Standing my ground…Dealing with inept co-workers

I work on a team of three people.  We had four, but one quit late last year because he was tired of people not doing their work.  

Well…let me rephrase that…

He quit because after almost ten full years with the company he grew tired of having to bail out ONE specific person who refused to complete their assigned work.  

Here’s the poop, each of us has specific responsibilities that we’re assigned to.  Responsibilities that aren’t very difficult.  Assigned by our supervisor.  That should be completed in a specific amount of time. 

Matter of fact…this is probably the easiest job I’ve ever had.  Unfortunately, for a specific someone on my team…they tend to make it more difficult, and for some strange reason that person can’t seem to understand the concept of getting the work done on time. . . or at all.   

For example, when a new request comes in that is assigned to him, he lets it sit in his queue for months.

There have been times where he will let work sit in his queue for up to a year or longer.  

Never acknowledging the request was assigned to him.  

Never updating the request with a status of where he’s at in the process of completing the work.  

Never contacting the person who made the request to let them know if there’s a delay or a problem or when the task will be completed.

Oh, one might think that he’s probably burned out and doesn’t want to do this specific job anymore, but if that were the case, he’d do more to make that evident . . .

which he doesn’t . . .

So I don’t believe that being burned out is the problem.

Two years ago when I first started this job, I began hearing from a lot of people about how bad this co-worker of mine has been over the years.  People were sharing their stories of failed orders, lack of accountability, communication, laziness, slacking and just down right unacceptable behavior.

I asked why they haven’t complained about him, but I always received the same reply…“we have!!  but no one takes our complaints seriously!  He’s been like this for over ten years!!”

Many of you reading this might be asking yourself if management knows about this person’s ineptitude?  

Incredibly, yes they do.  

Management has tried to move him to another team or even fire him; but since the human resources team here at my little pathetic basket of hell is afraid to do their jobs, he remains employed.

And of course, he always has an excuse for delaying the work or never completing the work.  

His reasons are endless, but after only a couple years of being his co-worker I’ve managed to figure out the two main causes of why he’s so inept:

  1. He spends practically 6 hours a day on Facebook and other social-networking sites.  
  2. Years ago he was trained by a lazy, old man who constantly repeated the phrase: “don’t get it done too quickly, or they’ll always expect it.” 

Neither of these are conducive for providing proper customer service or getting your work done in a decent duration of time.

That brings us to the here and now.

After a nice, long weekend I came in to work, opened my email and found an email from upper management who requested a status on something that was submitted over a month ago. A simple request to purchase something that would take maybe a couple hours to complete.  Sadly, after a month of waiting the purchase has not been made and the staff who requested it has not been able to do their job. 

Interestingly the email was addressed to our entire team and not just to the inept co-worker who won’t do his job and since the email was sent to our team, I could easily take care of the situation and complete the work . . .

But what does my co-worker learn if I do that?  

Answer: he learns that his slacking off doesn’t have consequences and someone else will always bail him out when the pressure mounts.

Therefore, I’m not doing his work.   

If he plans on being lazy, if he refuses to complete the work assigned to him in a decent manner of time; then he also needs to suffer the consequences.  He needs to learn that his ineptitude won’t be accepted by his co-workers.

And that’s exactly what I said when I confronted my supervisor about the issue this morning.  

I refuse to bail him out.  

It’s not going to happen this time.  It’s not going to happen in the future.  He must take responsibility for his actions, or in this case, his lack of actions.

I’m tired of working with inept co-workers.  

This workplace is really pathetic.  



CoWorker Question


There’s this guy in my office that I refer to as “Flapjack”.  The reason is because he sounds exactly like the cartoon character.  If you’re not familiar with the cartoon character, here’s a sample:  FLAPJACK ANNOYING LAUGH

Imagine having to listen to that all day, every day.

Okay, so now that you’re all aware of his annoying voice, this morning we all had the displeasure of having to listen to one-full-hour of Flapjack complaining about his 3D printer and how it doesn’t work properly.

That was from 8 AM to 9 AM.

Currently…since one of his “friends” wasn’t in the office until 9:15, flapjack felt it necessary to walk away from his desk so he could recite the exact same 3D printer story we all heard the first time around.


So, I have to ask…

Is it wrong to pray for an appendicitis for one of your co-workers?

It’s pathetic having to work in the same office as Flapjack.



It’s Hot…and the Perils of Wikidork.


It’s been rather hot as of late.  109F,  103F,  105F and  102F.   The heat index was even higher because the dew points were above 55 and the humidity was even higher.  

Strangely, it’s been so blasted hot that even the bugs don’t bother crawling out of their hiding places.

I once said, regarding extremely cold weather, that it had no purpose and quite honestly, I really don’t see the point to this excessive heat either.  

Other than increasing the wages of our public utility workers because A/C units are working overtime, what good will hot & humid weather really bring to society and life on this planet as a whole?  

It’s pathetic nonsense, I tell ya!!   


On a work related note, Wikidork was let go and not allowed to finish his time here on planet Reorganization.  

The whole mess began when the newly labeled Chief Information Officer showed up to do a quick meet and greet with those who would be considered insubordinate.  It was during a spontaneous walk around the office where Wikidork, walking out of the break room, came face to face with newly labeled Chief Information Officer and failed to greet the Chief in a manner worthy of a Chieftain. 

Turns out that Wikidork lived up to his namesake by acting like a pathetic dork because when the Chief extended his hand to greet him, Wikidork threw both hands in the air and exclaimed…“NOPE!  Nope!!   I don’t even work here!”  and then walked away.  

Since Wikidork was a contracted employee and not being retained in the new reorganization, Chief IO (or Off/On as I like to call him) decided to shuffle him out before his expiration date.  

I gotta tell ya, treating the Chief’s like pathetic pieces of crap are a sure-fire way to expedite your exit from any company.  

It’s pathetic that the heat index is more than the IQ of most cattle and that I won’t have any more stories to share about Wikidork.


Noises in the Office – Plastic Spoon Guy


There’s a guy who sits on the other side of my cubicle wall that eats… 

He eats crunchy stuff.  

He eats munchy stuff. 

He eats crispy stuff.  

He eats stuff from a paper bag that must be rattled. 

He eats stuff from plastic bag that must be crumpled. 

He eats stuff that MUST make noise.  If it doesn’t make noise, he doesn’t eat it. 

The other day he was eating something that made me think he was eating plastic spoons.  

Anyway . . . after a few minutes of having to listen to the clickity-clickity-clickity of whatever he was using to destroy his teeth, I finally walked over to see what he was eating and to my surprise (and actual relief), I found out that he was eating sunflower seeds.

However, I must point out that he was not eating them like a normal person who grabs a handful, tosses them into their mouth, let’s them soak for awhile and then breaks them one by one rather silently.   Oh No!! . . . he was eating them one by one and made it a point to break them apart with his front teeth individually.  In doing so, it was amplified to the point that I thought he was actually eating plastic spoons. 

Therefore and from here on, I have aptly named him, “Plastic Spoon Guy”.

What makes matters more pathetic is that I even made mention of the fact that I was concerned that he was eating plastic spoons because it sounded like he was eating plastic spoons, but that didn’t stop him from eating the sunflower seeds, which still sound like he’s eating plastic spoons.    

I don’t think he knows how annoying it is when he eats something at his desk.   I guess I should have been more clear.

By the way, this morning it was a bag of popcorn and it sounded like he was eating rocks.  

Personally and in my pathetic opinion, I think this guy could make eating a banana sound like a jackhammer crushing pavement.  

People who make a lot of noise while eating are pathetic.