Some advice for the readers out there…

  • I can easily refute an argument that is formed in the comments, however, I was taught years ago not to get into a pissing contest with a fool; therefore, I don’t believe in getting into debates in a comments section so don’t even attempt it.


  • If you attempt to poke that bear and continue to leave comments that are trying to foster a debate or create posts on your blog to try and lure me into your pathetic ignorance, I’ll delete your comments and block your sorry ass from commenting on my blog.  — My advice, don’t poke the bear.


  • Just because you have a degree in a certain field doesn’t mean you’re a genius in that field, nor does it mean that you have any wisdom what-so-ever in that field of study. 

Believe me, I know A LOT of people who have doctorates or master’s degrees in a specific field…they’ve spent years working in those fields…but they never learned anything.  It’s all huff and fluff with not a shred of substance . . .in layman’s terms: “surface knowledge”. . . and it’s quite pathetic when they attempt to declare their so-called “wisdom” because it turns out to be ignorance and nonsense.  So, please take my advice… just shut your pie hole and walk away.  Don’t talk.  Don’t type.  Just walk away.    


  • Don’t try to assume or presume that you know me or who I am as an individual.  Reading my blog might give you a .0000000001% of knowing anything about me, but it doesn’t mean you know me so take my advice and don’t presume or assume anything about me just because you read one of my posts. 


  • I find it pathetic when people fail to recognize that they aren’t as humble as they like to imagine themselves to be.  Truth is, if you think your opinion matters and you feel like you just have to tell someone how wrong they are, you’re not humble.  You’re arrogant.  My advice…keep your mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard.  It’s better not to say anything and appear to have humility than to create more problems with your pathetic words.   


  • If you don’t like my advice…I don’t care, it’s my blog…not yours…and it’s pathetic to think otherwise.  (also, if you think my blog is here for you to voice your opinions…you’re wrong.)  


  • Pathetic is as pathetic does and I enjoy writing about pathetic.  If you don’t like that subject or think it’s divisive, my advice is simple…don’t read my blog.




I’ve reached a stage in my life where I just don’t give a damn anymore. 

I know that I should, but I just don’t. 

I should care that some poor slob can’t pay their bills and needs a job to help build their confidence, but I don’t. 

I should care that taxes are being raised every day just so some jackwang in Washington can fund another stupid idea that a bunch of lazy, good-for-nothings screamed and ranted over, but I don’t.

I should care that my little community of “wannbe like everyone else” community leaders can’t come up with a unique or genuine idea to save their life, but I don’t.

I should care that an ideology of stupid non-believing blowhards seems to be scaring everyone into a panic on the other side of the world, but I don’t. 

I should care that a bunch of kids who’s parents and grandparents spoiled the hell out of them now want society to “forgive” their student loan debt even though that would be the stupidest thing we could ever do, but I don’t.

I should care that there’s a bunch of lazy, slothful people who genuinely think that living in America means that we rob from the rich to give to the poor so the poor don’t have to feel guilty about being poor, but I don’t.

I should care that a small mom-and-pop community store is now going out of business because the big, bad corporations moved in across the street and offer greater convenience and more products, but I don’t.

I should care that millions of lives have been impacted by natural disasters or warlike conflicts around the globe, but I don’t. 

I just don’t care.

And you probably think that I’m pathetic because I don’t care as much as you do; but when you consider it, caring more than you should makes you just as pathetic as me not caring because caring more than you should can give you a much higher opinion of yourself than you ought to have. 

The reason you get a higher opinion of yourself for caring too much is because you think that people who don’t care about anything aren’t as good as you are, however, the truth is…those people who don’t care, really do care but they just don’t care about the same things you care about.

Never considered that, did you? 

Of course you didn’t, because you’re too busy being judgmental of those people who don’t care about the things that you think are important.

Caring or not caring, that is pathetic.


Women, Respect Your Men

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OKAY!  I’ve TRIED to disable comments a bunch of times but for some reason this new and “IMPROVED” way of posting won’t let me turn them off…SO!  I’m asking that you please leave all comments on authors blog page and not mine…

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mrs. spike

I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand, but apparently I have an opinion about this.

I woke up, wide-awake, at 6:00 this morning. I made some coffee and cleaned the kitchen. Spike came out and joined me at about 6:30. He usually gets up about that time, but he doesn’t usually speak. I don’t either, but I was somewhat chatty this morning, talking about the book my friends and I are reading: The Scarlet Thread. I like Francine Rivers, especially Redeeming Love, but I’m having a hard time with this one. It’s 300 pages of terrible marriage followed by 75 pages of all you need is Jesus. I’m not knocking the power of Christ, but really? The heroine has a revelation that she’s been a bitch and her marriage gets to go back to normal after all the horrifying things she slung at him for three years?…

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Fortune Cookies


Something that bothers me about fortune cookies is that they aren’t “fortune” cookies anymore, they are “Advice Cookies”.   Below are a few examples of what I’m talking about…













These are not fortunes! 

If I’m not mistaken, a fortune is telling someone what will happen in the future such as…

“You win lottery in next life.” 

“Children will come and be bane of your existence.”

“Boss hate your next proposal.” 

“You will lose hair during next wash.”

“Spouse will knee groin. Many pains come.” 

“New husband lack sense and make you very poor.”

“You will experience a very pathetic event in the near future.”

Maybe I should start my own fortune cookie business because it’s clear that the Advice Cookies they put out today are pathetic. 

The Comment Troll (goats)


There is nothing that irritates me more than a comment troll.  They irritate me so much that I will not call them cattle, nor will I refer to them as part of the herd.  Instead, they are goats. 

Annoying, frustrating, bleating goats.

You know the type.

The goats who infiltrate the herd who never leave a comment on a blog post regarding the actual post, yet because they don’t like what was commented by another blogger; they are quick to comment on the other bloggers comment, trying to create unnecessary drama.

These are the childish goats that sit in the darkened basements of their mother’s home and troll around WordPress and other blog sites looking to cause trouble.  Only because they are deviant goats who eat weeds and would keel over if they knew that what they were eating was actually good for them.

They are insecure little strays that can’t seem to mind their own business and are searching for validation from others who, mind you, could care less about their existence.  However, what they seek cannot be found by creating drama and forcing their unwanted opinions on the rest of the herd.

These comment trolls are quick to attack and be judgmental of another blogger’s comments.  They don’t approve of others having a thought, belief or suggestion of their own.

They aren’t afraid to call a person names, use fowl language or berate a fellow blogger; only because they assume that all bloggers are as small in stature as they are.

Silly fools…if they only knew…

In the past I have been victim to the diabolical ramblings of these immature goats, but no more!

I will not be subject to their stupidity and meaningless diatribes of name calling and insults.  Nor will I again allow them their bleating pleasures of indecency and disrespect by taunting me into a keyboard courage commenting exchange of feeble minded stupidity.  And neither should you.

If you happen to run across one of these unwanted, motherless goats; the best thing you can do is ignore them.

Sadly, you can’t delete their comments since they are commenting on your comments from another person’s blog, but you do have the power to ignore them.

If that doesn’t work…since cattle outweigh a goat by a couple hundred pounds, we can just kick them into the next pasture.

Comment trolls (goats) are pathetic