Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday


I find it very pathetic that the human race has become enamored with creating an android that has feelings and can think for itself.  

My reason for this is because they aren’t creating anything new, instead, they are pathetically attempting to create something that resembles a human with human characteristics. 

So, this begs the questions. . . . Why can’t they come up with a better idea than a human?  Do they honestly think that creating something that represents a human is the best there is?  

If so, then I have some advice for them…

If they are so desperate to create something that has feelings, human characteristics and reasoning skills, then do it the old fashioned way… have sex with the opposite gender and procreate.  

Not only is it less time consuming…it’s a hell of a lot more fun! 



Health Study


I can only assume that every major city has a local or state government channel.  In my little vortex of hell we have about ten government channels that are split between state, city and federal; and recently, on one of those pathetic channels of stupidity, a woman who possesses little or no actual medical training or knowledge said this:  

“To protect their reproductive health, women should make sure they always use a condom when having sex to prevent the spread of STD’s.”


That logic is about as wise as a redneck who says, “hold my beer and watch this!”

Truth is, the spread of STD’s would cease if men and women would start thinking with their brains instead of their libido. 

Seriously… The only reason that STD’s continue to exist is because all of humanity are perverted creatures who think that the penis and vagina are play things and not reproductive things. 

Stop having sex with multiple partners and watch the number of STD cases vanish. 

If you think I’m wrong or you disagree with me, let’s test it out.  Everyone find ONE and only ONE partner.  Stay with that person and only that person and never have sex with anyone else.  Then, teach your kids to not have sex until they are old enough to care for and support a child, and when they are finally old enough, have them find ONE partner and only ONE partner and never sleep with anyone else…as the cycle continues watch what happens to the amount of people who have sexually transmitted diseases…

I’m pretty certain that the numbers will go down over time…but hey!  What do I know?  I’m just a ignorant blogger.

Too bad humans don’t have any will power or common sense to pull this study off. 

And why not? 

Because humanity is pathetic.