’s pathetic someone hasn’t thought of this before now. 




Men Are Not Stupid

A very wise message from a very wise young lady. — please give all comments and credits to the writer of the post. (reblog from


It’s past midnight here in our country, and I still can’t sleep. This has been my life for the past weeks. Maybe, I’ll get used to this.

I was reading some random blogs earlier. Some of them I just passed by, some of them I really did like, but some left me thoughts of how they hated men. That’s sad. Really sad. If only I can give them all a hug, and tell them that not all of them are bad, I will. 🙂

Men are not stupid. Maybe not all of them.

I had a memorable conversation before with my Dad when I was on my early teen years. I dropped my phone accidentally, and he’s the one who got it. The screensaver popped up and it shocked him what was stated in it.

It says, “Guys are Stupid”. All this time he believed his daughter is a nice…

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14 Days to Broke: Playing the Lottery

Say you’re a happy-go-lucky person with $1,000 burning a hole in your pocket, and you decide to “invest” this money in lottery tickets, and keep on reinvesting the proceeds of your bets to buy even more lottery tickets.  
How long do you think you could keep this game rolling?

Let’s play:

If you buy $1,000 worth of $1 lottery tickets on Day 1, then statistically speaking, the average lottery payout of 60% means you’ll have $600 left to spend on Day 2.

Spend that $600 on Day 2, and by Day 3, you’re down to $360.

Keep going, and by Day 14, you will have (on average) just $0.78 left jingling in your pocket.

In other words, two weeks of playing the lottery has left you too broke to afford a single lottery ticket. You’ve gambled away nearly every cent you started with.

It’s no wonder Bloomberg calls it the “Sucker Index.”

Food for Thought

Does a lumberjack keep swinging an ax at a tree that he’s already chopped down?  

Does a carpenter keep hammering a nail that’s he’s already driven into a board?  

If the answer to both questions is “No”, then shouldn’t you stop gnawing on the same past experiences that cause pain and disappointment and seek the things that can bring a brighter future to your otherwise pathetic life?