One Nation…

On April 1, 2017 the United States of America took drastic measures to fix their illegal immigration problem.  

This morning Donald Trump signed into law the “New World Order Act” that will allow the United States of America to be the first nation in the world to abolish their borders and recognize every human on Earth as a citizen of the United States of America whether they like it or not.  

By overwhelming congressional support the measure passed unanimously in both the House and Senate, with Hawaiian Senator, Mazie Hirono, being the only Senator to abstain because, like much of the world, she was overly consumed with a streaming video of a pregnant giraffe.  

When asked about abstaining on a measure that would likely piss off every country around the world, Senator Hirono said, “I don’t care about borders!  But I do care about expectant mothers, therefore, I believe I speak for all the birthing mothers of the world when I say, ‘April…we know what you’re going through…labor is difficult, but hang in there, girl!'”

The abrupt passing and signing of this measure into law now means that, according to the USA, sovereign countries no longer exist and every nation around the world has now become a single state within the USA.  

This also means that every single person in the world is now subject to the laws of the United States as well as all governmental oversight.  

Education, Healthcare, Welfare, Childcare, Social Security. . .all of which will now be monitored on a global scale out of Washington D.C.  

“Every person in the world will now be monitored by the Departments of Education, HHS, Homeland security, the CIA, FBI and also taxed by the IRS,” said out going White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Katie Walsh.  

While discussing her up coming vacation she also added, “and we feel this measure will provide an avenue for citizens everywhere to freely shop, travel, play, frolic, skip and hula-hoop anywhere around the world without having to worry about customs or carrying those crappy passports.”   

House Democratic minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, had this to say; “Today, the people of the world have a chance to understand what it’s like to be an American citizen. We’re now one. . .big. . .happy. . .family!!” 

However, many leaders around the world didn’t share the same opinions.  

In response to the bill passed by the United States the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, issued this statement on behalf of his country,

“We, the Russian Federation, feel it necessary to inform the world that because of these measures taken by the United States of America We, the Russian Federation, have decided to abolish our borders and consume every nation as a part of Russian pride.  As of this very second, all the nations of the world, including the USA and all its territories, are hereby a part of the People’s Republic of the Russian Empire.  

Ironically and strangely enough, within minutes of Donald Trump signing the New World Order Act into law countries around the world began to follow suit.  All passing similar measures that removed their borders and declared every person around the world a new citizen of their very own country.  

It should be mentioned, however, that for various reasons Germany, France, Japan and Switzerland have all chosen not to make any decisions on their borders until taking time to discuss the issue in length.  

When asked whether or not he considered these other nations as a threat, POTUS Donald Trump said, “We won’t back down. We will fight and we will win, thank you!

Does my hair look okay?  No…seriously, does my hair look okay?… no?  yes?  thumbs up?  thumbs down? ….anybody? … my hair? . . . does it look good?  … … … looks good?

Okay.  Thank you.”






Presidential Campaign Kickoff Speech (fake)

The speech I’m still waiting to hear… originally posted by me on June 14, 2015

Though it isn’t as polished as I would like, it’s still a speech I’d very much like to hear from any candidate that is running or desires to run for president of the USA.  

FYI…  This is copyrighted material created by the owner of “I Refuse To Follow Your Blog” or “IRTFYBLOG” and should not be used without express written consent!!  




(insert pathetic peppy political music here)


Socialites – A Sarcastic Opinion About Socialist Ideologies


Hey Everyone!  let’s hear a grand ‘ol “yippee!” for socialism!   

After all it’s been proven over and over to be a governmental ideology that is an absolute delight to live under.   

I mean, don’t comments like this just make you want to celebrate governmental control?  

“Venezuela’s economic collapse is due to many factors: falling oil prices that have reduced the country’s revenue, but also a socialist revolution that has resulted in the expropriation of more than 1,200 companies and the imposition of stifling price and foreign exchange controls that have crushed businesses and slashed national production.”   –  Peter Wilson, Special for USA TODAY

Soooo… Yea Socialism!!!   right?  

Hrrm…what if I told you that…

“Europe’s socialism has, over the last several decades, generated few private sector jobs and lags in growth when compared to the United States with its comparatively lighter hand of government.”  –  Larry Elder, for The Town Hall


“Fundamentally, socialist regimes seek to destroy markets and market prices, the fundamental institutions of an exchange economy.  Socialist ideologues maintain the prices of goods are fixed arbitrarily by business exploiters at artificially high levels, therefore, they can and should be controlled by law.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth About Socialism

Sounds like a good thing, right!?   I mean, how in the world can the Government NOT do a better job with price control than the people who actually run their businesses?

“During the decades of continuing price controls, the profits of farmers and other processors were eliminated through the artificially low state-mandated prices. What happened to the (Venezuelan) coffee-roasting companies beginning in 2006 is a typical scenario.

First, some coffee producers simply held supplies off the market in hopes the government would agree to price increases that covered their costs. The government countered with military force, authorizing the National Guard to “find every last kilogram of coffee” being “hoarded.” By 2009, the Venezuelan government seized control of two of the largest coffee-processing plants, claiming the private companies were engaged in hoarding and smuggling coffee, and therefore were being disloyal to the state.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth

To quote Tony the Tiger, that sounds Grrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaat!  

The results of such over-reaching governmental influence would NEVER have a negative effect on industry, market prices and commerce as a whole, could it?

“Witness Venezuela. Fifteen years under socialist Hugo Chavez, followed by three years under his socialist successor, Nicolas Maduro, have left the economy in shambles and the living standards of Venezuelans falling to a level that only can be described as intolerable.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth

Living standards…’intolerable’?!   The hell you say!  

There’s no possible way that a socialist ideology would EVER create such a mess!   After all, prices are lower for the consumer and everyone has everything they need!  

Everything’s FREE!!!     

Education is free.  Health care is free.  Living expenses never rise.  Utilities are never shut off.  And there’s food for everyone!!  So, why shouldn’t we embrace the socialistic ideology?   After all, this could never happen to US… 

“It’s no secret that things are bad in Venezuela. Rolling blackouts are causing infant deaths in hospitals where backup generators have ceased to function; the country is on pace to hit 700 percent inflation; outside of active war zones, the murder rate in Caracas is the highest in the world.”  – Andres Malave, US News & World Report

I don’t know about you, but after reading that, I’m all in!!!   


After all, it’s the New Democratic Way and we here in the United States can do Socialism better than it’s ever been done!   

Heck, what could go wrong?  

All humor aside, I believe that the immature, unable to think for themselves cattle of this world are moving ever closer to a one-world government and the socialist ideology movement is the beginning of the end for Western civilization and the true principles that this Republic was founded on.  

It’s pathetic to think or believe that a failed governmental system that seeks to control every aspect of a person’s life would ever work in a nation that has allowed liberty and justice for all since its inception.   

Then again . . . liberty and justice are so 1777.  



Declare Bankruptcy

Donald Trump comes across as a pathetic blowhard with self esteem problems, but in light of that pathetic little character flaw I really believe that there’s too much being made about Donald Trump’s bankruptcies.  The reason I say this is because bankruptcy claims are filed by millions of you cattle every year, and some of you have filed more than once over a ten to twenty year period, so you really have no stones to throw at the poor guy.  

The website USCOURTS.GOV posted an article about this very topic in April 2015.  They even published a handy little chart to show the number of business and non-business bankruptcy filings over a five year period and the numbers are quite pathetic.  

Year Business Non-business Total
2015 26,130 884,956 911,086
2014 31,671 1,006,609 1,038,280
2013 37,552 1,132,772 1,170,324
2012 46,393 1,320,613 1,367,006
2011 54,212 1,516,971 1,571,183
Year Chapter
7 11 12 13
2015 596,867 7,053 354 306,729
2014 699,982 8,564 388 329,256
2013 804,885 9,811 463 355,081
2012 958,757 11,339 606 396,175
2011 1,118,481 13,051 743 438,788

Another website,, posted their own statistics regarding annual debt and bankruptcy claims for 2011.  

In that article it’s mentioned that “8 percent of those who file for bankruptcy have filed at least once before. These repeat filers are responsible for 16 percent of all bankruptcy cases.” And that “Roughly equal numbers of men and women file bankruptcy, with a ratio of 48-to-52. Over the last few years, the gap has been shrinking.”

They also mention that the 2011 study also found that 60 percent of bankruptcy filers have salaries of less than $30,000.  This reflected a decrease from about 66 percent four years earlier.  However, over the same period, an increasing percentage of filers reported making more than $60,000 annually.  This demographic grew from comprising 5.5 percent to 9.2 percent.

The point here is that in today’s world, bankruptcy is as common place as getting a tattoo, popping antidepressants, gambling and wiping after you take a crap.  Interesting little tidbit of information here is that bankruptcy happens in every state in the union and by all different classes of people.  Also, the last time I checked bankruptcy is not a criminal act.  At least not as criminal as, oh, I dunno know…let’s say…moving classified and highly sensitive government emails to your public server after signing a classified document accountability record and then having your personal server breached by a hacker where said classified and highly sensitive emails were compromised which may have caused a national security issue and the loss of American lives. . . . . . 


Sadly, the journalistic lack of integrity machine is trying to find something to hang over The Don’s head to divert the attention from Hillarious “I have a Rod and Ham shoved up my butt” Clinton’s email server scandal; which, if you know anything about government secrecy, is way more criminal than filing multiple bankruptcy claims.  

Please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying that I support Donald Trump.   Far from it.  I think the guy is a pathetic douche nozzle and only wants to be president of the USA because he has an ulterior motive that no one knows about but him.  However, I do think it’s pathetic that the only thing people seem to be harping on about The Don is the numerous bankruptcy claims when bankruptcy really isn’t that bad.  

Also, in my pathetic opinion I believe that BOTH candidates are crude, disrespectful, unsavory, contemptible, lovers of money, lovers of self, lovers of power, egotistic, self-centered, liars who just happen to be the perfect example of 99 percent of America. 

But who am I to throw stones?  

Trying to make a bankruptcy claim sound more criminal than it really is . . . Pathetic! 


Chalk, It’s Forever


chalk_its forever2

A recent article brought me to tears of laughter.  It’s titled: “Students freak out because someone chalked ‘Trump’ slogans on campus: Emory university president says students are ‘scared’ and ‘in pain'”

If that doesn’t bring a little laughter into your pathetic world, then continue reading…

Cowboy x

The problem that is causing so much pathetic fear, pain and suffering is that one of the juvenile delinquent’s who chose to attend Emory university decided to grab a piece of chalk and scribble “Trump 2016” all over campus.  

They wrote it on the sidewalks.  They wrote on the walls.  They wrote in the courtyard, they wrote it on a biology frog!!!  Okay…not really…but a little Dr. Seuss never hurt anyone.  

Cowboy x1

The worst part is that they wrote it in CHALK, and every child knows that Chalk is like a diamond…it lasts forever.  After all, once something has been written in chalk it can never be washed away.  One student was even quoted as saying, “It’s not about the chalk…it’s about what the message represents.”  

Cowboy x2

Well, they can say what they want, but we all know that it’s really about the chalk.  After all, it’s a well-known fact that kids don’t like other kids drawing on their sidewalks.  That kind of thing only leads to turf wars.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the Israelis and Palestinians.

The whole mess of a story got me thinking about a cartoon that was on Sesame Street back in the early 1980’s.  It was about a small town called Sniddler’s Glutch that was being harassed by the renegade outlaw known as Cowboy ‘X’ who would strike fear in the towns people by branding everything in his sight with an ‘X’.   

Cowboy x5

The towns people, who obviously felt violated, held a meeting in the town’s square trying to decide what to do about this legendary outlaw who marked up their territory with ‘X’-rated graffiti.  

When a young man stood up and mentioned that they should just ask Cowboy ‘X’ to stop marking up their town, the citizens finally became a little more reasonable.  

Just ask the guy to stop?!    What a pathetic concept!    

Of course after asking Cowboy ‘X’ to stop, he just changed the letter to ‘O’. . . anyhoooo! . . . since the pathetic CHALK vandal of Emory “childcare” university is still at large, I have decided that we should label the culprit “Cowboy Trump” until they’re captured and asked to stop.  

Okay…so back to the little tikes at Emory Montessori university who are pathetically challenged in their understanding of what they really should worry and fret about.  It occurs to me that these pathetic scaredy cats aren’t really afraid of Trump, but afraid of the idea that was implanted into their impressionable, little minds about who or what the name ‘Trump’ stands for.  

Now who do you think is planting those slanderous, pathetic ideas?  The media?  The professors and educators?  The outta-this-world youth who think that everyone is against them because they put all their time and efforts into believing their own psychotic beliefs?  Orrrrrrrr maybe all of the above, perhaps?  

Yeah…I’m going with all of the above.  

Sure, Donald Trump isn’t the best candidate in the world to lead the United States, he’s very outspoken, his ideology isn’t one of unity or peace and he has some very pathetic supporters; but I really don’t think his name should strike fear into those who see it scribbled on sidewalks, nor should anyone who sees his name scribbled on a wall think that a ‘KKK’ rally is about to take place.  

Yes, one of the pathetically educated actually admitted they feared that.  I wonder how objectionable they feel when they see gang graffiti scribbled on campus.  

Therefore, my advice to these young people is to do the one thing they are never taught to do in secondary education . . . research the topic for themselves instead of regurgitating what the world has told them to believe.     

The fact of the matter is that children seventeen years and older are a pathetic example of humanity.  The majority of them can’t think for themselves and are quite gullible, believing that evil is good and good is evil.  They learn this type of ideology in schools, on the internet and other media sources to which the world has accepted and promotes as truthful.  

It’s pathetic.  It really, really is.  

It’s so pathetic that it’s actually funny because the world is filled with far worse things to fear.  Things such as terrorist attacks by the Islamic State of Stupid, deadly diseases spread by insects, the economic collapse of foreign countries . . . but hey!  What do I know, I’m just a pathetic moron who writes about everything and anything he finds pathetic. 

With that said, fearing something that isn’t actually true without researching it for yourself is pathetic, but so is being afraid of a name scribbled on a wall.  


Just for fun…you can watch the Cowboy ‘X’ cartoon >here< or read the pathetic article about Emory U. by clicking here –>< 

Cowboy x4

How Much More Can We Take?


I read an article published by US News and World Report that Louis “I’ll preach hate forever” Farrakahn the outspoken, hate-filled leader of the islamic state of no rights for anyone likes what he sees in Donald Trump for President.  Yeeeaaaahhhhh… if that doesn’t scream pathetic, we’re all in a pile of doo-doo.   

If you want, you can read the article here –> <– but I have to warn you, it’s kind of pathetic so read it at your own risk. 

The pathetic that I write on this blog is mainly for jest and jocularity, but as of late, I’ve started to take stock of the stories and words that I consider humorous and funny and I’ve started to wonder if the world we live in isn’t as funny as I once thought but instead, severely damaged.  

After reading a few paragraphs of the article, I considered how the United States of American cultural bias and immorality are no longer heading to hell in a hand basket, but rather a bullet train that is moving at a high rate of speed and shows no signs of slowing.  But this recent article is just the tip of the pathetic iceberg.  

The world itself continues to provide example after example of pathetic nonsense.  The Islamic state of stupidity continues to grow at a rapid pace in the poor regions of the middle-east.  North Korea and Iran continue flex their puny little muscles in the face of much stronger countries, hoping that the world will take them seriously and fear their awesome power.  And to top it all off the USA has brought its own level of pathetic to the mix with the likes of Donald “Bigotry is my middle name” Trump, Hillary “I cannot tell a lie” Clinton, Marco “I wish my name was ‘Polo'” Rubio and Bernie “I want everything to be free” Sanders running for President.  

Not too mention, the more I read about how Ba-Rock “I have no identity” Obama “decries” or “condemns” something and then brushes it under the rug as if that makes it all better, the more I want to pull my hair out and scream from the highest mountain about how pathetic that type of leadership is. 

With all this being said I think it’s high time we stop and ask the question…  How much more pathetic can we take before we simple-minded bovine finally break? 

I mean, seriously!?  What’s it going to take?  

It’s really pathetic how crappy this world has become and even more so, it’s really pathetic how the rest of the world has become so apathetic that they don’t realize just how close they are to breaking.


Stock Market Crash Predicted


The recent drop in the stock market was predicted. 

Don’t believe me?

Here’s an article from September 2014:  Seven Year Cycle of Economic Collapse

And another from March of this year:  More Signs In Sky Point To Coming Collapse

And a video that was posted in March of 2013, click here>  Financial Collapse  <to watch it. (my apologies.  the video was made private by the author and is not available for viewing any longer. – 09/05/2017)  

And there are a bunch more dated within the past two years related to the Stock Market taking a nose dive in 2015.  Most of them are related to the recent blood moons, which I believe, there’s one more next month!!   

Woo Hoo!  

It’s Pathetic when people don’t listen.

“There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations…” – Luke 21:25