Last night I went to bed feeling okay.  

This morning…

I woke up with my sinuses plugged, chest congested and feeling like I went three rounds with a professional MMA fighter and losing.  

In other words, I think I’m coming down with something or maybe I already have it.  Either way, I don’t feel well at all.  

What’s worse is that I do everything I can to protect myself from viruses and bacteria, but sadly, my co-workers do not.  

This office is like a giant petri dish.  Each cube containing it’s own variation of the many horrible diseases that can be spread from bovine to bovine, which is one of the many reasons I posted yesterday’s post.  


Right now (6:30 AM), I’m sitting at my desk considering taking a nap, but I’d only get a couple minutes in because a bunch of idiots show up a little before 7 AM.


I’m not looking forward to another day of listening to stupid people cluck like chickens about stupid stuff that I could care less about.  

It’s really pathetic how tired I feel right now.  I hate getting sick.