Soooo…According to WordPress…1337 likes is a milestone?  Really?

1337 LikesWhy?

The fact that I’ve been punched in the face over 4000 times and I’m still standing is a much greater milestone in my book.

Such a pathetically odd, random number to choose for a milestone, WordPress.  What’s so significant about the number 1337? 

If only there was a tool a person could use to find information regarding this odd number…  

Let’s Google it!!   Shall we?! 

So…on March 17, 1337 Edward, the Black Prince is made Duke of Cornwall, the first Duchy made in England.

There’s a Facebook page titled:  The year 1337 must’ve been pretty epic but you need a Facebook log in to be able to “like” it and since I don’t do Facebook, I can’t see what the page is all about.  From what I gather…the page actually looks pretty pathetic.

The seal for the town named: ‘MOST’ was created on March 13th, 1337. 

The Hundred’s Year War between France and England began in 1337. 

…Annnnnd there it is!

The reason WordPress made 1337 likes a milestone is because it’s a written language or cipher used in online gaming, e-mails, text messaging, tweeting and other electronic communication, otherwise known as: LEET.

Well done WordPress, but pathetic none the less. 



11 thoughts on “1337?

  1. That’s really strange as I got that message yesterday on my account and was also wondering why 1337 was so important! Thanks for clearing it up. It is still PATHETIC though as I don’ t understand anything about LEET!

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