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Every now and then we bloggers have a few “unwanted” goats that tend to bother our quaint little lives here on WordPress.  They tend to follow our reading and then leave harsh, rude and vulgar comments on every topic no matter how trivial the subject.  For the longest time, we all wanted the ability to remove those unwanted goats from our blogging lives, and I don’t know if this has been available for some time, but WordPress finally gives us the option to remove people who follow our blogs.

here are the steps for this…(hope they work for you).

– From your reader, Click on the “MY SITE” option at the top left of your screen.


– When the next screen appears, look down the left side of the screen and click on “PEOPLE”


– Then click on “FOLLOWERS” in the upper middle of the screen.


– Finally, scroll through the list of “followers” and then click “REMOVE” for each one you want to get rid of.


NOTE:  I didn’t remove anyone…these are just the top three in my list and I used them as an example.

I must caution you though, if you feel it necessary to remove me from following your blog, I’m absolutely positive that you’ll miss all my random comments and ultimately feel compelled to send me a pathetic email begging me to take you back.  So, be careful before you use the power that has been given you.

**Update- I was scrolling through the list of followers and noticed that my WordPress would lock up after the first twenty or so in the list.  I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what, but just thought I’d let you know.  



46 thoughts on “Remove Followers…(update)

  1. Oh my goodness! You saved me today! Ten gold stars for you…I mean that…I’m grateful. I had a dude follow my blog and he was clearly ideologically opposed to everything I stand for. I’m probably being dramatic BUT I had a fleeting thought that he was somehow dangerous. I remembered this post and came back to see how to get him off my “follow” list. I’m SO glad you posted this….thank you, thank you!

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    • First, I’m sorry that there are people out there like that, but I’m very thankful that my post (and WordPress) was able to help you out and rid your blog of the pathetic follower. 🙂

      Let’s hope he doesn’t return! God Bless!

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  2. unless they are making personal threats to my life or my son’s life I tend to not remove folks from my blog, even when the topics get people all riled up and they start slinging the profanities or accusations in the comment section … I believe in freedom of speech no matter how bad or good , and to be honest , getting slammed in the comment section by people that my blog p.o.’ed amuses the heck out of me, the more irate they get and the more venom they spew…. the harder I laugh ….. why? because I sometimes shock blog ( blog to get a specific reaction …. my way of finding out what other folks really think, and why they think like that ) and I sometimes write about very touchy subjects…. to make people stop and think , usually I just blog about my piddly boring life ….. just to keep everyone in their comfort zones 😉

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    • your blog is well received by me at least and I understand what you’re saying about freedom of speech, but when someone gets to the point of serious obnoxiousness or insults my readers as a whole, I have to draw the line. Therefore, i’m glad that wordpress finally gave us the option to remove followers.

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    • OH my word!!! How did I miss this post of yours? LOL! this is hilarious and really disturbing at the same time. I’m so glad you shared this with me, but isn’t it nice to know that you still have the power to remove a follower if you want too? stay safe. there are a lot of pathetic weirdos out there.


      • Perhaps you’re not following me closely enough? Don’t worry – you’re forgiven. Snarkiness aside, it’s possible that the WP Reader doesn’t really show all the posts of every blog followed – I know there are lots of times I’ll come across a post for a blog I like, and it wasn’t ever in the Reader.

        At some point, I’m sure there will be at least one blog that I won’t want following me. I know at one point I changed my settings to indicate that no one under age 16 could follow me (because some of my posts can be a bit inappropriate for children).

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    • I was either until yesterday when I stumbled upon it. But I’m happy that WordPress added this feature because in the past I would have loved to remove people from following my previous blogs. now we can!

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  3. OMG. I’d heard rumours that you could UNFOLLOW. But I thought they were just that …. rumours. It is interesting that WORDPRESS feels they have to tell you to click on PEOPLE. Just supposing some very intelligent JEEPS had their very own blogs. Where is the UNFOLLOW JEEPS option ? Plus …REMOVE FOLLOWERS sounds so … final and a bit vicious. I would prefer to see a LET THIS PERSON/JEEP DOWN GENTLY option. E.g.. Dear Blogger. I have decided to UNFOLLOW you UNLESS your blog improves dramatically in the next 28 seconds.

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