Pathetic Truth Tuesday


There are some really beautiful people in the world.  Too bad the pathetically ugly seem to overshadow them.



Egotistic Freaks

Awesomer than you

People with egos are the worst.  

They have a need to always be right.  They think more highly of themselves than they should. They even create blogs telling the world how right they are about something that anyone can find out by going to the library.

They have this disgusting idea that everyone cares about their petty little problems.  Therefore, they feel it necessary to repeat their petty little problems over and over again until the problem actually becomes a victory for them.  That’s when they really get annoying because the supposed “victory” becomes an embellished, overly exaggerated, fluffed up piece of….

…ahem!…. I think you get the idea…

Anyway, Egotistic people are pompous, arrogant, self righteous blowhards who have very little knowledge, but they love to express their “smartness” by “borrowing” ideas from someone else and making others believe it was their own.


They always correct your grammar or misspellings.  They think their egotistic, freak-a-zoid nature is called: “confidence”.  Truth is, it’s called…an ‘EGO‘!   

They have their head so far up their backsides that they have lost all knowledge of reality. 

They are normally the one standing in line talking on their cell phone while the barista is waiting to take their order, but that phone conversation about how the neighbor’s grass cutting skills is WAY more important!

They believe that every decision they make is the correct one, even though it will ultimately bring a distorted sense of under-achievement and pain to another person’s life.  


They usually end up being the person who does the least amount of work and get the most accolades. 

They spend more time looking in the mirror at their own reflection, instead of actually reflecting on their own self absorbed image and changing the inner complexities of their self righteous persona.

Oh!  And let’s not forget their children!  

Egotistic people have this idea that their children are the most awesome, most talented children on the planet. 

They make it a point to tell everyone they come in contact with just how “great” those little egotistic bastards are because, let’s face it, their offspring came from their seed so the world must know how less fortunate it is to not have them as their own!


Egotistic people seem to never take into consideration that other people actually matter, let alone…exist!   It makes me bitter that I have to share the planet’s resources with such people.

Egotistic people are pathetic.