Would someone please explain…







Oh! The Irony…

Ironic how demoralcrats believe the information reported by the media is accurate and real, and yet they so quickly turn to a source where the information reported is a television show based solely on satire and jokes.

Ironic how over the past 70 years demoralcrats have pushed God out of schools, out of government and out of the workplace; and the results have been a drastic increase in the following:

  • sexual immorality, 
  • underage drinking,
  • illegal drug use, 
  • reported sexually transmitted diseases,
  • robberies,
  • thefts,
  • riots,
  • hate crimes,
  • vulgar speech
  • lewd conduct

(just to name a few).

Ironic how demoralcrats want to rush everyone down a path of immorality that leads to disease, decay and death; then try to make people believe how much they care about humanity by trying to offer healthcare coverage to those they know won’t be healthy because of the immoral lifestyle they so readily promote and condone.

Ironic how demoralcrats want to force God and the Bible out of their lives, but when they get attacked by someone on the right, they quickly spout scripture like it’s a second language.

Ironic how demoralcrats believe they are promoting freedom when they fight to remove the freedoms from other people.

Ironic how demoralcrats want to promote the use of windmills to “provide clean energy”; However…they never take into consideration that windmill farms…

  • a) require roads for maintenance vehicles and heavy machinery, which….
  • b) require that large areas of farming fields, natural prairies and/or grasslands be removed for said roads and installation, which eliminates habitats for wild birds and animals,
  • c) require numerous amounts of OIL (fossel fuels) for lubrication, and…
  • d) require solvents and cleaners to wash them so the windmills are kept in working order, which can also lead to pollutants in the surrounding soil.

Ironic that demoralcrats believe government will protect them from other people, but fail to see that government was created to protect them from themselves.



Weather Channel


As pathetic as this may sound, the Weather Channel is my favorite television channel right now.  

They have removed the meteorologists, gotten rid of the worrisome weather forecasts, shut down the clutter of documentaries and replaced all of it with a couple hours of weather related videos with soft music and sounds of nature.  

They call it, Escape the Election. 

I call it, brilliant.  

Thank you Weather Channel.  

Thank you. 

Watch Your Language!


The other day I over heard a few women in my workplace talking about a guy they were attracted to.  

Now, pathetically, none of them were talking about me, but they were talking about a well-known actor who they consider to be a “royal hottie“.  About which, one of the women shockingly had the nerve to say that she would…and I quote“spread her legs for that man in a minute.”  To which, the other women in the room heartily concurred and went on to explain what ELSE they would let him do to them…  


Consequently, what I found to be royally pathetic was that directly after their conversation they began to rail on Donald Trump for the lewd and disgraceful comments he made toward women in a recently released video.  


I have watched and listened to the video that was released where The Donald was accused of saying lewd comments about women.  

Honestly, I don’t know what he said that was so bad because I’ve heard far worse come from the mouths of women towards men they found attractive.  Note the above conversation I over heard in my workplace.

There in lies the double standard.  

It’s okay for women to openly say lewd and disgusting things about men, but not okay for men to do the same thing towards women.  

Not too mention, these two men were having a conversation between guys, and this may shock the majority of you reading this, but that’s how 99% of guys around the world communicate.

Sure, it wasn’t in the best taste ANNNND he and Billy Bush (there’s a joke there, but I’ll let it go) should have remembered they were mic’d up, but the stark reality of their conversation is that The Donald didn’t do or say anything that was any different than . . . oohh. . . .saaayyyy….former President Bill Clinton..?  

Whom, by the way, will more than likely use his status as ‘First Man’ to entice his way into a few ‘oval offices‘. . . If ya know what I mean?


Speaking of the Billary’s….  

I’m almost certain the reason Hillary “Please shove a rod and ham up my ass” Clinton has been mute on the whole topic is because she knows the past actions of her husband will be brought to the limelight, and quite possibly more than the four or five that we know about, which would be a major ding to her dong…

or his dong…

or something to that effect.

Anyway, the sad truth is that the more negative press they give The Donald, the more you cattle are jumping on the bandwagon of hate.  

You’re all proving that the media has more control over your thoughts toward another human being than you ever considered, and you’re quick to forget just how lewd and corrupt your own thoughts and words have been towards a few select cattle grazing in another pasture.  

And Ladies…you’re not immune!  Don’t forget, I grew up with sisters and had to listen to their conversations with their friends about the boys they liked.  

Trust me…those were not conversations any impressionable young man should be subject too.  <<shivers>>   

So take a few minutes and consider the example this post was opened with, then ask yourself whether or not you’ve said something lewd about someone else…Doesn’t matter if it was in a private conversation or openly public…then consider whether or not you should judge The Donald so harshly for his words…

After all, double standards are pathetic. 


You’re ALL Pathetic Followers…

“When I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality, I discovered that I had the power to make people believe almost anything.”   – Andrés Sepúlveda, Colombian hacker

If you don’t think you’re being duped.  If you think/believe that everything you read on the internets is real.  If you think you can’t be brainwashed into believing a lie.  If you think that the elections in this country can never be rigged…

Read this:

(You can also read this article on

It’s pathetic that cattle never know when they’re being led to slaughter.


Media Headlines


This morning I was browsing the online media headlines and here’s the pathetic turn of events…

“Dallas shooter….blah, blah, blah…



“Dallas shoo…nope



“Obam …. nope…


“Politics ….nope…


“‘Shocking’…I’m sure it is, to someone who has no mind of their own…nope…

“Gun debate…nope…

“Britney Spears….nope…

“Bikini pic…nope…  

“Revealing pic of … nope….nope… Aaannnnddd … nope! 

Media headlines are so pathetically transparent that the articles aren’t worth reading anymore.


Declare Bankruptcy

Donald Trump comes across as a pathetic blowhard with self esteem problems, but in light of that pathetic little character flaw I really believe that there’s too much being made about Donald Trump’s bankruptcies.  The reason I say this is because bankruptcy claims are filed by millions of you cattle every year, and some of you have filed more than once over a ten to twenty year period, so you really have no stones to throw at the poor guy.  

The website USCOURTS.GOV posted an article about this very topic in April 2015.  They even published a handy little chart to show the number of business and non-business bankruptcy filings over a five year period and the numbers are quite pathetic.  

Year Business Non-business Total
2015 26,130 884,956 911,086
2014 31,671 1,006,609 1,038,280
2013 37,552 1,132,772 1,170,324
2012 46,393 1,320,613 1,367,006
2011 54,212 1,516,971 1,571,183
Year Chapter
7 11 12 13
2015 596,867 7,053 354 306,729
2014 699,982 8,564 388 329,256
2013 804,885 9,811 463 355,081
2012 958,757 11,339 606 396,175
2011 1,118,481 13,051 743 438,788

Another website,, posted their own statistics regarding annual debt and bankruptcy claims for 2011.  

In that article it’s mentioned that “8 percent of those who file for bankruptcy have filed at least once before. These repeat filers are responsible for 16 percent of all bankruptcy cases.” And that “Roughly equal numbers of men and women file bankruptcy, with a ratio of 48-to-52. Over the last few years, the gap has been shrinking.”

They also mention that the 2011 study also found that 60 percent of bankruptcy filers have salaries of less than $30,000.  This reflected a decrease from about 66 percent four years earlier.  However, over the same period, an increasing percentage of filers reported making more than $60,000 annually.  This demographic grew from comprising 5.5 percent to 9.2 percent.

The point here is that in today’s world, bankruptcy is as common place as getting a tattoo, popping antidepressants, gambling and wiping after you take a crap.  Interesting little tidbit of information here is that bankruptcy happens in every state in the union and by all different classes of people.  Also, the last time I checked bankruptcy is not a criminal act.  At least not as criminal as, oh, I dunno know…let’s say…moving classified and highly sensitive government emails to your public server after signing a classified document accountability record and then having your personal server breached by a hacker where said classified and highly sensitive emails were compromised which may have caused a national security issue and the loss of American lives. . . . . . 


Sadly, the journalistic lack of integrity machine is trying to find something to hang over The Don’s head to divert the attention from Hillarious “I have a Rod and Ham shoved up my butt” Clinton’s email server scandal; which, if you know anything about government secrecy, is way more criminal than filing multiple bankruptcy claims.  

Please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying that I support Donald Trump.   Far from it.  I think the guy is a pathetic douche nozzle and only wants to be president of the USA because he has an ulterior motive that no one knows about but him.  However, I do think it’s pathetic that the only thing people seem to be harping on about The Don is the numerous bankruptcy claims when bankruptcy really isn’t that bad.  

Also, in my pathetic opinion I believe that BOTH candidates are crude, disrespectful, unsavory, contemptible, lovers of money, lovers of self, lovers of power, egotistic, self-centered, liars who just happen to be the perfect example of 99 percent of America. 

But who am I to throw stones?  

Trying to make a bankruptcy claim sound more criminal than it really is . . . Pathetic!