Standing my ground…Dealing with inept co-workers

I work on a team of three people.  We had four, but one quit late last year because he was tired of people not doing their work.  

Well…let me rephrase that…

He quit because after almost ten full years with the company he grew tired of having to bail out ONE specific person who refused to complete their assigned work.  

Here’s the poop, each of us has specific responsibilities that we’re assigned to.  Responsibilities that aren’t very difficult.  Assigned by our supervisor.  That should be completed in a specific amount of time. 

Matter of fact…this is probably the easiest job I’ve ever had.  Unfortunately, for a specific someone on my team…they tend to make it more difficult, and for some strange reason that person can’t seem to understand the concept of getting the work done on time. . . or at all.   

For example, when a new request comes in that is assigned to him, he lets it sit in his queue for months.

There have been times where he will let work sit in his queue for up to a year or longer.  

Never acknowledging the request was assigned to him.  

Never updating the request with a status of where he’s at in the process of completing the work.  

Never contacting the person who made the request to let them know if there’s a delay or a problem or when the task will be completed.

Oh, one might think that he’s probably burned out and doesn’t want to do this specific job anymore, but if that were the case, he’d do more to make that evident . . .

which he doesn’t . . .

So I don’t believe that being burned out is the problem.

Two years ago when I first started this job, I began hearing from a lot of people about how bad this co-worker of mine has been over the years.  People were sharing their stories of failed orders, lack of accountability, communication, laziness, slacking and just down right unacceptable behavior.

I asked why they haven’t complained about him, but I always received the same reply…“we have!!  but no one takes our complaints seriously!  He’s been like this for over ten years!!”

Many of you reading this might be asking yourself if management knows about this person’s ineptitude?  

Incredibly, yes they do.  

Management has tried to move him to another team or even fire him; but since the human resources team here at my little pathetic basket of hell is afraid to do their jobs, he remains employed.

And of course, he always has an excuse for delaying the work or never completing the work.  

His reasons are endless, but after only a couple years of being his co-worker I’ve managed to figure out the two main causes of why he’s so inept:

  1. He spends practically 6 hours a day on Facebook and other social-networking sites.  
  2. Years ago he was trained by a lazy, old man who constantly repeated the phrase: “don’t get it done too quickly, or they’ll always expect it.” 

Neither of these are conducive for providing proper customer service or getting your work done in a decent duration of time.

That brings us to the here and now.

After a nice, long weekend I came in to work, opened my email and found an email from upper management who requested a status on something that was submitted over a month ago. A simple request to purchase something that would take maybe a couple hours to complete.  Sadly, after a month of waiting the purchase has not been made and the staff who requested it has not been able to do their job. 

Interestingly the email was addressed to our entire team and not just to the inept co-worker who won’t do his job and since the email was sent to our team, I could easily take care of the situation and complete the work . . .

But what does my co-worker learn if I do that?  

Answer: he learns that his slacking off doesn’t have consequences and someone else will always bail him out when the pressure mounts.

Therefore, I’m not doing his work.   

If he plans on being lazy, if he refuses to complete the work assigned to him in a decent manner of time; then he also needs to suffer the consequences.  He needs to learn that his ineptitude won’t be accepted by his co-workers.

And that’s exactly what I said when I confronted my supervisor about the issue this morning.  

I refuse to bail him out.  

It’s not going to happen this time.  It’s not going to happen in the future.  He must take responsibility for his actions, or in this case, his lack of actions.

I’m tired of working with inept co-workers.  

This workplace is really pathetic.  



Lost Hope. No Faith.


this morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I’m not happy, but that’s nothing new…I haven’t been happy for years.

I am the most cynical, most condescending, most pathetic person you will ever meet.

I have claimed to be a Christian for the past 40 years, and up until three years ago, that was true.  Now…not so much.

I still believe in Jesus.  I know He exists.  I believe in God the Father, and I know that He raised Jesus from the dead, but what I have a difficult time believing is that God wants to bless me.

Here’s the story…

I was raised with the understanding that God answers prayers…however, as I’ve studied the subject, I’ve come to find that He only answers prayer as long as your prayers meet certain criteria.

1)  You have to pray in Jesus name. (there’s more to that but I don’t have time to write it all right now.  But just know that it’s more than just saying “Jesus” in your prayers.)

2)  You have to believe and not have ANY doubts that the thing you pray will be given to you.

3)  You have to ask with the right motives.

4)  You have to wait patiently.


none of my prayers get answered so I guess I’m missing something.

Either I don’t pray with the right motives or I don’t pray in the “name” of Jesus or I don’t wait long enough or I doubt that I’ll ever get an answer to my prayers.

Truth is, I don’t know the answer…but I’m sick and tired of asking for things and never getting an answer.

For the past 23 years I’ve asked for a number of things.  I’ve asked for material items, I’ve asked for hope, faith, trust, perseverance, friends, health and protection.  I’ve asked for guidance and wisdom, life and death, sickness and health.  I’ve asked for a family of my own, a loving wife, kids and for the healing of others.  I’ve asked for a new car, for friends to have prayers answered and for other people who I don’t know to be cared for and lifted up.   And through it all, I have no idea why my prayers go unanswered.

I have enjoyed praying for others.  I enjoy it, because I know that praying for others leads to their happiness and building up of faith, and through it all I’ve seen people be blessed by God, but truth be told…I don’t believe it was because of my prayers.  More so because of a collective of prayers offered by many who were praying for them.

But that was years ago.

Fast forward to today…

My prayers are ignored.

I didn’t want to be back in this crap hole of a business,  I didn’t want to be here at all.

I hate this place because the bureaucracy is pathetic, the paper trails are pathetic, the amount of people who have to sign off on something just to get started on something is pathetic.

I also hate this city I live in.

It’s what I call the vortex of hell.  I call it that because this city has a way of sucking you in and keeping you here FOREVER!   If you are one of the lucky few who happen to get out, it’s because this city threw you out, not because you chose to leave on your own.

Every morning for the past ten years I have awoke and uttered the same prayer…  “Lord, please let me die.  I hate this life. I hate my job and I hate this city.  I am NOT happy.  If you want me to be happy, lead me out of here, or answer my request.  Take me home.”  and for the past ten years that prayer has gone unanswered.

And here I am.



Worn out.

There is no hope because I lost it all.  I have no faith because every time I ask for help, it never comes.

I am alone.

I have no friends because no one understands my plight.  My family could care less and whenever I try to talk with them about it, I get the same pathetic reply…”just trust God.”   (btw…I said that in a condescending tone).

But I’m finding it difficult to do that…

I have no confidence to ask anyone for help.  I’m tired people!!!





Long Day at Work

 Head Bang

As I start every new day, I tend to believe that it will be a great day.  I try to imagine the day as I would like it to be, with each person I interact with being jovial, kind and understanding.  That my coworkers are friendly and courteous.  That the drive into work is peaceful and without massive amounts of verbal abuse hurled at the idiotic drivers who think it’s appropriate to cut someone off.

And then….as I head out into the pasture, I look around and see more pathetic than I could ever talk or write about. 

It’s as though I was created for this very purpose.  To view the sights and hear the sounds, soaking up each event as it unfolds in all its pathetic wonder. 

For instance, Driving to work at my regular time in the early morning hours only to discover that all the other cattle decided to do the exact same thing, making the early morning rush hour traffic on a Monday after a holiday week extremely less enjoyable than it normally is.

Pulling into the parking garage early enough to find a place to park in the lower areas where my car should be protected from the elements, but having to drive to the very top floor because everyone else in the herd decided to do the one thing they NEVER do….come to work early that day.  

Arriving to my cubicle only to start up my computer after being off for the past four days and seeing the dreaded “blue screen of death” because MicroCharmin refuses to build an OS that isn’t full of bugs. 

Checking my voice mail messages and finding out that I was severely missed by 14 people …14 people who were too stupid to take a vacation day last Friday, and thought I should have been at work because they were.

Having to move to another cubicle while my computer is being fixed…only to find that the one spare cubicle in the entire office is completely filthy and should be condemned by the health department, razed and rebuilt by Habitat for Humanity. 

FYI — I was moved to where Pajama Top sits, and I don’t want to touch anything in this cubicle.  The keyboard is covered in something sticky and has food crumbs all over it.  The chair is covered in stains, of what, I do not know…and wow…SEVEN open cans of soda on the desk that are half empty, an open bag of potato chips, a partially eaten piece of pizza and a bag of M&M’s.

I can’t believe this is the only cubicle/computer that was free this morning.  

Monday’s are bad enough, but it’s days like today that make me seriously consider finding another job.  My only fear is that changing locations wouldn’t be any different…just more of the same with different people and a different building.





Working Alone


From now on I think every Monday will be my day to rant about co-workers.  Mainly because I have a lot of things to say about each of them, and most of what I have to say isn’t positive. 

Like today for example, normally I work on a team of seven.  Today, I come to work and we have three people here. 

I know it’s the holiday season, and we’re slower than a storm-trooper trudging through mud…

Yes…it’s possible to find ANYTHING on the internet these days.

But come on!   …  Three people?    …  really?? 

Oh…and not to mention that two of which are leaving early today?!  

And I’ll give you three guesses to determine who won’t be leaving early today…


You guessed it!    /as he points his thumb back at self\

I don’t necessarily ‘hate’ my job, but what makes me really bitter is when my managers and the selfish, lame brains that I am forced to work with decide not to tell me until the last minute that I’ll be obligated to work alone because they all decided to take an afternoon off.  

For some reason they all have this weird belief that I’m completely capable of handling this place on my own. 

I mean…who in their right mind would leave me alone in the office to…  …  …

:\       …   wait  …      :\

Now that I think about it…   I can handle this place on my own … 

And don’t get me wrong, there are many days that I wish I was working alone…but that’s not the point here. 

If you’re a good manager, wouldn’t you want to make sure you don’t have ONE employee working by themselves for the last three hours of the day?   I mean, what if something happens to me?   Who covers the shift?

I know I work in an office, but still…bad things can happen to people who work in an office, and I don’t think my manager ever takes this stuff into consideration.  I mean…seriously!!…Don’t these people ever watch movies?!?!

It’s times like these that my mind kicks into overdrive, and I drift off into what I call:Dorian Dreamland”, and I start to imagine all of the weird things that could happen while I’m working alone.  (For you cattle who aren’t familiar with the TV show, Scrubs, click this: >Dreamdays< to understand what I’m talking about…) 

red dawnFor starters…what if Red Dawn really happens?   What if the Cubans, Russians and Chinese all decide to invade and my quaint little office becomes their headquarters, and I’m stuck hiding in a cabinet with nothing but a stapler and a few reams of paper to defend myself? 

megatronOr what if Megatron shows up with his Decepticons and they find out that the spectacles I have for sale on Ebay are the ones that contain secrets from Cybertron and they come after me while I’m here in the office.  

                  …      all       …       alone

Then a Decepticon locates my whereabouts, sneaks into the office and attacks me causing me to run for my life while the other Decepticons, led by Megatron, start a massive rampage through the city, and I’m stuck here in the office hiding in a cabinet with nothing but a stapler and a few reams of paper to defend myself?

giant mouseThere’s also the possibility that beneath the building I work in the government has constructed an underground lair that contains bio-toxins and because it’s the holidays, no one is there, and a mouse runs across a lab table knocking over some chemicals. 

The mouse then drinks the chemicals and grows into a monstrous creature that wants to destroy the world.  Once again forcing me to hide in a cabinet with nothing but a stapler and a few reams of paper to defend myself.

So…umm…..yeah… I have quite the imagination, but when you’re sitting all alone in a cubicle of depression and self loathing, you have to come up with ways to entertain yourself. 

Also, it’s very possible that any of the scenarios I mentioned above could happen!     

My co-workers never think about this stuff, and when I bring it up…they all look at me like this: 

deer in headlights

I don’t think they believe me. 

Being left to work alone for three hours at the end of the day is pathetic!