Blog Awards


I would like to thank those of you who have nominated me for different blogger awards. 

I’m honored. 

Award4I really do appreciate receiving them because it makes me feel like my posts are actually meaningful and that you like me…you really, REALLY like ME!   And for that, I’m grateful, so thank you.  

However, I would like to inform you that I don’t participate in them; and even though I don’t actually participate in them, I have created this page to draw attention to those bloggers who have nominated me for different awards. 

After all…blog awards are pathetic.   (Oh come on!  Like you didn’t see that coming!)

Award1But I do enjoy receiving the nominations, so please keep ’em coming!

Furthermore, I ask that you please take a few moments to view the sites of those who have nominated my blog for various awards, and show them some appreciation for all their hard work and raw talent that they have put into their own blogs.

– –

(btw…if I’ve missed anyone who has nominated me, please make a comment and I’ll update my page with your info.  It would be pathetic of me to not give credit where credit is due.)


Award_versatile_blog1 Award_liebster1 Award_very_inspiring_blog2 Award_creative blogger1 Award_creative blogger ALiebsterAward_versatile_blog2

Award_real neat blogger Award_liebster Award_very inspiring blogger1 Award_very inspiring blogger Award_versatile_blog Award_the daydreamer starlight_blogger

The Entertainer blogger award



Sites that nominated my blog: 

Cook It Slim A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Story De-PotA Very Inspiring Blogger Award

4 Year Old AdultA Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Life’s Mysterious Journeys The Versatile Blogger Award

Edwinas EpisodesThe Versatile Blogger Award

Semper Fidelis The Versatile Blogger Award

Sophie Speaks UpThe Versatile Blogger Award

Live Love LaughThe Versatile Blogger Award

Story De-Pot – The Versatile Blogger Award

The Barbed Wire The Versatile Blogger Award

14 Weeks Worth of SocksThe Versatile Blogger Award

But I Smile Anyway –  The Daydreamer Award & Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Simple Head GirlLiebster Award

Suburban HoboLiebster Award

The Endeavors of Everyday LifeLiebster Award


A Girl Named WandaA Real Neat Blog Award

Crumpled Paper Cranes – Creative Blogger Award

Send SunshineCreative Blogger Award & Very Inspiring Blogger Award

But I Smile Anyway – Starlight Blogger Award

But I Smile AnywayThe Entertainer Blogger Award

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