I wonder…

I wonder how quickly they would find a cure for cancer, the common cold or the flu if they found out these were actually sexually transmitted diseases.



Oh! The Irony…

Ironic how demoralcrats believe the information reported by the media is accurate and real, and yet they so quickly turn to a source where the information reported is a television show based solely on satire and jokes.

Ironic how over the past 70 years demoralcrats have pushed God out of schools, out of government and out of the workplace; and the results have been a drastic increase in the following:

  • sexual immorality, 
  • underage drinking,
  • illegal drug use, 
  • reported sexually transmitted diseases,
  • robberies,
  • thefts,
  • riots,
  • hate crimes,
  • vulgar speech
  • lewd conduct

(just to name a few).

Ironic how demoralcrats want to rush everyone down a path of immorality that leads to disease, decay and death; then try to make people believe how much they care about humanity by trying to offer healthcare coverage to those they know won’t be healthy because of the immoral lifestyle they so readily promote and condone.

Ironic how demoralcrats want to force God and the Bible out of their lives, but when they get attacked by someone on the right, they quickly spout scripture like it’s a second language.

Ironic how demoralcrats believe they are promoting freedom when they fight to remove the freedoms from other people.

Ironic how demoralcrats want to promote the use of windmills to “provide clean energy”; However…they never take into consideration that windmill farms…

  • a) require roads for maintenance vehicles and heavy machinery, which….
  • b) require that large areas of farming fields, natural prairies and/or grasslands be removed for said roads and installation, which eliminates habitats for wild birds and animals,
  • c) require numerous amounts of OIL (fossel fuels) for lubrication, and…
  • d) require solvents and cleaners to wash them so the windmills are kept in working order, which can also lead to pollutants in the surrounding soil.

Ironic that demoralcrats believe government will protect them from other people, but fail to see that government was created to protect them from themselves.



Free Healthcare!!

At my last visit to the doctor’s office I had a conversation with the front desk nurses about healthcare costs.

We happened on the topic because I mentioned that my co-pays for office visits went up a whole $15 in the past 17 years.  (For those cattle who can’t do math…that’s a little more than 88 cents a year.  Conversely, my deductible has gone up about $60 per year, which still isn’t all that pathetic if you really think about it.)

Neither one of the nurses had much to say regarding the rising costs of healthcare, but they both expressed their concern about how many people are on medicaid who shouldn’t be.

Like say, the 24 year old college grad who refuses to work because they can’t “find a job”, even though there are tons and tons of jobs out there.  Maybe not in the field of study for which they graduated, but a job just the same.  

After listening to their gripes, I then mentioned how I would run for President of the USA and promote a four-step plan to offer free healthcare to everyone.

They were intrigued…until I laid out the steps… 

  • First: I would remove all IRS deductions and credits across the board.  That’s right! … No more child tax credits, no more deductions for medical expenses, no more deductions for gambling or investment losses, no more deductions for giving to a non-profit…  NO MORE DEDUCTIONS OR CREDITS…PERIOD!!
  • Second: I would raise the income tax of every single person in the USA by 50%, and any income over $499,999 would be taxed at 100%.
  • Third: I would remove any federal taxes on gasoline or petroleum products and then impose the following taxes:
    • a) a 100% tax on any net proceeds above $30 million that collegiate and/or professional athletics receive in a calendar year. This would include but not be limited to overall revenue or donations regardless of their non-profit standing with the IRS.
    • b) a 100% tax on any monies exceeding one-hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) for any Endowment fund of private or public secondary educational institutions.
    • c) a charge of $1000 per undocumented person living or working in the USA that would be billed to that person’s country of origin.  
    • d) a 50% tax on all gifts, donations or revenue generated through “fund-me” websites regardless of tax-exempt status. 
    • e) a 1000% tax on any business in the pornography industry. 
    • f) a 50% tax on all monies that are invested in foreign currencies, exchanges, banks or financial institutions by US citizens or companies.
    • g) a 50% tax on all proceeds from foreign investors who own real estate for rental or lease on United States soil.
  • Fourth: by putting massive regulations on every health insurance company, health provider and pharmaceutical company to…
    • promote healthy living and severely limit the ability to prescribe drugs that would become addictive. . .I’m talking opioids. . .(unless ALL other options have been exhausted), if they did prescribe these drugs, not only would the doctors who prescribe them have to fill out massive amounts of paperwork just to get the approval to prescribe them, they would also have their names placed on a watchlist to make sure they aren’t over-prescribing. (Ah…who am I kidding?   That paperwork and watchlist would exist for any and every drug that doctors prescribe.)   
    • create a cleanliness act that would force any and all hospitals, care facilities and health clinics to have the technology in place to sterilize and combat bacteria/germs/fungi that can cause further complications to overall patient health.

Yeeeaaahh…much like you, the nurses weren’t all that interested in my plan after hearing it because they understood just how much money it would cost and how little freedom they would have in the healthcare field to actually treat patients.  

By the way…I never said I’d get elected, all I said is I would promote a four step plan to provide free healthcare to everyone in the USA if I run for President.  

I know I wouldn’t be popular, but at least I’d be honest.  





Fitness + Free Stuff! = More Workouts!


The recent release of Pokemon Go was a big success getting young adults walking around and moving.  Even though the rewards were virtual things that have no value what-so-ever, the idea of a reward was still considered valuable enough in the minds of these young adults to get them out and about.  

So, I had to ask myself . . .  why don’t fitness tracking apps do something similar to reward people for achieving specific goals? 

The fitness apps could partner with different brands to promote exercise by giving out free merchandise for accomplishing goals like…

  • Walking or running a specific number of miles in a week/month/year.
  • Achieving a certain amount of minutes/hours of exercise in a specific week/month/year.
  • Increasing your heart rate.
  • Meeting a weight loss goal.
  • Participating in and finishing a road race.

The rewards would all depend on how great the achievement was and might be anything from a low-dollar water bottle to high-dollar workout equipment.  

Anyway, just another of my pathetic ideas. 




Your Phone and Pager are NOT Sterile


Let me begin this post by stating that I’m very thankful for all the people who work in the medical field.  Most of you are awesome and do your jobs well, and then there are the rare few who make you look bad… but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate everything you do.  So please know that I don’t mean to disrespect you with this post because that’s not my intention.  

However, I would like to bring to your attention something that I noticed while my dad was in the hospital and that is…  

Why would anyone who works in healthcare sterilize their hands with anti-bacterial cleanser, put on sterile gloves, walk into a patient’s room and then answer their pager or cell phone that is covered in germs??  

Over a year ago My dad was in the hospital getting a kidney stone blasted into oblivion.  While in the hospital room the nurse did a great job of making sure her hands were sterile and that she wasn’t doing anything that would transfer germs from one patient to another.  However, when the Phlebotomist walked in, he proceeded to sterilize his hands with cleanser, put gloves on, began to prep my dad for the blood draw and when his pager went off, he picked it up and looked at it.  

Once he put the pager back in his pocket, I abruptly asked him if he would please change his gloves and sterilize his hands again.  

He just stared at me…then glanced over at the nurse as if to get some kind of defense from her and when she raised her eyebrows and looked at the floor, he looked back at me as if I my question was offensive.  

I didn’t flinch, nor did I apologize.  I just looked at him with a blank stare. 

After a few seconds of him trying to decide what to say or do, he slowly removed the gloves and re-sterilized his hands with cleanser.  While doing so, he had the nerve to ask in a condescending tone if I wanted to do his job.  (Seriously?!?)

I was in no mood for his crap…so I responded . . . in the same tone,  “No, but my dad’s health is more important than your pager.”  

After the phlebotomist finished with my dad’s blood draw and left the room, the nurse looked at me and said… “Wow…good catch!”    

That’s when I asked her why there isn’t a rule that BEFORE entering the room of a patient all health care professionals must leave their pagers and cell phones in a bin outside the entryway.  

Those devices are covered in germs and who knows what could be transferred from one patient to another?  

Same thing happened about a month ago in the same hospital.  

My dad was in the ER with pancreatitis and the nurse who was trying to put the IV catheter into my dad’s arm had sterilized her hands…put on gloves…had swabbed my dad’s arm…was just about to put the catheter in and her cell phone went off, so she answered it!   

What the hell?!?!?!?!  

So, I have a bone to pick with health care people.  

Your pathetic mistake of answering a cell phone or pager MIGHT contribute to the spreading of germs and could possibly kill a patient.  

You need to stop answering cell phones and pagers while in the room of the patient.  

The patient is (or should be) priority number one. . . pagers and cell phones can wait!   Leave them outside the room!!!   

I don’t have a problem with healthcare professionals, but I do think it’s pathetic that hospitals and their staff don’t leave phones and pagers outside the hospital room when working with patients.


Socialites – A Sarcastic Opinion About Socialist Ideologies


Hey Everyone!  let’s hear a grand ‘ol “yippee!” for socialism!   

After all it’s been proven over and over to be a governmental ideology that is an absolute delight to live under.   

I mean, don’t comments like this just make you want to celebrate governmental control?  

“Venezuela’s economic collapse is due to many factors: falling oil prices that have reduced the country’s revenue, but also a socialist revolution that has resulted in the expropriation of more than 1,200 companies and the imposition of stifling price and foreign exchange controls that have crushed businesses and slashed national production.”   –  Peter Wilson, Special for USA TODAY

Soooo… Yea Socialism!!!   right?  

Hrrm…what if I told you that…

“Europe’s socialism has, over the last several decades, generated few private sector jobs and lags in growth when compared to the United States with its comparatively lighter hand of government.”  –  Larry Elder, for The Town Hall


“Fundamentally, socialist regimes seek to destroy markets and market prices, the fundamental institutions of an exchange economy.  Socialist ideologues maintain the prices of goods are fixed arbitrarily by business exploiters at artificially high levels, therefore, they can and should be controlled by law.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth About Socialism

Sounds like a good thing, right!?   I mean, how in the world can the Government NOT do a better job with price control than the people who actually run their businesses?

“During the decades of continuing price controls, the profits of farmers and other processors were eliminated through the artificially low state-mandated prices. What happened to the (Venezuelan) coffee-roasting companies beginning in 2006 is a typical scenario.

First, some coffee producers simply held supplies off the market in hopes the government would agree to price increases that covered their costs. The government countered with military force, authorizing the National Guard to “find every last kilogram of coffee” being “hoarded.” By 2009, the Venezuelan government seized control of two of the largest coffee-processing plants, claiming the private companies were engaged in hoarding and smuggling coffee, and therefore were being disloyal to the state.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth

To quote Tony the Tiger, that sounds Grrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaat!  

The results of such over-reaching governmental influence would NEVER have a negative effect on industry, market prices and commerce as a whole, could it?

“Witness Venezuela. Fifteen years under socialist Hugo Chavez, followed by three years under his socialist successor, Nicolas Maduro, have left the economy in shambles and the living standards of Venezuelans falling to a level that only can be described as intolerable.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth

Living standards…’intolerable’?!   The hell you say!  

There’s no possible way that a socialist ideology would EVER create such a mess!   After all, prices are lower for the consumer and everyone has everything they need!  

Everything’s FREE!!!     

Education is free.  Health care is free.  Living expenses never rise.  Utilities are never shut off.  And there’s food for everyone!!  So, why shouldn’t we embrace the socialistic ideology?   After all, this could never happen to US… 

“It’s no secret that things are bad in Venezuela. Rolling blackouts are causing infant deaths in hospitals where backup generators have ceased to function; the country is on pace to hit 700 percent inflation; outside of active war zones, the murder rate in Caracas is the highest in the world.”  – Andres Malave, US News & World Report

I don’t know about you, but after reading that, I’m all in!!!   


After all, it’s the New Democratic Way and we here in the United States can do Socialism better than it’s ever been done!   

Heck, what could go wrong?  

All humor aside, I believe that the immature, unable to think for themselves cattle of this world are moving ever closer to a one-world government and the socialist ideology movement is the beginning of the end for Western civilization and the true principles that this Republic was founded on.  

It’s pathetic to think or believe that a failed governmental system that seeks to control every aspect of a person’s life would ever work in a nation that has allowed liberty and justice for all since its inception.   

Then again . . . liberty and justice are so 1777.  


Less Fortunate…


This holiday season please remember the less fortunate

. . . You know?  . . .

those who can’t afford a condom and will end up procreating and not being able to pay their child support while leaving the rest of us to try and feed, clothe and shelter the bastard they sired by creating more government entitlements which will raise our taxes and take more out of our otherwise paltry and meager paychecks, all the while running from their responsibilities and trying to bleed the system dry only to whine and cry that life handed them a raw deal, when the facts prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were solely responsible for their actions but refuse to accept that truth or be held accountable in any manner what-so-ever.

. . . ya . . .

THOSE less fortunate.

(Pathetic is as pathetic does, so do your best to avoid pathetic.  It’s for your own good.)