Bitter Friday Morning

grumpy cat

This morning I woke up bitter.

Bitter because I don’t enjoy knowing that those who never try seem to get all the breaks. 

Bitter because the person who does the least work, gets the promotion.

Bitter because those who seem to lack, have more than those who don’t.

Bitter because the world is bassakwards and no one seems to want to change it.

Bitter because some little social whore is about to gain more viewers on her blog in less time than it takes for Kanye West to say something racist.

Bitter because the french toast I made had an image of Satan in it.

Bitter because the orange juice I poured didn’t contain two percent bug or animal parts.

Bitter because I woke up and realized that it’s Friday…not Saturday. 

Bitter because I saw on the news that some idiot cat made his owner a millionaire by just looking grumpy.  — (I’m cute and fuzzy with a grumpy face every day, why don’t I have a million dollars?)   

Bitter because I didn’t come up with the pet rock idea.

Bitter because my heart is jealous that others are being blessed for doing nothing, and I’m not for doing something.

Bitterness is pathetic.


9 thoughts on “Bitter Friday Morning

  1. Working in the morning guarantees a bad day for myself. Mostly because I can’t have coffee while on the job.


  2. Bitter because my age mates spend their parents cash on drugs, booze and ridiculously expensive clothes and jewellery, while I am looking and struggling for cash to pave the way for a successful future. Life is unfair sometimes.


      • Yes it is! We are “commoners” at least that’s what I refer to us as. Middle class, live pay check by check pretty much. It seems like others get ahead quicker than you or have more money but what I try to realize with the lack of control over most things to just do the best we can and be thankful for what we do have. I always enjoy the humor and honesty from your posts! 🙂

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        • so true. being a “commoner” isn’t all that bad, but some mornings it’s a little more difficult to remember that what we do have is a blessing.

          Being thankful isn’t so easy some days.

          Your comment really did some good to my overly grinch-like heart just now. You’re very kind words have carried a lot of weight. thank you. 🙂

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    • hahaha! bitterness is your favorite word…and if you haven’t noticed, pathetic is mine.

      That’s pretty pathetic that we have words that aren’t very Christlike…as a believer I should change mine because bitterness and pathetic notions aren’t really biblical ways of living…not sure your stance on that issue..but I thought I’d share.


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