A Cute Doggy


A blogging friend over at 50statecanuck

well … I think she’s a friend, we don’t really converse anymore and she never seems to stop by my blog-o-pathetic, so I’m not sure if we’re still friends…maybe we’re more like acquaintances at this point. . .

. . . Anywhoo!  

She posted this picture on her blog of her little ball of fun, Abby:  


if you’ll notice…she pointed out on her blog as well…the picture has fall colored leaves all over the trail, but the leaves on the trees are summertime green.  


Proof that the world is being taken over by colored leaves?  

No matter the reason, it’s kind of a strange phenomena…don’t you think?  

Feel free to stop by her blog, if you feel up to it.







Scientific Data Does NOT Support Climate Change…

When it comes to the climate of the earth there are many of you fearenvironmentalists that think that I’m off my rocker, but what if a Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist tells you what I’ve been trying to tell you but in a more scientific manner?  

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine…but when you disagree with a man who’s spent his entire life studying physics and scientific data, you’re just pathetic. 

My advice is that you start looking at the REAL data and stop listening to the fearenvironmentalists who are lying to you just so they can get their grant funding from the government.