FUNNY – Batman vs. Superman Retro Humor


I would go see this movie.

YouTubeist Bobby Burns has turned the trailer for the new DC movie into one for a movie we definitely do want to see, by recutting it to use footage of Adam West and Christopher Reeve, the best Batman and Superman respectively.

This is pathetically awesome!!


Stuck In My Head


There’s a song being played in the fields by many of today’s cattle.  It’s called: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and it features Bruno Mars. 

I must say that I enjoy the song, but ever since I first heard the song something has been gnawing at me…like I’d heard it before, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

This morning I happened to hear it again, but only a section of the song because it was played on a morning talk show, and as I walked around singing the song as the show went to commercial, it dawned on me…


because the music was actually written back in the 70’s for a hit song titled:  CAR WASH.  If you think I’m mistaken, listen for yourself…

I even played them in separate windows at the same time and it’s nearly impossible to tell that there are two individual songs being played.  Take the vocals out and the music isn’t exact…but it’s pretty stinkin’ close! 

Musicians trying to pull one over on the rest of us in the herd is pathetic.



Time Waster Wednesday


In light of it being April Fool’s Day as well as being Wednesday, I thought I would share a couple of prank videos to help get you through your day.


This is so very wrong…but I also wish I would have thought of it.  Below is a video of a prank done in an elevator with a fake bee keeper. 

This next one is a horrible prank that the guy pulls on his significant other while camping out in the woods. 

Next, we have an elevator prank in Brazil that consists of a coffin and a corpse.  (Is it wrong that I found this to be hysterically funny?) 

Pranks are pathetic.  


But Pathetic. 

April 1st


April First, otherwise known as “April Fool’s Day”, is rapidly approaching and many of you will be trying to come up with an idea to prank those you love…and if you have an archenemy like myself, those you love to hate. 

A few years back a couple of brainy guys came up with a great way to prank their friends and revive a song that fell off the charts back in its heyday.  That prank became known as: Rick Rolling. 

If you’ve never heard of “rick rolling”, it’s when someone sends you a link to a video and you think that you’re clicking a link that will take you to said video, however, when the video starts to play it suddenly changes to Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” 

Well…that’s just one example.  There are many other ways to get Rick Rolled.  I present you with one of the funnier examples… 

Okay, so now that we’re all on the same page, I have decided that we need to change the Rich Astley song to something a little more … how should I sayyy?? …  pleasant and annoying.  

Here’s my song of choice…  

I didn’t choose Spandau Ballet’s “True” for any other reason than the simple fact that watching the video is just annoying and the song is one of the more pleasant songs that has ever been written.  So, it’s just a suggestion. 

We could call it…being “Spandau Balleted”. 

If you have any ideas of your own, please share them because after all, April Fool’s day without a prank is just pathetic. 



**WARNING/DISCLAIMER**  — This post DOES NOT ..(repeat)…NOT…contain nudity…It does, however, contain a link to a video that has nudity and adult themes.  Please understand that if you click on the link you are doing so by your own decision and lack of will power. 


You’ve been warned. 


Alright, so there’s this game show on television where a guy or girl thinks they are set up to find “true love”.  However, the truth behind the show is for the main player to share oral herpes they contract from another contestant with the other unwitting contestants who think that they are actually on the show to find “true love” as well. 

I think it’s all very scientific, and quite disgusting to watch.

Today, as I searched the internet for all things pathetic, I found a lot of weird posts about the game show and the most recent contestant who was eliminated … er … rejected from continuing the process of passing on oral herpes to the remaining few. 

I guess she built up an immunity that the others don’t possess…or maybe she wasn’t trying hard enough…either way, she was the biggest loser, so she had to go, and now her professional career of being eye candy on Entertainment Tonight or TMZ can begin in all its worthless, pathetic shame.     

Anyway…our most recent game show failure revealed something that only a select few in the world of disgusting pathetic porn ever knew…she posed for playboy.  And not only did she do it, she told the source for all things herpes and proceeded to show him her video(yes…I found the video on the internet…If you click on it, that’s your own stupidity.)

That either takes a lot of stupidity or it takes a lot of pride on her part  …  I’m going with the prior.

So…why any woman would want to pose nude for anything is beyond me.  I will never understand the mind of a woman; and I really don’t want too, but if any woman thinks that she’s immune to what men think or want…she’s kidding herself. 

internet2A large number of women are always eager to attract men and will give them what they want based on what they see/read on the internet.  Because we all know that what we see/read on the internet is what EVERYONE else does and wants.

Okay, truth be told…not ALL women will do this, there are a select few who have some wits and brains about them and know that a real man desires a woman with modesty, self restraint, self respect and true old fashioned morals.  Sadly, many of the women we have in our society today think they have those things but don’t.  

As a man, it’s all very pathetic when meeting someone who claims to be one thing but ends up being someone else.  I’m sure women would agree with that as well, and this appears to have happened with the weakest link who was returned to the public mass of singles.  It’s no wonder that the girl was eliminated by patient zero after watching the first two and a half minutes of the video.

I don’t encourage you to watch the whole video…but if you watch the first two and a half minutes (no nudity…just a couple weird stories that the woman tells) and I think you’ll understand what I’m saying about being someone you’re not portraying.   

Take note people….it’s pathetic to try and act like someone you’re not…that goes for both genders!  



Videos For a Cause


Honda has gone and done it.

They made a commercial that changes car commercials forever… 

Click here to view it: Skeletor Magic Eight Ball

How dare they not have a bunch of flashing logos and a big booming voice over! 

Seriously!  What were they thinking?  

(It makes me laugh every time I watch it.  I can image the writers of this commercial laughing hysterically as they wrote it. 

  Skeletor is so pathetic.)

Also!   Watch the videos below and Honda will donate money to a specific cause! 

(I’ll get back to my normal rants next week.  I’m off til Monday, so I’m taking a break.)

If the video below gets the most views…Honda will donate $50,000 to the Little League Urban Initiative.

If the video below gets the most views…Honda will donate $50,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County

If the video below gets the most views…Honda will donate $50,000 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. 

Eaten Alive

The above video has been making waves around the internet at the speed of light.  In less than one hour it had over one million views, and sadly… I confess… I was one of the viewers. 

/lowers head in shame\ 

It’s titled, “eaten alive”.  But that’s a lie!

FRAUD!!!    FAKE!!!    CRAP!!!

Duped!  We were duped into thinking this guy is being eaten alive, but what’s really happening is the camera crew moves around a lot so you can’t actually see what’s happening.  They insert some intense music to get your heart pounding and then they have the idiot say something that makes it appear he’s in trouble.

You know…I would expect the 6.5 million people who viewed this pathetic piece of garbage to actually watch it.  I mean, you’re all a part of the herd anyway.  But me?  How could I fall for this? I separated myself from the herd years ago.  I know better…I’m not like you!!

Alas!  maybe I am….

/lowers head in shame again\ 

And they call this “science”?  really Discovery Channel?   really???   SCIENCE????  

I got news for you Discovery Channel perverts…what you did here isn’t science!  This is a Hodge-podge of unbelievable garbage that was strewn across the minds of the unsuspecting dote that can’t tell the difference between the true or false.  

You’re all morons that put this video together, and you need to realize that if you really want to be eaten alive, do it properly.

1) cover yourself with fresh meat.

2) stand in the middle of a wolves den.

3)  wait for the wolves to attack.

4)  be eaten alive.

And be sure to use this title for the next video: 

“Complete moron who appears to be eaten alive but is actually just laying there as we insert music and move the camera around a lot to make it appear he’s in trouble when the truth is, he’s not.  Oh…wait…yes he is.  He was really eaten this time.”

People who fake being eaten alive are pathetic.