Carbon Monoxide Detectors + Garage Door Openers

Every automatic garage door opener should have carbon monoxide detectors built in which would automatically raise the door if the carbon monoxide levels reach a certain level. 

They should also have weight sensors that sense the weight of the garage door within a specific range that will trigger a very loud and annoying audible alarm if it senses that the door did not open automatically when those carbon monoxide levels have reached a critical state. 

The alarm would have to be manually shut off within 2 minutes by pressing the door opener button either on the wall or the handheld remote three times; and if that doesn’t happen, the device would automatically send an emergency call to 911 that the levels are extremely high and someone is in danger.

Not a fool proof idea…but it’s pathetic someone hasn’t thought of this before now. 




I Protest! Therefore, I Am!!


I wonder if making a sign about not supporting someone’s protest and standing in front of them screaming obscenities and chanting repeatedly that their protest is annoying, would make them stop protesting.   

Either that, or…

maybe I should stand a few feet away from them with a sign that reads, “Honk if you like Beer” to make them think they are supported by all the people driving by who honk after reading my sign.


Never Saw it Coming…

Trojan Horse


My dad always taught me to think ahead.  Not to rush into judgement, but rather to stand back when all hell breaks loose and analyze the situation, considering every possibility and then choosing the best one.  He also taught me to watch how people react in situations and to listen to their words; not just what they say, but how they say it.  

Most of all, he taught me to stay one step ahead of my enemy by thinking like my enemy.  

With that said, most of you know that I refer to ISS as the Islamic State of Stupid, however, they aren’t as stupid as I thought.  They are actually quite cunning and devious, and because of that I believe the West is in some serious trouble.    

Here’s why…

The “migrants” that Europe is allowing to pour into their countries are a ploy.

Look at it from the viewpoint of ISS or another terrorist organization…

A large group of people flee Syria, Libya and other countries in Africa and the Middle East.  They tell people that they are fleeing because of war, poverty and oppression.  Among them are children.  Children, whom the Islamic State of Stupid really don’t care about.  

These children are used to exploit the bleeding hearts of those in the West who aren’t smart enough to see through the devious tactics used by the Islamic State of Stupid.  So, Europe and North America open their borders to these “refugees”.  

Because they want to show their kindness and love, the Western nations allow these people to pour into their nations by the masses.

So many people infiltrate these nations that governments don’t have the resources to keep track of them all; consequently, the Islamic State of Stupid (who’s main purpose is to destroy the West by any means necessary) plant a few of their own among the migrants heading into these countries, and because the nations don’t have the resources to do enough background checks or to keep track of their whereabouts, these ISS members begin traveling through Europe recruiting the ignorant to fight their war.   

Soon enough, they start performing terror attacks on a massive scale.  Attacks that the West never saw coming because they were ignorant to the tactics of their enemy.   

(I hope I’m wrong, but based on the tactics of ISS and other terror groups, I know I’m not.)




Health Study


I can only assume that every major city has a local or state government channel.  In my little vortex of hell we have about ten government channels that are split between state, city and federal; and recently, on one of those pathetic channels of stupidity, a woman who possesses little or no actual medical training or knowledge said this:  

“To protect their reproductive health, women should make sure they always use a condom when having sex to prevent the spread of STD’s.”


That logic is about as wise as a redneck who says, “hold my beer and watch this!”

Truth is, the spread of STD’s would cease if men and women would start thinking with their brains instead of their libido. 

Seriously… The only reason that STD’s continue to exist is because all of humanity are perverted creatures who think that the penis and vagina are play things and not reproductive things. 

Stop having sex with multiple partners and watch the number of STD cases vanish. 

If you think I’m wrong or you disagree with me, let’s test it out.  Everyone find ONE and only ONE partner.  Stay with that person and only that person and never have sex with anyone else.  Then, teach your kids to not have sex until they are old enough to care for and support a child, and when they are finally old enough, have them find ONE partner and only ONE partner and never sleep with anyone else…as the cycle continues watch what happens to the amount of people who have sexually transmitted diseases…

I’m pretty certain that the numbers will go down over time…but hey!  What do I know?  I’m just a ignorant blogger.

Too bad humans don’t have any will power or common sense to pull this study off. 

And why not? 

Because humanity is pathetic.