No More Night…


I remember singing this song many years ago and just as it was then, it’s still one of my favorites. ¬†

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

ūüôā ¬† ¬†

Title: No More Night

Sung by: Christian Edition

Published on Jan 5, 2014 —¬†Christian Edition singing No More Night at the 3ABN Studio.
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Valuable Lesson

self esteem

When I was growing up, my parents taught me a valuable lesson. ¬†It’s a lesson that every parent should teach their children as they grow up in this world full of pathetic individuals. ¬†That lesson was this:

“Never think more highly of yourself because there’s always someone out there who’s more knowledgeable, more athletic, more intelligent, more well-equipped.” ¬†

Those might seem like harsh, negative words to speak to a child, but they really were very loving.  

They have helped me through life to understand and accept that I don’t know everything and I don’t always have the skills necessary to complete a task. ¬†Sadly, many cattle today haven’t been teaching their calves that same lesson, and I find that to be extremely pathetic.

If you take a moment to consider all the cattle¬†in the world today, and think about the¬†few select individuals who have crossed paths with you (including family and friends), ask yourself…are¬†they¬†really the best person to give advice? ¬†The best person to help others¬†through problems? ¬†The best person to hang out with? ¬†The best person to have a relationship with? ¬†The best person to marry?

Ask those same questions of yourself. 

Now, consider these: Do you give sound advice or do you feed them too much of your own opinion?  Are you considerate of their needs or do you spend more time taking from them to fill your own needs?   Do you listen well or do all the talking?  

Technically, because we all see ourselves as being the well-rounded, kindhearted, pathetically influenced¬†bovine that others don’t¬†see, you probably can’t answer those questions the same way your friends and family would answer them about you.¬†

You well-trained followers seem to go about your days doing the thing that you¬†were taught and encouraged to do…strive to achieve, strive to get ahead, strive to accomplish something…you’re all taught from the very moment that you leave the womb that you’re capable, that you have what others don’t have, that you are good, better, best. ¬†All the while never even considering whether or not those words¬†were actually true¬†or even if you¬†were the best available option to accomplish anything at all. ¬†

Some might refer to it as “believing in yourself”, but I like to refer to it as “pathetic” because the truth is, no one ever seems to¬†consider that if given the choice of billions of other bovine in the world who are¬†probably better equipped you¬†probably weren’t the best choice after all. ¬†You¬†just happened be at the right place at the right time and were able to perform triage until the better equipped surgeon shows up.

And that isn’t having a¬†“belief in yourself”¬†it’s . . . “causing undo stress in others”, ¬†“causing a bigger problem”, “disrupting the space-time continuum”.¬† ¬†

In a nutshell . . .it’s ignorance. . . but you being the self-motivated individual you are, you charge ahead never thinking about how your ineptitude is causing a massive ripple effect of havoc-wreaking pathetic¬†in the lives of others. ¬†

It’s really sad. ¬†¬†

In conclusion, people who think more highly of themselves than they ought is really pathetic.  


Out of Tune- Wednesday Funny


A friend of mine sent me an audio file that his uncle made singing Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way“.¬†¬† I would like to tell you that it’s extremely well done, but it’s actually more along the lines of extremely pathetic.

So what does one do with a pathetic work of musical art…? ? ?¬†

Uploaded it to youtube of course!

Be sure to listen to the whole thing…Oh…and try not to laugh.¬†

**Disclaimer:¬† It’s sung completely off key.¬† He did it on purpose.¬† Not to butcher a great song or to insult the original artist, but to prove that it’s possible to sing out of tune while playing the music correctly on the piano.¬† He meant to sing it this way.¬† In all honesty, the performer is a very talented musician.

There’s 3 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.¬† Pretty pathetic, huh?¬†

yeah…I thought so too.

My work is done.



Years ago I sang in a jazz ensemble as well as a number of different choirs and I always enjoyed singing acapella because the voices weren’t hidden behind instruments.¬†

The following is one of my favorite songs we sing in church and being that it’s acapella, that just makes it even more enjoyable.¬†

All credit goes to Keith Lancaster and the Praise and Harmony singers. 

Song: “Let It Rise”¬† from the “Everlasting God Praise and Harmony” CD.

Stuck In My Head


There’s a song being played in the fields by many of today’s cattle.¬† It’s called: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and it features Bruno Mars.¬†

I must say that I enjoy the song, but ever since I first heard the song something has been gnawing at me…like I’d heard it before, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

This morning I happened to hear it again, but only a section of the song because it was played on a morning talk show, and as I walked around singing the song as the show went to commercial, it dawned on me…


because the music was actually written back in the 70’s for a hit song titled:¬† CAR WASH.¬† If you think I’m mistaken, listen for yourself…

I even played them in separate windows at the same time and it’s nearly impossible to tell that there are two individual songs being played.¬† Take the vocals out and the music isn’t exact…but it’s pretty stinkin’ close!¬†

Musicians trying to pull one over on the rest of us in the herd is pathetic.



1980’s Rock Band


Van Halen was on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. 

They had David Lee Roth as the lead singer…

….at least, it looked like David Lee Roth.

It was definitely some guy who resembled David Lee Roth in voice and stature, but he was about 90, so that couldn’t be David Lee Roth. ¬†¬†

Anyway, their performance was a pathetic waste of time and honestly would have been better suited for an opening act at a Mayan volcano sacrifice.    

In other words…it was pathetic and very difficult to watch and listen to.