Blogger Awards


I don’t normally post on a weekend because… well … I don’t want to. 

But today I felt it necessary because I would like to thank those of you who have nominated me for different blogger awards over the past month.  I’m honored.  However, I would like to inform you that I don’t participate in them.  

I really do appreciate receiving them because it makes me feel like my posts are actually meaningful and that you like me…you really, REALLY like ME! 

And for that, I’m grateful, so thank you.  

So feel free to nominate me as often or as much as you like…but know that I won’t be participating in the whole question and answer part. 


Blogger awards are pathetic.   (Oh come on!  Like you didn’t see that coming!)





11 thoughts on “Blogger Awards

  1. Blogger awards are pathetic because they are all about promoting WordPress and the blog that gave the award.
    I do apreciate them, don’t get me wrong, the gesture is very endearing, however, I don’t participate in them because they would junk up my blogs with all the requird spectacle of award pics.

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  2. Ah, yes! I have seen many posts lately with bloggers seemingly quite pleased about being nominated for numerous awards and it just looks like chain letters to me:). I have no criticism because it amuses me:).

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  3. Lol!! I hate them too!! If I participate in them I end the “chain mail” part of it. Buuuuut, now that I know you’re happy to receive them and will just ignore them, I might just put you on my next one!!

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