It all started when I was working at a pathetic job that had worse characters than I currently deal with today.  I know that’s difficult to imagine, but it’s true.  There was “Mushroom” who was supposed to be a multitasking employee.  Meaning they worked in numerous divisions and were supposed to perform whatever tasks the management handed them, but she somehow became a full-time “graphic designer” (and I use that term VERY loosely) who did nothing all day but surf the internet and heap praises on herself when she was able to find something new to try on Photoshop.

There was “DB“, who was a database administrator and since I actually called her “DB” to her face, everyone…including her…thought it meant “Database“, but the truth is that it meant: Dumb Blonde.  And since she lived up to this moniker, she was none the wiser.      

A few others were, “Big Momma”, “Toast”, “Latin Pleasures”, “Smelly Cat”, “Brady Bunch” and “Jekyll and Hyde”…who, mind you, happened to be my boss at the time and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and could flip from happy as a clam to angry as a hungry lion in the blink of an eye and for no good reason. 

Without a doubt I have never had luck on my side when finding jobs, and I’m not really sure why that is, and because of that poor luck, ten years ago I made a decision to use a headhunting company to assist me in finding a better place to work.  A decision I have come to regret. 

The place I choose was a reputable company and came at the recommendation of a friend who used them in the past.   He had given me the name of his contact, and I decided to call and set up an appointment.  The headhunter was a nice guy and we developed a good rapport with one another during our initial meeting.  During which, he gave me some information about their company, explained the process and gave me a list of jobs he thought I might enjoy.  

After six months of multiple interviews and numerous rejections I finally told the headhunter I was going to venture out on my own and not long after, I had a new job.

Fast forward a few months…

I get a call from someone (a different guy) who works at the headhunting company asking if I’m satisfied with my current employment and if I’m looking for work.  I kindly replied that I was happy enough and I wasn’t currently looking for anything. 

Fast forward a few months…

Another call…a different guy…and again I let them down easy. 

Fast forward two years and my work life is again in a shambles.  I’m not happy with anyone or anything.  Low and behold guess who calls me?  Yep!  The HEADHUNTING COMPANY!  Yet again, I receive another call from a different person at the headhunting company asking the same things, but this time I caved and sent them an updated resume and let them attempt to find a “good fit” for me. 

And yet…just like the first time…six months go by with multiple interviews and numerous rejections, so I ventured out on my own and once again…landed in a new job..without their help. 

Fast forward to January 2015…

Over five years of not hearing from this headhunting company and thinking they had finally deleted my information and will never call me again…

They called. 

The woman I spoke with seemed very kind and had a tone of sincerity that I just couldn’t say no to.  So, I agreed to meet with her and in doing so found myself hypnotized by her charm. 

I ended up sending her my resume in the hopes that she might be able to lead me to a better place of characters than the previous three companies I’ve worked for. 

Instead, all she’s done is lead me to believe that anyone who works for her company can’t be trusted, and I’ll elaborate more on that in my next post.

Until then, headhunters are pathetic…but so is the fact that I’ll never learn.




28 thoughts on “Headhunters

  1. “…but she somehow became a full-time ‘graphic designer’ (and I use that term VERY loosely) who did nothing all day but surf the internet and heap praises on herself when she was able to find something new to try on Photoshop.”

    Now I don’t really know the details of where you were working, with all these people and their illustrious aliases (Brady Bunch? Ha.), but I can tell you this described my experience at my past job. I guess the longer you were there (and the more giggly you were), the more you could get away with that kind of stuff. And have your name in the local paper and get pictures posted of you on FB with a certificate for “best employee” or “rising star.” Yeah…

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    • Oh my goodness…did we work at the same place? Honestly!? The woman who was given the graphic designer position wasn’t giggly, but she did know how to work the system and wasn’t afraid to make those who made decisions give her what she wanted without having to ask. It was such a bad environment. She even worked it out to make more than most of the people in the office for doing and knowing absolutely nothing.

      I’m soooo sorry that you had to experience that kind of environment as well, but I’m sure you have some great stories to share with us all about your experience working there.

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    • lol. Yeah…he was from India and all he ate was toast and tea for every meal. It was weird…so I started calling him “Toast”. lol. I laugh just thinking about it.


  2. Now when I read “DB”, before you clarified, I thought the “B” stood for bag. I had a boss, clearly crazy, we called WWW – Wicked Witch of the West. She was vegan. The only reason I bring that up, is because one of my coworkers who wanted to quit, wanted to slap a hunk of bloody meat on her desk when she tendered her resignation. I found that incredibly amusing. The right job is out there and YOU will find it.

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