An EXTREMELY Radical Way to Fix the College Football Playoff That’s Still Broken

Back in October 2016 I posted an article that laid out my plans for fixing College Football’s broken mess of stupidity — The college football “playoff”

If you’d like to read it, click this link –>  College Football is Broken.

Today, we see that the mess that is labeled “College Football ‘Playoff'” hasn’t changed.  It still remains a bungled, bogus joke that is touted by sport’s analysts as, “the best system we can think of.

The best system they can think of?  — I find that difficult to believe because every other level of college football has a playoff consisting of more than 8 teams.

Even high school and peewee football leagues have a system where the teams that finished first or second in their division are rewarded with the opportunity to continue playing for a coveted, albeit pathetic, championship.

HOWEVER . . . this is not the way things are done in the College Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

Instead, the FBS uses a bias-filled ranking system where a group of pathetic cattle are appointed to a committee where they argue their opinions about who they favor to be the four pathetically top-rated teams in the college football world.

This pathetically biased group of individuals (who many believe can never be swayed or bought. . .yeeeah…right! (insert eye-roll here)) convene as a committee of opinionated cattle to begin their deliberations sometime in late October or early November. 

Then . . . week after week this overly opinionated group of pathetically-esteemed cattle proceed to release a ranking of their magisterial top-25 until they finally release their overly-anticipated “final ranking” which seems to satisfy the pathetic morons of the college football world into believing the top four teams the committee selected are actually the top four teams in all of college football.

Furthermore, along with each weekly release of the rankings, the college football world is fortunate enough to hear the pathetic rationale from a chairperson of the CFP committee who sits on national television answering zany questions from sports media personalities who truly believe in their pathetic little minds that this method of pathetic madness is really the BEST way to crown a “TRUE” national champion in the College Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

Additionally, the members of the pathetic CFP committee continuously state that they are all about rewarding or penalizing teams for how they perform on the field during those coveted last four or five weeks of the regular season; sadly, the 2017 college football season was proof that their confessions hold zero truth.

The reason…

Because the committee decided to place a team among the top four teams in college football even though that team: 

1. Did NOT play in their conference championship game.

2. Did NOT win their division in their respective conference. 

3. Did NOT finish higher than third in their respective conference.

4. LOST the FINAL game of the regular season.  

That’s correct . . . a team that was supposed to be penalized for losing in the last four to five weeks of the regular season and finished THIRD overall in their respective conference was selected as one of the FOUR  —  OVERALL  —   BEST   —  TEAMS  in the FBS and allowed to play for a synthetic national championship. (Which they won and get to hold over the rest of the college football world)

Yet, the team that beat them during the regular season and finished second overall in that conference, first in their division and played in the Conference Championship game was left to wonder, “how the hell did we get left out?”

Consequently, the pathetic intelligence that makes up the college football decision making have somehow convinced not only themselves, but the rest of the pathetic herd, that the format they came up with to choose a “true” national champion is the “best” system they can come up with and no one outside of their circle of confusion and mindless stupidity could ever come up with a better system that would keep the bowl games intact and also allow for a playoff.

Well!  I have news for these pathetic ignorant intellectuals . . . I have a better plan, and here it is. . .

Bowl Tiers, Conferences & The Regular Season…

Before each season begins every bowl game would be assigned to a specific tier based on specific criteria. (i.e., 1) Amount of dollar payout to participating teams, 2) Average ticket sales and attendance in previous years, 3) Previous conference affiliations, 4) Location … and so on and so forth.)

(For example: Here’s how it might work —  

Tier 1 Bowl Games would be those that have the overall highest payout to competing teams along with highest average attendance/ticket sales in previous years, and/or a previous affiliation with upper-level conferences, etc…

Tier 2 Bowl Games – second highest payout, average attendance/ticket sales, previous affiliation with upper to mid-level conferences;

Tier 3 Bowl Games – third highest payout…and so on.)

** Only allow 100 total teams in Division 1 and have TEN (10) total conferences where each conference is allowed a maximum of TEN (10) teams each with NO DIVISIONS.  — No Exceptions!!  

Teams will only play 11 games per regular season – Every team will play a nine (9) game conference schedule along with two (2) non-conference games that must be against another FBS conference opponent.

Penalize FBS teams that schedule FCS or D-2 schools for non-conference games by shrinking the revenue shared from bowl and conference payouts.

The college football season will begin on the third weekend of August and no later than the first weekend in September.

All regular season games will end ON or BEFORE Thanksgiving weekend. 

After the regular season is over, the top two teams in the Conference will play in the Championship game. 

All Conference championships will be played the weekend of Thanksgiving or the First weekend in December.  NO EXCEPTIONS!! 

ALGORITHMS — Beginning with week one and continuing throughout the regular season have a group of mathematicians and computer science wizards work together to formulate algorithms that factor in specific calculations for game variables such as, but not limited to. . . strength of schedule, strength of conference, home wins, away wins, victory over rivals, points scored, points allowed, weather conditions, loss of players to injury, turnover margin, yards allowed, yards gained, points scored, points allowed, and so on…


The Playoff Selection…

16 team playoff.  (Ten (10) conference champions and Six (6) at-large) 


#2 –  ALGORITHMS — The results of algorithms used for specific game variables during the regular season will be used for seeding conference champions and at-large playoff teams.

#3 –  SEEDING CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS — All conference champions would automatically be seeded 1 – 10 using the computer algorithms mentioned above.  (Again….NO SELECTION COMMITTEE!)

#4 – SEEDING AT-LARGE TEAMSThe teams who played in and lost their conference championship game. . . and ONLY the teams who played in and lost their conference championship game . . . would then be seeded 11 – 20 using the same computer algorithms stated above and seeds 11 – 16 would be selected as At-Large teams for the playoffs while teams seeded 17 – 20 would be selected to a tier 1 bowl game.  (Once again…NO SELECTION COMMITTEE!)

#5PAIRINGS — Conference Champions who are seeded 1 – 10 respectively would be matched against lower seeded teams with the top six seeds being seeded against the lower seeded at-Large teams.  (for example: Seed 1 vs. Seed 16,  Seed 2 vs. Seed 15 and so on…).

#6HOME FIELD & VISITING TEAMS — Conference champions seeded 1 – 10 would get to play on their home field while lower seeded teams would have to travel to the higher seeded locations.  Home Field advantage would be a “perk” for teams that won their respective conferences outright and finished with a higher seeding based on the computer algorithms.  

**All playoff games through the Semifinal games would give home field advantage to the higher seeded teams.

#7WEEKLY CONSECUTIVE PLAY — Every round leading up to the championship game would be played in consecutive weeks through the month of December with the championship game being played at a Tier 1 neutral-site bowl game two weeks after the conclusion of the semi-final games.

**Note: a variation to this format could be that the semi-final game and the championship game be played on the same neutral site, Tier 1 bowl.


The Remaining Bowl Eligible Teams…


Bowl Selections

Tier 1 bowls (highest payout) would select the first matchup —  The selection of choices would be limited to the remaining teams who lost their conference championships and were seeded 17 – 25 using the aforementioned algorithms to seed the playoff teams.  The teams would be the remaining teams not selected for the 16 team playoff.  

Tier 1 bowls could also choose from teams that finished the season with one or two losses, did not manage to make their respective conference championship games, but finished with no more than two loses during the regular season.  If there aren’t enough teams to fill those spots, teams with three losses would be selected.  

THE REMAINING BOWL TIERS — Once Tier 1 bowl selections are complete, Tier 2 bowls would be able to make their selections followed by the remaining Tiers (3, 4, 5, 6…etc…).  All bowls would select from Bowl eligible teams (6+ wins) until all bowl slots have been filled.

If there aren’t enough bowl eligible teams (6+ wins) to fill the remaining lower Tiered bowl games (tiers 4, 5, 6 and so on…), teams that finished the regular season with a 5-7 record would be selected based on their highest APR rankings until all the bowls are filled.


Completion of the Bowl Games and Playoffs

Depending on the calendar year, all bowl games and playoff games would be completed on or around the first or second weekend of January. 

So there you have it.  That’s my plan to fix the broken mess of FBS division college football playoffs.  I know it’s not perfect, but it’s better than what we have currently where some teams are left out and others are allowed in for the sake of bias and/or money.  

 If you like this plan…share it with your friends and social media groupies. 

If you don’t like it, then come up with a better plan instead of complaining about this one.   

It’s not perfect.  It needs some tweaks.  It won’t be easy, nor will many of you pathetic, blowhard college football fans enjoy the changes, but it could work.  

It’s not rocket science.  It’s a pathetic college football playoff system that should be better than it currently is. 



What if your company was run like a pro sports team?


What if every company was run like a pro sports team?

where every employee had to sign a contract for a specific salary and duration of time…

where supervisors filmed the day’s work of every employee and then spent every evening reviewing that film with a fine-tooth comb…

where employees were graded on performance and quality of work every day…

where practice sessions would consist of position meetings and going over film of the previous day’s work…

where in those film sessions every employee’s mistake was talked about and reviewed over and over again…

where management would cut or trade an employee to save money or get better talent…

where every year a draft would take place to bring in new, younger employees…

where an employee could opt out of a contract and try their luck in free agency…

where supervisors were fired for low numbers or bad performance…

where every move you made or every word spoken was scrutinized by the general public and the media…

where going on injured reserve gives an employee time away from actually doing work until they’re fully recovered…

where when someone in on the disabled list a back-up employee steps in to complete the work while you’re recovering…

I really do wonder what the workplace would look like if every company ran their business like a pro sports team…




Fitness + Free Stuff! = More Workouts!


The recent release of Pokemon Go was a big success getting young adults walking around and moving.  Even though the rewards were virtual things that have no value what-so-ever, the idea of a reward was still considered valuable enough in the minds of these young adults to get them out and about.  

So, I had to ask myself . . .  why don’t fitness tracking apps do something similar to reward people for achieving specific goals? 

The fitness apps could partner with different brands to promote exercise by giving out free merchandise for accomplishing goals like…

  • Walking or running a specific number of miles in a week/month/year.
  • Achieving a certain amount of minutes/hours of exercise in a specific week/month/year.
  • Increasing your heart rate.
  • Meeting a weight loss goal.
  • Participating in and finishing a road race.

The rewards would all depend on how great the achievement was and might be anything from a low-dollar water bottle to high-dollar workout equipment.  

Anyway, just another of my pathetic ideas. 




Teachable Moments


I hear a lot of stories in my office that typically leave me shaking my head in disbelief.  One such story took place this morning while two guys were discussing why their daughters decided to quit playing sports.  

Both of them expressed that their children were demoted from starting positions on their respective volleyball teams to second string, and since these little high-school darlings thought they were so much better than the coaches opinions, neither of them wanted to play sports anymore…

so they both quit.  

What left me shaking my head wasn’t that they quit, it was when I heard these two fathers express their views about their daughters.

For some reason the “two most pathetic dad’s in the worldcondoned the actions of their daughters and praised them for standing up for their right to play.


What’s more, and what I find ironic is that the two pathetic dad’s are both in management positions where they have to make decisions about their subordinates.  Both having the responsibility to manage and hire employees and assign workloads based on the character, strengths and weaknesses of each employee.  

They also have to figure out who works best in what position so the “team” can function without a lot of discord.  Which is similar to what a head coach does. . . am I right?    

Having played sports in my younger days, I know what it’s like to think you’re much better at something than you really are.  I also understand what it’s like to go from first string to sitting the bench waiting for the coach to call on you while you have to watch someone else struggle at your position.  Consequently, through every circumstance — good or bad — the greatest lesson I learned during that time was how to be a part of a “team” no matter your role or status.

And this would have been an awesome teachable moment for these two dad’s to empress a few life lessons upon their young, extremely self-confident, albeit impressionable, daughters.  

A few of those lessons could have been:  

  • that no matter where you go, there are always going to be people in this world who are considered to be prettier, stronger, more athletic, more intelligent, more astute, more confident than you.   But it doesn’t mean you should quit being you.
  • that there are times when you just have to suck it up and ride the bench and patiently wait your turn.
  • that authority isn’t always correct in their decisions, but you have to realize you don’t make the decisions and though you disagree, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and while doing so, encourage others ahead of you to perform well.
  • that others are always watching you, so make sure you have good character when you react to situations.
  • that humility is better to be had than a contentious spirit.
  • that leading isn’t always about being in front.  The best leaders are the ones working the hardest and don’t care about the accolades but would rather encourage others around them to do their best and keep trying.
  • that hard work will eventually pay off, but quitters never achieve any rewards.
  • furthermore, will you pout and throw a tantrum when you don’t get your way, or will you suck it up and realize that you need to work harder to achieve the status or goal that you set for yourself?  

Just like these two dad’s in my office, parents these days fail to teach their kids that being in front isn’t what matters.  What matters is character and how you react to situations that aren’t to your liking.  

It’s pathetic when parents miss an opportunity to teach their children how to handle the beanballs that are thrown at them because as those children proceed through life, they will struggle and suffer for not learning how to work through the problems.  Many of them will quit and think that’s the best way to handle uncomfortable situations, but that will only lead to a lifetime of regret.

Typically I end my posts with a pathetic statement, but today I want to encourage you who are parents to teach your children during times of discouragement in their lives.  Help them to know that quitting isn’t always the best option.  That maybe, just maybe!, their role is to lead by example.  With humility and good character.  Encouraging those around them to always perform at their best.  

I encourage you to not be a pathetic parent.   


Sexual Deviance – Baylor University


In my pathetic opinion…

Since Baylor University did nothing to handle sexual assault claims against the football players over the past ten years, their football program should be handed a penalty no less than what Pennsylvania State University suffered in 2012.  

Though the situation is only different in the amount of time that sexual assault claims were swept under the rug by Baylor administrators and coaches (Baylor – past 10 years, PSU – 36 years), it’s a foregone conclusion that human lives have been tragically affected, therefore the NCAA should be resolute in their investigation of Baylor athletics and stiff in their punishment for treating sexual assault claims as a minor infraction.   

Notwithstanding, from this day forward the governing board of NCAA members need to set an extremely high moral standard for all public institutions under their banner.  Also, forthwith, if any program is found during an investigation to have given any preferential treatment to ANY student(s), be it male or female, for sexual misconduct, that program will be subject to grave and exacting punishment.

If the NCAA governing board is not willing to enact such standards, then they are just as guilty as the administrators and coaches who sweep sexual abuse claims under the rug.  

This whole thing is pathetic and extremely disgusting.

(oh…and on a side bar, these twenty and thirty-something teachers getting pregnant by 13 year old boys is just as bad or worse!!)  


Nice Guys Finish Last…Oh…and They Lose a lot of Games as a Head Coach too.

Mike Riley2

Mike Riley is the head football coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and in the past nine weeks has led Nebraska to a paltry 3 wins and a humiliating 6 losses.

In the industry, he’s known among his peers as one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he’s also known as “Mediocre Mike” because he just can’t seem to win very many games.      

However, that “nice guy” persona has it’s down side because he comes across as a man who never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings and at times, it almost appears that he loses a close game on purpose just so the other team doesn’t walk away feeling blue.  

With that being said, I have created a few choice comments that were expected but were missing from Mike Riley press conferences over the past couple of months…



Loss – BYU 33 – 28 (BYU wins on desperation hail mary in closing seconds and gives Nebraska first home opener loss in over 34 years.)

“Well, you know, we kind of told our players to be out of position on purpose because Bronco (Mendenhall) is a good friend of mine and when his starting quarterback went down, I just… well … I just felt for the guy and really wanted he and his team to have an opportunity to feel better about themselves.  I think this gives them a lot of momentum moving forward, and I hope they have a safe plane ride back home to Utah.”



Won – South Alabama 48 – 9

” I played for Alabama, so this was a tough win beating a team from a state that I have so much respect and admiration for.  I just really feel for those kids from Alabama right now. 

“If we ever play them again, I’ll make sure we let them compete and the score isn’t so lopsided or that it’s not by such a large margin because that’s just not very kind and … well … it’s really heartbreaking.

“That’s going to be a long plane ride home for those kids and that staff.  I just hope they know how sorry I am for making them feel so bad.” 



Loss – Miami 36 – 33  (After trailing by 23 points to Miami, Nebraska attempted a fourth quarter come back that fell short in Overtime with a Miami interception in the end zone.)

“Heck of a game.  Heck of a game … I had never met Al Golden before today, and during the pre-game warm-ups he and I had a chance to talk a bit.  Long story short, he told me that there was a push to get him fired and then pointed up to a plane flying overhead with a banner that read, “fire Al Golden”.  I just saw that hurt in his eyes and knew at that moment I had to help him out. 

“I really felt for the guy because I know what it’s like being in the hot seat as a head coach and … well …  We both agreed at that moment that it was best he not lose this game.  I just really wanted to take some pressure off of him, and I think we did that by letting them win this game.” 



Win – Southern Mississippi 36 – 28 (Nebraska had a fend off a fourth quarter rally by Southern Miss to win the game.)

(Approaches microphone and greets the crowd with a big smile). 

“Fun game, huh?  You know, I felt pretty bad after the South Alabama game because  I know what it’s like to get blown out by a superior team, and a loss like that just leaves you feeling empty inside.  It’s a long plane ride home after being blown out, so knowing how tough it is to move forward after a loss like that …  well …  I just didn’t want it to end that way for Southern Miss. 

“Trust me, I know the horrible feelings a coaching staff and the players can have after a blow out because I’ve experienced quite a few in my day.  I really don’t want anyone to experience those feelings because they really are difficult to overcome.  (shakes head)  

“After the South Alabama game I made it clear to this coaching staff that we would never … Never … blow anyone out like that ever again, so we made it a point to have our defense play a lot of soft coverage in the fourth quarter to give the Southern Miss offense a chance to shine.  I think they played well, don’t you?”



Loss – Illinois 14 – 13 (Nebraska once again fails to close out the game in the closing minutes and Illinois wins the game on a last second touchdown.)

“Well…  I, uh … (shakes head).  Ummm…we competed out there for four quarters against a very talented football team.  Illinois really lived up to their namesake (Fighting Illini) today and made it a great game.  They have a some really good football players on this team and I have to give their coaching staff and those players a lot of credit for hanging in there and battling through to the end.  They never gave up and that’s a symbol of great leadership on their part. 

After dealing with everything they have had to deal with in the off-season, (head coach was fired for mistreatment of players),  I really hope this win shows the Illinois administration that they should remove the interim label and give that coaching staff the full-time label. 

(Pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts)  That’s a really great coaching staff.  They really deserved this win.” 



Loss – Wisconsin 23 – 21 (Wisconsin kicks a field goal in the closing minute to win the game giving Nebraska it’s fourth loss before November for the first time since 1960).

“Paul (Chryst) is a good friend of mine and when that Wisconsin kicker missed that field goal with about 4 minutes remaining, I just felt horrible for the guy. 

“For the remainder of the game I just couldn’t shake the thought that my friend (Paul Chryst) had done such a great job getting his kids prepared for this game and to have it end with a missed field goal …  well  …  that just didn’t seem right to me; so we ran a couple plays we knew wouldn’t work and punted the ball back to them so they’d have a chance to maybe .. you know …  kick that field goal again. 

 (Smiles and nods head in approval) that was really great.  Really great.  I’m just so happy for them, and I hope they remember this next time we play them.  Maybe they’ll return the favor.”    



Win – Minnesota 48 – 25

“I’m really proud of our guys.  After talking with Paul (Chryst) during last week’s visit, he told me that if we beat anyone in this league, Minnesota, was the team to beat; so we put a lot of extra preparation into this game and we’re really proud of our guys for coming through the way they did.  I hope I made Paul (Chryst) proud of me today.”



Loss – Northwestern 30 – 28 (Northwestern sealed the win by eating up the final 5 minutes of the play clock.  Nebraska’s defense was exhausted for some reason, even though they hadn’t been on the field for longer than 15 minutes through three quarters.)

“Northwestern really deserved to win this game.  They played with a lot of passion out there today.  One of the assistants told me at the beginning of the fourth quarter that Northwestern’s defense had been on the field for more than 35 minutes and we were wearing them down.  I just really felt horrible for doing that to those young men and realized that something needed to change. 

“You know, they flew here from Illinois and that can be a long trip… it’s like an hour or something, so to come all this way and then get beat.  That’s not a very hospitable thing for us as a host to do, so I made the coaches and players understand that if possible, we would let Northwestern leave Lincoln with a ‘W’. 

“They really played hard out there today.  They deserved this win and I hope they can build off this going forward.”



Loss – Purdue 55 – 45 (Coming into this game Purdue was at the bottom of the Big Ten and had not won more than two Big Ten conference games in two years.  They had the worst offensive production of any Big Ten team and couldn’t stop anyone defensively.  Yet, for four straight quarters Mike Riley and Nebraska found a way to make Purdue look like the best team in college football.)

“Wow.  Let me begin by saying how proud I am of Jerry Kill and had I known he was having health issues, that Minnesota game would’ve had a different outcome.  I really hope he gets well and can get back in the game.  Great man…great coach.  I wish him all the best. 

As for today, I’m really impressed with our players and how they battled through adversity today, but leading up to our preparation I read that Coach Hazell was getting a lot of bad press and that just didn’t sit well with me. 

“All week I just couldn’t stop thinking about what he might be going through.  I mean, he has a family and his coaching staff has families.  It just tore me up all week that he might lose his job, and I really couldn’t let that happen. 

“Those kids he recruited, that team we played…they have a lot of heart, and I wanted the world to see just how talented that team really is, so we kind of backed off defensively and let them score some points.  It seemed to boost their confidence and they really appeared to have a good time out there so we didn’t try to stop them.  We just let them play.   

“That’s a great bunch of kids.  Great bunch of kids.  I think they had a lot of fun out there today.” 



Win – Michigan State 39 – 38 (Coming into the game Michigan State was undefeated and ranked seventh in the nation.  Nebraska played extremely well all game long and in the fourth quarter was able to drive 60+ yards in 40 seconds to win the game on a play where the receiver ran out of bounds and then back in bounds to catch the ball.  MSU still had 17 seconds though, and had it not been for an errant throw by the MSU quarterback, Nebraska might have lost this game.)

“What a game.  (short pause to gather his thoughts…)  I can’t tell you how proud I am of these young men and how hard they have worked all year.  They never gave up and really showed their true character out there.  This is a great bunch of kids.  Great bunch of kids.  

(Looking away with a furrowed brow, he pauses for a moment to reflect on the final events of the game…)

Quite honestly…after seeing that replay on the big screen, and knowing that our receiver went out of bounds on his own, I waited for the officials to correct their call after replay and when they didn’t, I really felt compelled to make sure the officials made the right call; however, as I was trying to get the attention of the official to let them know it was okay to reverse that call, one of my assistant coaches pulled me over to talk about the (two-point) conversion and I didn’t get a chance to talk to the official.  

(brief pause…)

“I know how hard Michigan State has worked all year and to have victory snatched away like that is just heart wrenching for those kids.  It’s really eating me up inside … (short pause) … this is a tough victory to swallow.  (shakes head in disbelief) …  You know . . . I have my weekly conference call with the Big Ten commissioner on Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to bring up that call and see if we can get it reversed.  

Michigan State, their great fans…the school…the administration…they all deserve that much from us.  That’s a great team…great school…great bunch of kids. 



Being a nice football coach can be pathetic.



I stumbled across this website:

They changed all the NFL team nicknames to names that use Marvel Universe characters, and quite honestly, the idea might not be so far fetched. 

have a look…

NFL Teams based on Marvel Characters

Another creative person changed all the NFL nicknames and logos using characters and themes from Star Wars.

I don’t have a picture, so you’ll have to visit this website: