Noises In the Office


Every so often in my new little cubicle of thought provoking numbness I hear noises.   Some noises are just people around me clearing their throats, sneezing or coughing.   Some noises are people mumbling about their projects or whispering about something that they don’t want others to overhear.  Annnnd some noises are the building itself settling and making creeks and groans and those are distinguishing, but the other day I heard a noise that I couldn’t quite figure out.  

At first it sounded like a buzz in the furnace fixtures, but as I tried to listen for it and figure out where it was coming from the more distant it became.  After a few minutes it stopped, so I just went back to doing my daily tasks.  A few hours later, it was back.  

Now, other than followers who can’t think for themselves, nothing is more aggravating to me than unnecessary noises like a hum, buzz or tick that penetrates my ear canal and forces its way into my brain where it makes a home for itself.  So, when I start to hear these noises, I feel it necessary to find the source and make it stop.  

For example, in my last office the actual walls didn’t have full length studs to support the sheet rock.  What I mean is that the studs didn’t stretch from floor to ceiling, instead they were aluminum frames that were only 6 foot tall, while the sheet rock was 8 feet.  This discrepancy in length created a buffer between the sheet rock, ceiling and frame which caused the walls to vibrate when the central air would kick on.  

The vibration of the walls would cause a buzz that was random and very annoying.  I finally figured out that if I put a block in-between the wall of my cube and the sheet rock, the buzz would cease.  

Problem fixed.

But now my new little spot of disturbed nonsense has a random buzz as well, and I had to find it the other day because it was bothersome and taking away from my focus; so I set out to locate the source and when I found it, I was kind of surprised.  

Since it was so random, it wasn’t easy to locate, but after searching for a couple days I finally found it.


Yep, my Co-worker snores. (no joke).

Random noises are pathetic, but co-workers sleeping at their desks are even more pathetic.




18 thoughts on “Noises In the Office

        • ha! yeah…Five years. We also had a guy who showed up for work drunk everyday for ten years and even with all the complaints, HR wouldn’t fire the guy. They sent him to A.A. a few times, but since he was “doing his job” … or what they constituted “doing his job”…he never got fired. It wasn’t until he got arrested for an accident while driving to work one morning that they finally sent him packing. 🙂 ya, I have a really pathetic work place.

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    • lol. yeah, I work in an office filled with a lot of strange people, and I too am a bit jealous that he was able to do that at his desk. – thanks for reading and commenting. Always enjoy hearing what others have to say. 🙂

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  1. Why is it so drawn out to get to this web page from the WordPress newsfeed? I should be able to go directly from your partial post on their page to this one.. Other than that bitching and whining I was happy to read your post!

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