State of Decay

“I believe that if the midwest is the backbone of America, then New York is the anus.  You know?  Where all the crap comes out.”  


Over the years the New York state of Decay and Debauchery has made itself known for having a large city with lots of people, high-priced real estate, Broadway, a ball that descends on New Year’s eve, the Yankees and . . . since they will never let us forget . . . Donald Trump.

However, in recent years New York has become known as the city that likes to ban things.  Things that the pathetic followers who get elected to their uncivilized government have been programmed to believe is bad, not just for the cattle who roam their streets, but for the whole pathetic United States. 

So what could be so horrible . . . so evil . . .that the bean counting bureaucrats of New York city would feel it necessary to banish it from use by all the cattle in their little pasture of hell?

ANSWER:  The Seven-11 Big Gulp, mixed martial arts and . . . get this . . . words.

Yes.  Not only did they ban soft drinks larger than the empire state building and vicious kicks to the head, but they also decided to ban . . . words.  

Back in 2012 the New York Pathetic Department of Educating the Intolerant Youth of our Day has decided that certain words are not to be tolerated. Words such as ‘dinosaurs‘, ‘Halloween‘ and ‘dancing‘.  (I can’t make this stuff up!  Believe me, I’m not that creative!) 

I guess those words are harmful if used incorrectly and could very well be used as a cultural bias among the throngs of illiterate kin-folk who don’t know any better, because . . . well . . everyone knows that white people can’t dance, minorities don’t celebrate Halloween and no one believes in dinosaurs, so when those words are used in a sentence such as, “Hey, I’ve decided to dress up as a dinosaur for the Halloween dance,” don’t we all get a little offended?       


Okay maybe it’s just me.  

Anyway, it’s not just the words and the soft drinks larger than Times Square and the undesired kicks to the head that New Yankers have felt the need to ban from their enclosed state of insanity.    

Oh no…the state/city of New York, that was attacked by foreign terrorists more than once mind you, has also decided that travel to Mississippi and North Carolina was a bad thing too, so they banned “non-essential” government travel to those states.  The reason?  

Because North Carolina and Mississippi established their right as free states to pass a law that the pathetic left-wing liberals of Satanic worship didn’t like. 

but wait

The back-swill mayor of Ding-a-ling city, along with some other pathetic red-tape rabble rousers, are urging all New Yacker’s not to eat at the new Chick-fil-A that will be opening in Queens.  And what’s the reason for this, you ask?  

Because…and I quote: “Chick fil-a supports groups that promote “hate” against gays.”  (and I’m not sure why “hate” was in quotes unless Mayor De Blasio didn’t really mean “hate” in the literal sense but in a figurative sense; therefore, in that case “hate” should not have been used in his statement. . . s i g h . . . but I digress.)  

So…let’s get this straight!  

It’s okay for government officials in New Yack to travel to the countries that supported radicals who flew planes into their buildings killing their citizens?  I mean, after all, why would you ban travel to those countries; where, if I’m not mistaken, they also don’t tolerate homosexual behavior and have laws against such activity?  But it’s not okay to travel to a state within their own country that hasn’t done anything but create a law they don’t approve of? 

And it’s okay for you to celebrate having logophobia where you can ban people from using the words you’re afraid of because they might cause people to get upset and feel offended by such language.  Even though New York government blow-hards obviously offended people when they opened their mouths and spewed words of dislike and hate towards those that don’t share in their own beliefs.  (I believe New Yorkers like to call that “discrimination.” – hmm?  If that isn’t the burro calling the donkey jackass…) 

Also, it’s fine and dandy to force companies that do business in their state/city from selling a nationally known trademarked product like the Big-Gulp because they think it’s ‘detrimental’ to the health of the cattle they want to control.  However, they aren’t at all concerned how substances like marijuana and alcohol are detrimental to a person’s overall mental health, and they tend to give hearty approval to those who choose to use such substances . . . (Drug up the people and they can’t revolt…works every time!)   

But hey…I’m sure the well-paid scientists that New York governmental affairs bought off with those hard-earned taxpayer dollars will provide enough information to prove me wrong. After all, who really cares…as long as the New York Department of Regulations and Supervisions are happy being in control of all the little cattle that they really have no concern for.  

I mean, heaven forbid that they would ever support another state’s right to do the exact same thing but in the reverse of New York’s immoral, satanic standards. (just sayin’!)   

Personally, and quite pathetically, I’m sure all the immoral, wasted New York Guidance Counselors won’t be entirely happy until everyone in the good ‘ol USA is reciting this phrase:  “Be good little followers and do as the man with the big, shiny gun tells you.  Now swallow your pills!”  

New York.  The pathetic city and state of intolerance unless you tolerate what they tell you too. 

New York_intolerant


Awkward Date


Okay…so, I once dated a woman who took me to a local bar/restaurant where she claimed she was “friends” with the owner.  

While we were sitting at our table, a waitress walked up to take our order but before that could happen, my date proceeded to ask if the owner would make an appearance at our table because she wanted to say hello.  

The waitress, ignoring all the tell-tale signs that I was about to die of starvation, gave a quick glance around the room and then excused herself to see if she could find the owner.

katherine hepburn

After what seemed like weeks because I was starving and in desperate need of sustenance, the waitress finally made a second appearance at our table; not to take our order mind you, but to gleefully produce the owner of the restaurant who didn’t look all that happy to be taken away from whatever it was she was taken away from.

She kind of reminded me of Katherine Hepburn in. . . well. . . everything that Katherine Hepburn was ever in.  

. . . and this is where the pathetic begins!     

My date, smiling like an adopted puppy, greeted the owner of the restaurant as if they had known each other for many years.  The owner, however, didn’t return the same expression or body language.  

Matter of fact, she actually asked my date how they knew one another because, and I quote, “she had no idea who my date was or when they met.” 

. . .begin . . raising . . . yellow . . . flag. . . now . . .


My date, unsure how to respond and glancing at me with a look that said: “Crap, I hope he’s not smart enough to read into that!” (which I am) looked back at the owner and politely stated, “Oh, you don’t remember?  It was about a month ago…I was here one night watching a football game and that’s when we met.”  To which the owner of the restaurant returned a rather pathetic and bemused, “Ummm…Oooo-kaaaay?”   

…oops!  My mistake…wrong flag . . . Silly me . . . Yellow flag lowered…Red flag . . . Raised!! 

This is when the owner began looking around the room hoping she could find a way out of this very weird, very pathetic conversation.  

Of course, my date, still wanting to prove to me that she really did know this woman, tried to ease the awkwardness of the moment with some pathetic small talk, but this woman who was visibly uncomfortable and obviously NOT my date’s friend wouldn’t have any part of it.  

After what seemed like an eternity (probably because I was near death from starvation) of mumbles, glances and awkward smiles, the owner finally said some pleasantries then excused herself to assist one of her employees with a large order.  

Pinoccio_nose growing

At that moment my date looked at me with the look of being caught in a lie.  You know the look…pierced lips, wandering eyes, the quick look over each shoulder to plan your exit strategy because your nose is growing and your pants spontaneously caught on fire…  

Now I, being the sincere, empathetic (see what I did there?) man that I am, stared at my date with a look of expectant optimism hoping that she would confess the truth.

The truth that my date wasn’t actually ‘friends’ with this person.  That she only met her once and since that initial meeting has never had any interaction with her what-so-ever.

However, instead of telling me the truth my date looked at me with great conviction and confidence and pathetically stated,  

“She tends to forget things.  She’s funny that way.”

The Office_Jim





Honesty…integrity…and truthfulness go a long way in my book, but lying…fibs…and trying to cover your butt when you get caught in a lie are exceptionally pathetic.  

Oh…and if you’re curious, yes.  The waitress finally took my order and the food was delicious.





Over twenty years ago I met a woman who took my breath away.  I still remember the day when I first saw her walking into a room filled with people.  It was as if all time stood still and no one else existed.  That image has been seared into my brain like a brand on a calf’s hind quarter, and sadly, so was every moment thereafter.    

For three years she dated other guys.  Guys who treated her like garbage, guys who argued with her, guys who acted like she was a piece of meat; and for the same three years I prayed specifically for her, and I waited.  

I waited for our relationship to be stronger . . . I waited for her to be finished with the other guys who treated her like crap . . . I waited for God to provide the perfect opportunity for both of us to be ready for the other.  It took all of those three years. 

After three years, She was no longer dating any of the other guys and we had built a pretty solid friendship that I thought was filled with trust and admiration for one another, so I took a chance and asked her out.  She said yes. 

Over the next few weeks we spent a lot of time together.  It was a lot more than usual for two close friends.  We talked a lot.  Sharing our hopes and dreams, pains and sorrows, likes and loves.  For all the time we spent together our friends could see there was something wonderful brewing between us, but what none of us could ever guess was that behind the scenes God was working on a different plan.  

A number of weeks into the relationship she dropped a bombshell on me…there was another guy that she had been talking with and she had made the decision that he was the one she wanted to spend her life with.  

I was devastated. 

She married him a year later.

I’ve tried to fill the void…tried to move on…tried dating other women…tried praying over it…tried “giving it up to God”…tried making excuses…tried rationalizing it, but what I didn’t know then or want to realize at the time was that very event was orchestrated to be the beginning of the end of my relationships with everyone…including God.  

Jump ahead twenty four years…

Woman after woman has lied to me about “loving me”.  They typically run away from me and into the arms of another man who has more to offer, leaving me with the grandest of all lies: “God has something great in store for you.”  

And over the years with every blow of every failed relationship my mind, soul and spirit has been beaten to the point of exhaustion.  I am, today, a very cynical, very bitter, very angry, very broken man.  

My heart is in pieces.  My soul is crushed.  My spirit is on life support.  I take every negative action personally, as if it’s an attack on my very soul.  I have no desire to be around people, no desire to achieve, no desire to move forward, no desire to care.  

I’ve become a robot who goes about their day waiting for their owner to shut them down.  It’s quite pathetic, but it’s the truth.  

I hate everyone and everything, including myself.  I blame God for everything and why shouldn’t I?  After all, isn’t he all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present?  Doesn’t he desire to bless his children?  Does he want our faith in him to grow and be strengthened?  After 40 years of waiting…40 years of service…40 years of letting go…40 years of hoping…40 years of prayer…40 years of (fill in the blank)…shouldn’t he answer me?   

I know what I’m saying sounds like a selfish child.  I understand that God decides which prayers he will answer and when…no one can ever force God’s hand…but having to deal with so many failed relationships, and having to wait for such a long time for mister slow-poke to answer just one pathetic prayer; I’ve grown a bit callous and my heart has become very hard.  I still believe that God exists, but I struggle to believe that he wants or desires to bless his children.  

I’m not sure the God I was raised to trust in and have faith in really desires to reward those who seek him.  maybe some day that will change, but the older I get, and the more I see failed answers to prayer, the more I’m prone to believe that God’s not capable.  

Truth is, it’s all pathetic and there’s nothing new under the sun.  We’re here to work.  To slave our lives away until we get so old that we can’t work anymore and then we die.  If a relationship comes where we can love and be loved too, that’s a blessing…if they don’t…I guess that’s a blessing too.  

…. . . . . . .  sigh . . . . . . . . ….

~ Pathetic.  



Valuable Lesson

self esteem

When I was growing up, my parents taught me a valuable lesson.  It’s a lesson that every parent should teach their children as they grow up in this world full of pathetic individuals.  That lesson was this:

“Never think more highly of yourself because there’s always someone out there who’s more knowledgeable, more athletic, more intelligent, more well-equipped.”  

Those might seem like harsh, negative words to speak to a child, but they really were very loving.  

They have helped me through life to understand and accept that I don’t know everything and I don’t always have the skills necessary to complete a task.  Sadly, many cattle today haven’t been teaching their calves that same lesson, and I find that to be extremely pathetic.

If you take a moment to consider all the cattle in the world today, and think about the few select individuals who have crossed paths with you (including family and friends), ask yourself…are they really the best person to give advice?  The best person to help others through problems?  The best person to hang out with?  The best person to have a relationship with?  The best person to marry?

Ask those same questions of yourself. 

Now, consider these: Do you give sound advice or do you feed them too much of your own opinion?  Are you considerate of their needs or do you spend more time taking from them to fill your own needs?   Do you listen well or do all the talking?  

Technically, because we all see ourselves as being the well-rounded, kindhearted, pathetically influenced bovine that others don’t see, you probably can’t answer those questions the same way your friends and family would answer them about you. 

You well-trained followers seem to go about your days doing the thing that you were taught and encouraged to do…strive to achieve, strive to get ahead, strive to accomplish something…you’re all taught from the very moment that you leave the womb that you’re capable, that you have what others don’t have, that you are good, better, best.  All the while never even considering whether or not those words were actually true or even if you were the best available option to accomplish anything at all.  

Some might refer to it as “believing in yourself”, but I like to refer to it as “pathetic” because the truth is, no one ever seems to consider that if given the choice of billions of other bovine in the world who are probably better equipped you probably weren’t the best choice after all.  You just happened be at the right place at the right time and were able to perform triage until the better equipped surgeon shows up.

And that isn’t having a “belief in yourself” it’s . . . “causing undo stress in others”,  “causing a bigger problem”, “disrupting the space-time continuum”.   

In a nutshell . . .it’s ignorance. . . but you being the self-motivated individual you are, you charge ahead never thinking about how your ineptitude is causing a massive ripple effect of havoc-wreaking pathetic in the lives of others.  

It’s really sad.   

In conclusion, people who think more highly of themselves than they ought is really pathetic.  


Not a Trump card…

Mark Twain_fool people

Here in this quagmire of trysts, twists and phobias I have found that the makers of journalistic melodrama would like everyone to believe that Donald Trump is leading the GOP primary; that he has a significant lead among voters in every state, and that he’ll end up representing the Republican ticket as candidate of choice to be the illustrious presiding influence of failure for these here united states of america.  

However . . .

. . . sigh. . .

 I’m not buying it. 

The reason I’m not buying it is because there isn’t one person I know who likes the guy or can stand to listen to him.  Most of the people I know who will readily admit to being associated with one political party or another have told me that they plan on voting for anyone but Trump.  

A-N-Y-O-N-E  . . .  but Trump. 

They’re not all that impressed with his antics, and every time he’s on TV they turn the channel.  I tend to believe my friends who tell me this because. . . well . . . they’re pretty honest when it comes to opinions on who they believe would make a good leader of this great nation.  

So, why is the media making him the “darling” of the GOP?  Because they have that kind of influence. 

The journalistic hoards of monolithic hyperbole tend to release false data to easily influence the masses.  They spout rhetoric about who the “leading candidates” are, throw up false figures to try and “prove” their crap-crockery all the while shoving misinformation down the gullets of easily duped bovine who, sadly, eat it up without realizing that they were duped into swallowing a rancid pill of lies and erroneous statistics.  

It reminds me of how easily H.G. Wells’ fictional “War of the World’s” radio drama caused mass hysteria back in 1938.  Or when late-night talk show host, Johnny Carson, told the world that there was a shortage on toilet paper and the next day dull-minded bovine raided stores all over the country to “stock up” before it was gone.  (just thinking about that brings a smile to my face)

Truth is, humans will believe anything that comes from a source they consider “reputable”, and it doesn’t matter if that source has been proven to be a lying sack of cow manure.  

It’s almost as if you cattle think a source that attracts a lot of flies somehow must be filled with lots of sugary sweets.  

Come to think of it. . . you can attract a lot more flies with honey.  So I guess I stand corrected…

Agree_Depp     Pathetic.


Anyway, no matter what you all think, I’m not buying into the media’s ploy to dupe the masses.  There is no way that “The Donald” is leading the GOP nomination.


Not unless “The Donald” is a duck that doesn’t wear pants.


It’s pathetic how easily people are being swayed by the media.  Stop being a follower people! 



There’s this ongoing dialogue between two bloggers that has me intrigued.

One of the bloggers is a devout Christian, and the other … isn’t.

They have both been debating about the life they decided to follow, and each has expressed their own view point with the hope that the other will see their viewpoint more clearly, and maybe that will happen someday…but based on my 43 years of experience in dealing with people…I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Recently, a comment was made by the non-Christian that struck a cord in my heart and resonated to the depths of my soul.

That comment was this…

“…but I am comfortable with my level of sinning plus I do not think I want eternal life.”

First off, and let me be VERY clear about this…

NOT ONE PERSON on this Earth should ever be “comfortable” with any level of sinning.

Sin is anti-good, anti-righteous, anti-holy, anti-loving, anti-positive, anti-truth and it’s what keeps humans from living a life of pure contentment and pure joy.

Most of all…sin is temporary and its desire is for every human being on this planet to turn away from the true love of God who created us to be in HIS image.

Sin destroys, sin lies, sin hates, sin corrupts, sin confines, sin is UNcontrollable and for those reasons it’s extremely disappointing to hear someone admit they are “comfortable with their level of sinning”, but I understand why some people would say that.  It’s because of their ignorance of the subject.  They don’t realize they are in bondage and slavery to the thing that is master over their mind, body and soul.

The second part of that comment, “plus I do not think I want eternal life,” was very disheartening as well, but I understand why they said it.  They don’t know the God I know and therefore think that God is a hard, difficult, authoritative, unkind, judgmental God and because they have that belief, they don’t want to spend any time with Him in this life or the life thereafter.

Sadly, they have believed the lies that the evil one has told them and have failed to recognize the God of Heaven, the creator of all things as the loving, merciful and compassionate God that He is.

That He’s a God of forgiveness and that He doesn’t hold our sins and trespasses against us when we come to Him by faith.  They refuse to believe in Him as the Father of all things and fail to understand that because we have sinned, He has every right (as any truly loving father would) to judge humans and discipline humans according to His righteousness and holiness.  That means there are consequences to your sinful actions, thoughts and words.

However, in God’s great mercy, He made the decision long ago to save the world through Himself.

This is a concept that many humans don’t want to accept or believe in…that Jesus was conceived of by the Holy Spirit and born a man but remained in the Father while He preached the lovingkindness of God while living among His own creation…then He sacrificed His life…the life of God Himself, so that the Father would be able to reconcile the world back unto Himself through His Son.

because no one has greater love than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

And because nothing can ever defeat God, Jesus was raised from the dead by His own hand and all who look upon Jesus with the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen, would be saved from death into an eternal life with, by and through God and Jesus.

But humans don’t want to be “controlled”.  They don’t want to live by “rules”, so they think living in sin (disobedience and rebellion) is freedom, but it’s far from that.  It’s slavery and bondage to the very thing that will destroy them.

God is Life, Love, Kindness, Mercy, Compassion, Hope, Truth, Righteousness, Holiness…

Sin is hate, idolatry, lies, murder, filth, selfishness, corruption, destruction, death…

You have a choice…continue to live in bondage/slavery to sin and know that the outcome is a horrible one … OR … turn away from it and look at Jesus and He’ll show you God the Father and you can live in Bondage to Righteousness and Holiness with the outcome being life and abundant joy with an inheritance to an eternal kingdom.

It’s pretty pathetic to choose sin and death over Righteousness and Life, but sadly many are they who choose the path of destruction because they just can’t get past their own stupidity and foolishness.  

How pathetic is that?  — I’ll leave you to debate that question with yourself.