An Open Apology to My Ex-Girlfriend

After having a few days to think about the situation and pray over it, I realize now that all I want is for you to be happy.  That’s all I have EVER wanted for you. 

Please forgive me for the harsh knee-jerk reaction I had in my post about being in a bad mood.  It was a jealous and very childish response to your wonderful celebration of unity and love.  I don’t desire that you or your new husband deal with any undue pain or illness.  That was wrong and not very kind or Christlike of me to say.  I hope you can forgive me. 

I’m hopeful that God will bless you both and give you the love that you have always been searching for in a spouse.  I hope he’s able to possess the confidence and spiritual leadership that you desire from a husband, and I pray that he’s able to love and protect you, honor you and cherish you, support you and pray over you all the days that God gives you together on this Earth. 

I know you like to compete, but if you choose to compete for anything with your new husband, make it a competition to see which of you can love the other more. 

Don’t harbor resentment against him if he doesn’t do the things you want, or if he fails to follow through on a goal that he has set.  Let the wrongs suffered remain in the past and look at the future with eyes always on the One who brought you together. 

Cherish him.  Console him.  Honor him.  Pray for him.  Love him.

In conclusion, I hope your new marriage and this journey that God has established for you both is filled with warmth, compassion, laughter, grace and many wonderful memories. 

Always remember that I miss you…and I still love you.

I always will.

God bless you both and may you live long and enjoy every moment together. 

Because if anyone deserves it …  you do.

Congratulations, sweetheart.