Casual Friday


A very “casual” conversation I had with a co-worker this morning.  (true story)

Me:  “I see you decided last night what you were going to wear for casual Friday.”

CW:  “What?  I don’t understand what you mean by that.”

Me:  “Well, from your attire this morning I can see that you decided last night what you planned on wearing today.”

CW:  “???  You’re still not making sense.  Are you implying that what I’m wearing looks bad?  has wrinkles?  what do you mean?”

Me:  “it doesn’t look ‘bad’, but I would suggest that the next time you decide to wear something flannel you might want to choose something that doesn’t have teddy bears and shooting stars on it.” 

CW:  simon-cowel-glazed-look 


Me:  bill_hader

CW:  “Are you saying that I’m wearing my pajamas?!”

Me:  “I’m not implying anything of the sort.  Just making a suggestion.  And by the way…are you planning on using that pillow?”  

CW:  simon-cowel-glazed-look 

Me:  “Okay then!” 


And for the record…

Yes.  I was implying they were wearing their pajamas. 

Coworkers who wear pajamas to work on casual Friday are pathetic.




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