One Nation…

On April 1, 2017 the United States of America took drastic measures to fix their illegal immigration problem.  

This morning Donald Trump signed into law the “New World Order Act” that will allow the United States of America to be the first nation in the world to abolish their borders and recognize every human on Earth as a citizen of the United States of America whether they like it or not.  

By overwhelming congressional support the measure passed unanimously in both the House and Senate, with Hawaiian Senator, Mazie Hirono, being the only Senator to abstain because, like much of the world, she was overly consumed with a streaming video of a pregnant giraffe.  

When asked about abstaining on a measure that would likely piss off every country around the world, Senator Hirono said, “I don’t care about borders!  But I do care about expectant mothers, therefore, I believe I speak for all the birthing mothers of the world when I say, ‘April…we know what you’re going through…labor is difficult, but hang in there, girl!'”

The abrupt passing and signing of this measure into law now means that, according to the USA, sovereign countries no longer exist and every nation around the world has now become a single state within the USA.  

This also means that every single person in the world is now subject to the laws of the United States as well as all governmental oversight.  

Education, Healthcare, Welfare, Childcare, Social Security. . .all of which will now be monitored on a global scale out of Washington D.C.  

“Every person in the world will now be monitored by the Departments of Education, HHS, Homeland security, the CIA, FBI and also taxed by the IRS,” said out going White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Katie Walsh.  

While discussing her up coming vacation she also added, “and we feel this measure will provide an avenue for citizens everywhere to freely shop, travel, play, frolic, skip and hula-hoop anywhere around the world without having to worry about customs or carrying those crappy passports.”   

House Democratic minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, had this to say; “Today, the people of the world have a chance to understand what it’s like to be an American citizen. We’re now one. . .big. . .happy. . .family!!” 

However, many leaders around the world didn’t share the same opinions.  

In response to the bill passed by the United States the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, issued this statement on behalf of his country,

“We, the Russian Federation, feel it necessary to inform the world that because of these measures taken by the United States of America We, the Russian Federation, have decided to abolish our borders and consume every nation as a part of Russian pride.  As of this very second, all the nations of the world, including the USA and all its territories, are hereby a part of the People’s Republic of the Russian Empire.  

Ironically and strangely enough, within minutes of Donald Trump signing the New World Order Act into law countries around the world began to follow suit.  All passing similar measures that removed their borders and declared every person around the world a new citizen of their very own country.  

It should be mentioned, however, that for various reasons Germany, France, Japan and Switzerland have all chosen not to make any decisions on their borders until taking time to discuss the issue in length.  

When asked whether or not he considered these other nations as a threat, POTUS Donald Trump said, “We won’t back down. We will fight and we will win, thank you!

Does my hair look okay?  No…seriously, does my hair look okay?… no?  yes?  thumbs up?  thumbs down? ….anybody? … my hair? . . . does it look good?  … … … looks good?

Okay.  Thank you.”






Pointy Fingers


Ahhh, the Pointy Finger.  Cattle never seem to accept responsibility for their failures and imperfections and that’s where the pointy finger comes into play.

In that one motion we can quickly attempt to justify, objectify and rationalize the reasons behind why an event has or has not happened.  It can be ever so subtle or extremely blatant.  A quick motion or a methodical action meant to alert others of an imperfection, shortcoming or foible.  Of course, those actions to point out the many limitations are always meant towards someone other than ourselves.

It can be meant as a joke or as serious as a North Korean missile launch, but no matter the meaning behind it, the pointing of a finger can be so much fun and equally pathetic.

World leaders point fingers at other world leaders.  Men point fingers at women and women point fingers at men.  Children point fingers at parents and parents point fingers at children.  Judges point fingers at culprits, culprits point fingers at victims and victims point fingers at everyone else. 

The pointy finger has been a staple of humanity since Adam and Eve were confronted by God in the Garden; “It was the serpent…” , THIS woman that YOU gave me…”   

Ever since then people have been pointing fingers at everyone and anyone and it’s pathetic and it needs to stop.  

Quite pathetically, I took note of the fact that pointy fingers seems to be an acceptable trait of U.S. President Ba-Rock Obama, and he’s been doing it for the past eight years in office.


His first term in office was all about pointy fingers at the previous administration.  

During his second term’s first three years it was pointy fingers at Congress…which, pathetically, I can’t disagree with…and then his last year in office has been pointy fingers at all the other nations of the world for not doing more to fix the world’s problems.  

Pathetically, it’s just more proof that he doesn’t…and probably never… understood that since World War II the U.S.A. has always taken the lead in keeping tyrants, despots, anarchists and brutal leaders around the world in check.  It has been the responsibility of the U.S.A to light a fire under those who aren’t very eager to move forward, to motivate the world to unite for the common good of humanity; consequently, Mr. Obama-mama instead likes using the pointy finger.  


It’s easier than accepting and taking responsibility for being a failure to unite everyone and anyone towards a common goal.  Personally and quite pathetically, I believe President Obama’s legacy will be known as “The Pointy Finger President”.  

Pointy fingers aren’t the trait of a good leader because it shows a lack of responsibility, a lack of humility, a lack of knowledge; and typically those who use the pointy finger seem to forget the one subtle fact that they always have three pointy fingers pointing back at them.  



The pointy finger.

Its use is quite pathetic and it needs to stop.  Try using the thumb instead.