Some advice for the readers out there…

  • I can easily refute an argument that is formed in the comments, however, I was taught years ago not to get into a pissing contest with a fool; therefore, I don’t believe in getting into debates in a comments section so don’t even attempt it.


  • If you attempt to poke that bear and continue to leave comments that are trying to foster a debate or create posts on your blog to try and lure me into your pathetic ignorance, I’ll delete your comments and block your sorry ass from commenting on my blog.  — My advice, don’t poke the bear.


  • Just because you have a degree in a certain field doesn’t mean you’re a genius in that field, nor does it mean that you have any wisdom what-so-ever in that field of study. 

Believe me, I know A LOT of people who have doctorates or master’s degrees in a specific field…they’ve spent years working in those fields…but they never learned anything.  It’s all huff and fluff with not a shred of substance . . .in layman’s terms: “surface knowledge”. . . and it’s quite pathetic when they attempt to declare their so-called “wisdom” because it turns out to be ignorance and nonsense.  So, please take my advice… just shut your pie hole and walk away.  Don’t talk.  Don’t type.  Just walk away.    


  • Don’t try to assume or presume that you know me or who I am as an individual.  Reading my blog might give you a .0000000001% of knowing anything about me, but it doesn’t mean you know me so take my advice and don’t presume or assume anything about me just because you read one of my posts. 


  • I find it pathetic when people fail to recognize that they aren’t as humble as they like to imagine themselves to be.  Truth is, if you think your opinion matters and you feel like you just have to tell someone how wrong they are, you’re not humble.  You’re arrogant.  My advice…keep your mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard.  It’s better not to say anything and appear to have humility than to create more problems with your pathetic words.   


  • If you don’t like my advice…I don’t care, it’s my blog…not yours…and it’s pathetic to think otherwise.  (also, if you think my blog is here for you to voice your opinions…you’re wrong.)  


  • Pathetic is as pathetic does and I enjoy writing about pathetic.  If you don’t like that subject or think it’s divisive, my advice is simple…don’t read my blog.


What Microsoft got wrong with the Xbox One X

Recently, Microsoft unveiled their new gaming console the Xbox One X to be released this November, and it’s supposed to be the most powerful gaming console on the market, but in my humble opinion Microsoft got it wrong.

The specs on this system surpass any regular computer system on the market:

  • 8-core AMD processor, 12 GB of graphics memory with an Ultra HD 4K Drive for movies, along with 8 gigs of internal flash memory and a 1 terabyte harddrive for storage, all for a hefty price tag of $499.  

Additionally, the console runs on a Windows 10 platform, which means that Microsoft isn’t really selling a video game system at all.  

It’s a screaming fast computer that doesn’t come with a monitor, keyboard or mouse, and in this bloggers humble opinion, instead of advertising and marketing this system as just another gaming device with more power and selling it for the price of a new washing machine, Microsoft should have thrown in a wireless keyboard and mouse and advertised this system as a brand new whole home entertainment system that connects to your TV.

After all, who wouldn’t want to consolidate their technology and rid themselves of multiple devices; i.e. old computer, old monitors, old gaming device and old DVD/Blu-ray player, and replace it with one system that connects to their television?

This could have been the One system that set the standard by allowing end users to watch and play true 4k movies and video games.  Surf the web.  Shop Online.  Do their banking. Skype with friends and family in true 4k resolution…(with the optional 4k webcam of course)...and do it all with one system.

In addition Microsoft could offer the full Microsoft Office Suite as a promotion for anyone who exchanges an old gaming system for a new Xbox One X, offering even more incentives for those who exchange a Sony gaming system.

Accordingly, Microsoft could also spend a couple more years designing a smaller “X” device that would be a wireless hub allowing multi-user connections to multiple Microsoft accounts in various rooms of the house.  It could be similar to the Amazon Echo with Cortana’s voice recognition software and a builtin 4K webcam.

This would provide the Xbox One X to provide true “whole home” access while providing flexibility for end users to perform multiple engagements at the same time while using separate televisions in separate rooms of the house. 

For example, the main Xbox One device would be in the family room where one person is streaming a movie, while another family member is sitting in their bedroom playing a video game with an “X” device connected to their television, while yet another family member is working on homework using Microsoft Office with the “X” device connected to a third television in a third room of the house.  

Pathetically, Microsoft failed to create a whole home entertainment system and market it as such, and I firmly believe they missed an opportunity to corner the market on not only the gaming industry, but the home entertainment industry and the home computer industry as well.

Maybe in time Microsoft will figure it out, but for now…they got it wrong with the Xbox One X.


Obsessed With Sex-u-al-i-tee


What is wrong with you sick people that you feel the need to know so many details about every person’s life?  Especially the whole issue of a person’s sexual preference?

I’ll tell you why…

Because YOU are obsessed with sex!

Oh. . .and on the topic of sexual preference. . . if a person is born with a certain sexual preference, why the hell can’t you tell just by looking at them?  Shouldn’t you know without having to ask???  Why exactly do you even question it?  

Oh, wait!  That’s right!  It’s similar to all of you who were born a dumbass.  

No one can tell you’re a dumbass just by looking at you, instead people have to ask you if you’re a dumbass.  

Typically, you all try to cover it up, but eventually the truth is revealed as soon as you open your mouth.  

Soooo, going back to my initial question…why is it so important for you to know which way someone swings their ding-a-ling?  

Does knowing that someone is a pervert make you feel more human?  Does it make you feel more adequate that you’re not the only pervert in town?  

With the way society has become so sexually obsessed I’m not surprised that companies don’t require sexual preference on a résumé. 

Work History…



Sexual Preference!  — Ah!!  The perfect candidate!

You cattle need to get over the sexual obsession already.  After all, it’s just a means of creating humans. 

But leave it to humans to make it into something perverted, addictive and disgusting! 

Bravo humanity.  

Brav-o!  (insert slow, pathetic golf clap here)


Pathetic cattle disgust me.



Last night I went to bed feeling okay.  

This morning…

I woke up with my sinuses plugged, chest congested and feeling like I went three rounds with a professional MMA fighter and losing.  

In other words, I think I’m coming down with something or maybe I already have it.  Either way, I don’t feel well at all.  

What’s worse is that I do everything I can to protect myself from viruses and bacteria, but sadly, my co-workers do not.  

This office is like a giant petri dish.  Each cube containing it’s own variation of the many horrible diseases that can be spread from bovine to bovine, which is one of the many reasons I posted yesterday’s post.  


Right now (6:30 AM), I’m sitting at my desk considering taking a nap, but I’d only get a couple minutes in because a bunch of idiots show up a little before 7 AM.


I’m not looking forward to another day of listening to stupid people cluck like chickens about stupid stuff that I could care less about.  

It’s really pathetic how tired I feel right now.  I hate getting sick.

Valuable Lesson

self esteem

When I was growing up, my parents taught me a valuable lesson.  It’s a lesson that every parent should teach their children as they grow up in this world full of pathetic individuals.  That lesson was this:

“Never think more highly of yourself because there’s always someone out there who’s more knowledgeable, more athletic, more intelligent, more well-equipped.”  

Those might seem like harsh, negative words to speak to a child, but they really were very loving.  

They have helped me through life to understand and accept that I don’t know everything and I don’t always have the skills necessary to complete a task.  Sadly, many cattle today haven’t been teaching their calves that same lesson, and I find that to be extremely pathetic.

If you take a moment to consider all the cattle in the world today, and think about the few select individuals who have crossed paths with you (including family and friends), ask yourself…are they really the best person to give advice?  The best person to help others through problems?  The best person to hang out with?  The best person to have a relationship with?  The best person to marry?

Ask those same questions of yourself. 

Now, consider these: Do you give sound advice or do you feed them too much of your own opinion?  Are you considerate of their needs or do you spend more time taking from them to fill your own needs?   Do you listen well or do all the talking?  

Technically, because we all see ourselves as being the well-rounded, kindhearted, pathetically influenced bovine that others don’t see, you probably can’t answer those questions the same way your friends and family would answer them about you. 

You well-trained followers seem to go about your days doing the thing that you were taught and encouraged to do…strive to achieve, strive to get ahead, strive to accomplish something…you’re all taught from the very moment that you leave the womb that you’re capable, that you have what others don’t have, that you are good, better, best.  All the while never even considering whether or not those words were actually true or even if you were the best available option to accomplish anything at all.  

Some might refer to it as “believing in yourself”, but I like to refer to it as “pathetic” because the truth is, no one ever seems to consider that if given the choice of billions of other bovine in the world who are probably better equipped you probably weren’t the best choice after all.  You just happened be at the right place at the right time and were able to perform triage until the better equipped surgeon shows up.

And that isn’t having a “belief in yourself” it’s . . . “causing undo stress in others”,  “causing a bigger problem”, “disrupting the space-time continuum”.   

In a nutshell . . .it’s ignorance. . . but you being the self-motivated individual you are, you charge ahead never thinking about how your ineptitude is causing a massive ripple effect of havoc-wreaking pathetic in the lives of others.  

It’s really sad.   

In conclusion, people who think more highly of themselves than they ought is really pathetic.  




There’s a new trend in modeling where models are encouraged to put their hands over their head and show off their armpits.  (see inserted pictures for reference)


I’m not sure who exactly thinks that the armpit is “sexy”, but I have news for them…

It’s not. 

It’s an Armpit.  

There’s nothing sexy about an armpit.

Hairy, shaved, covered in chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream…the armpit is not sexy.  It’s a part of the body we all find pathetic because it causes undo stress from over-active sweat glands.  By nature and if left unchecked, it has odors that are not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination.  The armpit is not sexy, and yet…there are photographers out there that want to show off the armpit as though it’s sexy and alluring (did I spell that correctly?…A .. L .. L .. U ? ? ? .. whatever…) but it’s not.


Personally, I believe the reason for the current upswing in armpitography is because photographers are running out of parts of the female anatomy to sensualize.  They started with the face, then moved on to breasts and when those were blown out of proportion (literally) they moved on to legs, then the lower small of the back, then the belly button area and now…the armpit.  

What’s next?  The big toe?  The wrist?  Maybe the small intestine?  

Get over the fascination with the armpits, people!  Because thinking the armpit is somehow “sexy” is pathetic!! 







Lost Boys


And as pathetic as it is…

The “boys” in this world are confused, lust-filled mongrels who lack any sense of morality or decency.  

Most of them never grow out of puberty and lack confidence, self-respect and love.  It’s sad really…because I firmly believe the reason for this is a lack of a true role-model. . . a father who will take them under their wing and teach them how to be a man. . . a real man. . . instead, they end up being one of these flimsy, pathetic lost boys who can never seem to grow up.

And what’s even more pathetic…these “boys” are procreating and creating more of their kind!