Health Study


I can only assume that every major city has a local or state government channel.  In my little vortex of hell we have about ten government channels that are split between state, city and federal; and recently, on one of those pathetic channels of stupidity, a woman who possesses little or no actual medical training or knowledge said this:  

“To protect their reproductive health, women should make sure they always use a condom when having sex to prevent the spread of STD’s.”


That logic is about as wise as a redneck who says, “hold my beer and watch this!”

Truth is, the spread of STD’s would cease if men and women would start thinking with their brains instead of their libido. 

Seriously… The only reason that STD’s continue to exist is because all of humanity are perverted creatures who think that the penis and vagina are play things and not reproductive things. 

Stop having sex with multiple partners and watch the number of STD cases vanish. 

If you think I’m wrong or you disagree with me, let’s test it out.  Everyone find ONE and only ONE partner.  Stay with that person and only that person and never have sex with anyone else.  Then, teach your kids to not have sex until they are old enough to care for and support a child, and when they are finally old enough, have them find ONE partner and only ONE partner and never sleep with anyone else…as the cycle continues watch what happens to the amount of people who have sexually transmitted diseases…

I’m pretty certain that the numbers will go down over time…but hey!  What do I know?  I’m just a ignorant blogger.

Too bad humans don’t have any will power or common sense to pull this study off. 

And why not? 

Because humanity is pathetic.




Recently, some of the over-educated in the herd did a study to find out why men exist, and they think they have a reason.  If you care to read it, the article can be found HERE

But if you’re not willing to read the article and just want me to paraphrase for ya keep reading..

Apparently, after looking at several years of lab-controlled procreation of the Tribolium flour beetle, which must have been like watching paint dry, scientists have found that sexual selection—you know…the process by which males compete for females?—helps species become fitter and more resilient to disease. 

The article also quotes one of the higher-learned in the herd by stating that, “Competition among males for reproduction provides a really important benefit, because it improves the genetic health of populations, sexual selection achieves this by acting as a filter to remove harmful genetic mutations, helping populations to flourish.”

At this point I’d like to chime in and say….

Way to tell the world your job is pointless and all the advances in medicine have been for not!! 

I mean, since you basically concluded that the male species of the herd can improve the genetic health of the populations just by pursuing, wooing, fighting for and selecting his mate that’s enough to know that we don’t need to waste money on science anymore because eventually the human race will be able to fight off any and all genetic mutations.  All we need are a bunch of horny, active men willing to procreate!   


I jest of course… (sort of)

Anyway, the title of the article is pathetic enough, but the fact that someone actually thinks that funding a bunch of educated idiots to try and figure out why men exist is even more pathetic because I could have saved them a lot of trouble and explained it to them without having them inbreed a family of beetles.

The truth of the matter is that men exist to kill bugs and rodents, run errands for their wives, lift heavy things, help women move stuff over and over again until they find a spot in the room they think the furniture looks best…and then move it again,

mow the lawn, build buildings and homes, love and irritate women, shovel snow off the drive way, warm up the car and scrape windows in bitter cold weather, dig out a stuck vehicle in a seven foot drift, perform search and rescue for those who are lost, serve and protect their families and neighbors, provide food for their families, build fences and then tear them down just to build them up again,

repair broken things, make fun toys that women would never want to ride until they saw a man having fun on it, provide a sense of calm in the midst of confusion, bring a new perspective into a situation that may seem out of control, bring comfort without words to those in need, provide a living seed to a dormant ovum so life can be created, encourage and uplift their spouses and bring a sense of strength to the world that isn’t found in any other creature.

In a nut shell, the reason men exist is because men are created in the likeness of God, and when you remove men and God from the equation, the human species would cease to exist.

Men are something that women will never be no matter how much they try. 

Men will always be stability in chaos, courage in despair, a light in the darkness, humor in sadness, strength in weakness. 

And that’s why men exist.

Now give me the millions of dollars that you scientists wasted over the past few years studying and researching something that could have been done in fifteen minutes by talking to me.   

Personally, I find it utterly pathetic that scientists think so highly of themselves.  If you’re so stinkin’ advanced in your “evolutionary process” then why in the world would you need to figure out why you exist?  Wouldn’t that be obvious by now? 

(shakes head in disgust)