Athletes and Protesting

beating dead horse

I understand that not everyone will agree with my assessment here, but I’d still like to take a moment and chime in with my two cents on the whole Colin Kaepernick issue.  

If you’re not aware, Colin Kaepernick is an over-paid American Football player for the San Francisco 49er’s NFL football team who wasn’t awarded the starting QB position during preseason games so he decided to do what any self-gormandizing (yes…I used the word ‘gormandizing’ in a sentence), over-paid “professional” athlete would do …   

He sat on the bench pouting while his team stood during the American national anthem.  

Of course, and coincidentally, his desperate plea for someone to listen to his child-like rants happened in conjunction with a bunch of events where police were randomly killing people and pathetic riots by bored housewives and neofascist, communistic sympathizers were terrorizing united states citizens.

And then, someone from the pathetic media of hyperbolic hypertension and journalistic stupidity saw him pouting on the sidelines and immediately concluded that his sitting during the national anthem wasn’t because he didn’t get to play. . . oh no! . . . but instead, it was because he was protesting police brutality on a select group of cattle who preside in the United States of America.

Of course, Colin “I’ve got you fooled” Kaepernick saw an opportunity to save face and eventually played off the media’s foolishness by indulging their mundane stupidity and confessing to the world that he, indeed, was protesting the brutal and unfair treatment of police towards American-Africans.

God bless the media for their pathetic ability to turn a negative into something more negative.

So this brings me to a story I heard a number of years ago where John Wooden, the former head coach of the UCLA Bruins basketball team, had rules every player must follow.  One such rule was that every player had to have short hair and be clean shaven.  If they didn’t follow the rules, well…  

see for yourself…

I agree that Colin “IIII Got My WaaaAAyy” Kaepernick has every right to protest.  That’s a wonderful freedom we have in this country.  However, I don’t agree with the forum he’s using to do it, and based on what I have written previously, I don’t believe his reason for the protest is genuine.  

With that said, I also don’t believe coaches should discipline a player for standing up for what they believe in.  Everyone in America has the right to protest, that is their freedom in this country…

However, I don’t believe a player should be protesting while wearing the uniform of the team they play for…high school, college or professional.  If they want to protest, do it on their own time because the minute they put on that uniform they are no longer representing themselves, but an organization and a TEAM.

Therefore, I believe that head coaches need to let their players know that when the TEAM stands for the national anthem, ALL members of the TEAM will do so.  If one or a few decide not to stand up because they are protesting, well then…  We’ll miss ya!  

It’s pathetic that head coaches today are too passive when it comes to a player’s “rights”.  I wish more head coaches would be like John Wooden.  


New Job and 50’s Short Films


I haven’t been on here much in the past few days and that’s because I started a new job Monday and my focus has been on that.  When I get home, my brain is fried and I just can’t write anything, which is pathetic in and of itself.

However, I thought I would share these links with you of 1950’s short films that teach people how to be good little followers.

These are all on so if the links don’t work, just copy and paste them into your address bar.  Most are 8 min shorts but some are longer.


How to say no.

Going Steady?

Young Man’s Fancy

Snap Out of It!

Self Conscious Guy

Are you popular?

Arranging a Buffet Supper

Marriage Today

Boy With a Knife

Labor and Childbirth

I want to be a Secretary

Let’s Make a Sandwich

Easy Does It, Ladies

Is this love?


Who’s Right?

Who’s Boss?

Choosing For Happiness

How to Spot a Communist

Hipsters & Your young adult: A deadly Combination



Out of Tune- Wednesday Funny


A friend of mine sent me an audio file that his uncle made singing Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way“.   I would like to tell you that it’s extremely well done, but it’s actually more along the lines of extremely pathetic.

So what does one do with a pathetic work of musical art…? ? ? 

Uploaded it to youtube of course!

Be sure to listen to the whole thing…Oh…and try not to laugh. 

**Disclaimer:  It’s sung completely off key.  He did it on purpose.  Not to butcher a great song or to insult the original artist, but to prove that it’s possible to sing out of tune while playing the music correctly on the piano.  He meant to sing it this way.  In all honesty, the performer is a very talented musician.

There’s 3 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.  Pretty pathetic, huh? 

yeah…I thought so too.

My work is done.



Years ago I sang in a jazz ensemble as well as a number of different choirs and I always enjoyed singing acapella because the voices weren’t hidden behind instruments. 

The following is one of my favorite songs we sing in church and being that it’s acapella, that just makes it even more enjoyable. 

All credit goes to Keith Lancaster and the Praise and Harmony singers. 

Song: “Let It Rise”  from the “Everlasting God Praise and Harmony” CD.