Recently, some of the over-educated in the herd did a study to find out why men exist, and they think they have a reason.  If you care to read it, the article can be found HERE

But if you’re not willing to read the article and just want me to paraphrase for ya keep reading..

Apparently, after looking at several years of lab-controlled procreation of the Tribolium flour beetle, which must have been like watching paint dry, scientists have found that sexual selection—you know…the process by which males compete for females?—helps species become fitter and more resilient to disease. 

The article also quotes one of the higher-learned in the herd by stating that, “Competition among males for reproduction provides a really important benefit, because it improves the genetic health of populations, sexual selection achieves this by acting as a filter to remove harmful genetic mutations, helping populations to flourish.”

At this point I’d like to chime in and say….

Way to tell the world your job is pointless and all the advances in medicine have been for not!! 

I mean, since you basically concluded that the male species of the herd can improve the genetic health of the populations just by pursuing, wooing, fighting for and selecting his mate that’s enough to know that we don’t need to waste money on science anymore because eventually the human race will be able to fight off any and all genetic mutations.  All we need are a bunch of horny, active men willing to procreate!   


I jest of course… (sort of)

Anyway, the title of the article is pathetic enough, but the fact that someone actually thinks that funding a bunch of educated idiots to try and figure out why men exist is even more pathetic because I could have saved them a lot of trouble and explained it to them without having them inbreed a family of beetles.

The truth of the matter is that men exist to kill bugs and rodents, run errands for their wives, lift heavy things, help women move stuff over and over again until they find a spot in the room they think the furniture looks best…and then move it again,

mow the lawn, build buildings and homes, love and irritate women, shovel snow off the drive way, warm up the car and scrape windows in bitter cold weather, dig out a stuck vehicle in a seven foot drift, perform search and rescue for those who are lost, serve and protect their families and neighbors, provide food for their families, build fences and then tear them down just to build them up again,

repair broken things, make fun toys that women would never want to ride until they saw a man having fun on it, provide a sense of calm in the midst of confusion, bring a new perspective into a situation that may seem out of control, bring comfort without words to those in need, provide a living seed to a dormant ovum so life can be created, encourage and uplift their spouses and bring a sense of strength to the world that isn’t found in any other creature.

In a nut shell, the reason men exist is because men are created in the likeness of God, and when you remove men and God from the equation, the human species would cease to exist.

Men are something that women will never be no matter how much they try. 

Men will always be stability in chaos, courage in despair, a light in the darkness, humor in sadness, strength in weakness. 

And that’s why men exist.

Now give me the millions of dollars that you scientists wasted over the past few years studying and researching something that could have been done in fifteen minutes by talking to me.   

Personally, I find it utterly pathetic that scientists think so highly of themselves.  If you’re so stinkin’ advanced in your “evolutionary process” then why in the world would you need to figure out why you exist?  Wouldn’t that be obvious by now? 

(shakes head in disgust)





Time Travel, John Kerry Calls in “The big guns”


In other news…

Being unable to work out an agreement with the Iranian government over their nuclear capabilities Secretary of State, John Kerry, decided to call in what he refers to as, “the big guns.” 

From what reliable sources have told us, it appears that the Secretary of State made a call to an unnamed military official to implement a top-secret government project only known as: “Founding Fathers“. 

Unknown to our sources, it appears this top-secret government project has been in the works since the late 1940’s at a secret military location known as Area 51. 

Sources tell me that this project will give the United States government access to some of the best critical thinkers in all of U.S. history, but its main purpose is to be used as a means of bringing the past into the present.  In layman’s terms: it’s a form of time travel.

If you think that sounds ridiculous, you’re not alone. 

This reporter also thought the very same thing, until this recent picture was snapped at a summit meeting between the U.S. and Iranian governments, which clearly shows a very stunned Secretary of State seated next to, what appears to be, a very real Benjamin Franklin. 

John Kerry

When Mr. Kerry was asked about whether or not “the big guns” were in fact some of the original founding fathers of the United States of America, Mr. Kerry only stated that he had no comment at this time but would be willing to talk more about the U.S. Iranian nuclear deliberations.  The ultimate goal of those deliberations involving Iran and the U.S., Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia is a deal that would crimp Tehran’s capacity to make nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

However, speaking on condition of anonymity, a high-level representative from France known only to our sources as “Ada” said that since a deal could not be reached by the proposed deadline, a former United States diplomat was brought in to “ease some tensions and bring a new perspective on matters.”  

Both sides recognize that there is leeway to extend to July 9. 

As part of an agreement with the U.S. Congress, lawmakers then have 30 days to review the deal before suspending congressional sanctions. 

Following the “Experts”


A few years ago in my little po-dunk town here in the upper northern plains, we had a group of “experts” who approached our city council and demanded that funds be allocated to a city project in such disarray that if neglected, would cause the city more headaches and financial problems in future years than they cared to cope with. 

The project was named:  “100-year Flood Plan” and the “experts” did a bang up job of informing the city council that a certain area of the city in which I live, would experience massive flooding if their “projections” were accurate.  

The “experts” brought their trusty slide shows and a few randomly generated computer simulations of what they believed MIGHT happen if the 100-year flood plan wasn’t enacted, and quite honestly, it looked really, really good.  As a general citizen, I did happen to view the presentation online and was thoroughly impressed with their efforts, but I wasn’t sold. 

I wasn’t sold on it for a couple of reasons.  First because our city had already undertaken a number of projects that the tax payer was funding, and with the federal and state governments already taking their hefty bite out of my pocket book, I didn’t believe that this was something our little city could afford.  And second, their computer simulations were just that…computer simulations. 

I’ve lived in this town for over 40 years and witnessed some torrential spring rains, but never had I witnessed flooding to the extent of which their computer simulations created. 

On top of that, my grandfather was an engineer and worked with other city planners and engineers to create a flood plan for our city back in the 1970’s.  That flood plan was perfectly executed to allow rain water to flow into multiple large, deep runoffs that would take it outside the city and fill basins or lakes that were man-made.  

However, the new plan didn’t allow for that, instead it just funded a group of engineers to widen ONE of the existing runoffs and coat it with concrete. 

Our little po-dunk city has grown quite a bit in the last 40 years and not creating a new runoff that would allow rain water to move in another direction outside the city, was just a pathetic mistake by these so-called “experts”. 


The city council bought what the “experts” told them and decided to approve the issue, thus allocating a few million dollars of tax payer money to the project.   

Skip ahead five years to May 6, 2015. 

That night a low pressure system moved through our pathetic little community and brought along with it a stationary front that stalled out just to the north of us.  This created the “perfect storm” and an even more “perfect test” for the “100-year flood plan”. 

We received nearly 6 inches of rain in a 12 hour period and guess what happened? 

The areas of the city that were supposed to be protected from floods…  Flooded. 

Why?  Because even though the “experts” made the ONE runoff wider, they failed to make it deeper.  Instead, they raised the bottom of it and leveled it off to make it more shallow so that…

you’re gonna love this…

So that skateboarders could use it during the summer.   How pathetic is that?!   

These same “experts”…or as I like to call them, “educated idiots”, also predicted that during our state’s last severe drought, a man-made reservoir that was so low would take 30 years to fill up again.  Their computer models proved it over and over again.  

Expert prediction:  30 years! 

Reality:  It took seven days of torrential spring rains to fill it up so much that they had to open the flood gates on the dam to let some of the water out!   LOL.  

That always makes me laugh.

So, can you see why I don’t follow these educated idiots and why I question their opinions?

Taking the opinion of an “expert” at face value and not researching their findings to be able to ask the right questions is pathetic!

actual picture from my town after flooding




Tornado Warning

 dwight schrute_Tornado

We’re in a tornado warning right now in my little po-dunk community.  I have no idea why because honestly, it’s just rain with some high winds and lightning. 

As soon as the sirens went off, where was I?  

On my porch scanning the sky looking for the funnel cloud. 

You can not imagine how disappointed I was when I didn’t see anything. 




Science Expatheticment 2 – Ice Sheets


A comment was made on my last science expatheticment post that it would only work with “floating ice” but the majority of ice we have on earth is in the form of “ice-sheets” and therefore the expatheticment wouldn’t work. 

They would be correct, BUT!  This begs the question, if the ice sheets melt, would they really increase the water levels of the ocean and flood many coastal regions? 

Truth be told, … No.  They won’t.  

The jack-wangs who promote this garbage want people to believe that it will because the wealthy elitists who fund the pathetic scientists only want reports based on the assumption and estimations that extreme factors are ALWAYS in play.  But for the oceans to rise to the levels reported, those very extreme conditions would have to remain constant for a very long time.

Let me explain by using the Loch Ness in Scotland as an example… (sorry, no science experiment this time around.)

Let’s assume that during the winter months Nessy decides to leave the Loch Ness and move to happier hunting grounds in deeper waters.  After she leaves, Loch Ness happens to freeze over with one solid layer of ice that happens to be a sheet. 

Lock_ness1If no moisture falls over the winter months, the ice melts in the spring and the Loch doesn’t rise because the ice sheet isn’t “extra” water.   

Interestingly enough if a few snow storms blow through covering the ice sheet of Loch Ness during the winter, AND that snow layer melts along with the ice sheet, then the water level of the Loch Ness would rise because the accumulated snowfall is “extra” water added to the Loch.    

But the rise in the lake won’t last very long because the Loch has tributaries that allow for  inflow and outflow of water.  Not to mention that other weather and atmospheric conditions factor in as well, such as humidity, dew point, elevation and air temperature.

The same can be said for all areas of the world. 

For instance, in an area where the humidity and dew point is very dry and the elevation is much higher, the snow that melts around the frozen lake would run down into the lake and cause it to rise, but the “extra” water would flow out of the lake through a stream or brook.  And if the lake had no stream or brook for outflow, then evaporation comes into play and usually happens at a much quicker rate than it would in a more humid climate at lower elevations where the dew point is higher.

My point here is that the “ice sheets” that cover the majority of the earth can’t make the ocean levels rise if they melt, because they are formed from the waters in which they float; which means that even if the ice sheet melts, they aren’t considered ‘extra‘ water in the oceans they reside. 

Also, just because they are made up of fresh water doesn’t mean the water won’t or can’t blend into the oceans that are made of salt water in which they reside.

If you happen to think fresh water can’t blend into salt water oceans, consider that almost every major fresh water river flows into an ocean, furthermore, the rain that falls from the sky is fresh water but still falls into the salt water oceans around the world and seems to blend with them just fine.

So, what are the “very extreme conditions” that need to be in place for the oceans levels to rise as much as the “experts” claim?

The humidity and dew point levels of the air would have to be so extremely saturated that no “extra” moisture would be allowed to evaporate into the air.  For that to happen the entire Earth’s dew point and humidity would have to reach epic levels and remain consistent for a verylong – time.  Resulting in very extreme conditions on a massive global scale. 

In layman’s terms:  The entire earth would have to be ONE constant temperature and remain a giant greenhouse for many, MANY years with humidity and dew points remaining extremely high on everysinglecontinent.  For that to happen, the earth would have to stop tilting on its axis and the southern and northern hemispheres would have to remain equal in ALL climate conditions.

However, since the earth tilts on its axis and doesn’t show any signs that it’s going to stop, resulting in a variety of different climates at any one moment, those extreme conditions  CAN   NEVER   HAPPEN!!!!

Therefore, we still don’t have to worry about global coastal flooding because the earth is never going to reach those extreme climate conditions and it’s pathetic to believe otherwise.


Science ExPATHETICment


When I was growing up, there was a guy on television by the name of Mr. Wizard who I would watch with great joy because he used to blow stuff up, and for a growing boy in the 80’s that was all I needed to keep my ADHD from spiraling out of control.  

I jest of course, because I never actually had ADHD.  I was just a little boy with a lot of energy, but I did enjoy a good firecracker and back in the 1980’s we used to light them up all the time.  Mainly under model cars and planes we had built throughout the year.  Oh…and ant hills.  Those poor unsuspecting ants.  They never knew what hit ’em. 

Consequently, Mr. Wizard along with many scientists back in the 1980’s didn’t make science a religion.  It was just a means to an end, however, in today’s world science has become something much more than a career or a way to find answers to questions that have plagued mankind for centuries. 

Today, science has become a religion of sorts for many people who fraudulently deny such a claim, and with their lying lips they profess to know things in the name of science that aren’t factual.  One such claim was posted by a blogger friend.

It appears that there is a movement by a bunch of jack-wangs who want to scare the crap out of the unsuspecting in the herd by criminally planting the false idea that melting polar ice caps will cause such a dramatic rise in sea levels that many parts of the world will be flooded.

But there’s a serious flaw in their hypothesis and the simple notion of their claim is a pathetic failure at best and it can be proven with one simple scientific experiment of our own.  Or as I like to refer to it, a science exPATHETICment.

Let’s get started!!   

Here’s what you’ll need. 

1) A normal, everyday glass of any size or depth.

2) Lots of ice cubes.

3) A pitcher filled with water. 

First, take the normal everyday glass, set it on the counter and fill the glass with water until it’s half full.

Next, place ice cubes into the glass of water so the level of water reaches just near the rim of the glass.  And be sure to have the ice cubes rise above the rim.  (you may need to add a little more water to reach the desired level.) 



<—  It might look similar to the picture on the left.  


– –

Now, leave the glass on the counter and walk away from it.

After a couple hours or so, check the glass.   What do you see?

All of you should see a glass with condensation on the sides and ice that is nearly or completely melted.  But what you WON’T see, and some of you may be shocked at this revelation, is that the melted ice has NOT made the water in the glass overflow the rim. 

The reason is because there are a couple factors in play here.  For starters, and without getting too ‘sciencey’ on you, when you added the ice, it contributed to the total amount of water in the glass and even though it wasn’t liquified, it’s still made up of water and won’t cause the water to overflow when melted. 

Also, there’s this thing called “evaporation” that occurs during the melting cycle, and even though it’s at a much slower process than melting ice, it’s still happening, and little by little the water is being distributed back into the surrounding atmosphere.  So the water will never overflow the glass because it’s scientifically impossible.

Kinda cool, huh? 

No?  oh…well…whatever…just remember that the same concept is in play with the polar ice caps melting. 

The newly frozen water won’t be able to make the oceans rise as much as proponents want everyone to believe it will.  Mainly because the ice caps aren’t as dense as the water, hence the reason they float.  If you look at a picture of an iceberg, you can see that some of the iceberg is below the water level. This is not a surprise, but actually almost all of the volume of an iceberg is below the water line, not above it.  This is due to ice’s density being less than liquid water’s density. Upon freezing, the density of ice decreases by about 9 percent.  That information comes straight off the USGS website.

Furthermore, when the ice caps froze in the first place, the waters they came from were part of the ocean in which they reside.  (And yes…even though the Atlantic and Pacific are named differently, they are all part of one great big ocean!)

So, if I take the same glass of ice water we started with in our scientific experiment and place it in the freezer, odds are the glass will break because as water freezes it expands.  But it doesn’t mean that more water has been added to the ice water.  It just expands in a frozen state, therefore, if I remove the frozen water and the broken glass from the freezer and place it in a bowl to melt, I should be able to pour the melted ice water into a similar-sized glass, however, there won’t be as much water because…in layman speak:  water loses something when frozen. 

Some of you might say, “So what!  That’s not definitive proof that sea levels won’t rise to epic proportions if the polar ice caps melt!”  

And you’d be almost correct…but still pathetically misled and here’s why. 

All over this planet there are droughts happening.  Also, there are basins or aquifers that reside underground in many different areas of the world.  Three in the USA alone, and most of them are well below their normal capacity. 

So, as the ice melts in the polar regions, the sea levels won’t rise because the water is mostly evaporated and then displaced in the form of snow and rain…but not always in the same regions.  

This past winter is a great example.  California didn’t receive much moisture and is suffering through a major drought, but the New England states received more snow than they knew what to do with. Therefore, the displacement of the evaporated water through rain and snowfall is never consistent nor is it equal.  And even if it were, the runoff of melting snow or torrential rains would eventually end up flowing back into the aquifers or the oceans.

So, as much as the clamorchange people want to indoctrinate the unsuspecting with their lies about global flooding, I’d like to challenge them with real science and call their bluff, because they are only using a scare tactic to make the undereducated in the herd believe something that isn’t true and to get people to fund/support their criminal cause.

And quite honestly, it’s pathetic to fear global flooding because that’s not what should worry you.  The 100 pound hailstones that are predicted in the the Bible…now THAT! should make you panic and fret.

Using fear tactics without actual proof is just pathetic.