Instant Pot: King Crab legs


Pathetically, the most popular post on my blog-o-pathetic has been the one I wrote back in July about pressure cooking snow crab legs in my Instant Pot pressure cooker. If you like, you can read it >here<.

Since that post was so gosh darn cheesy popular …(over 200+ reads in the past week alone)I’ve decided to post another article related to the same topic…Pressure cooking with the Instant Pot pressure cooker!  

But this time…we’re cooking KING Crab legs, baby!!

King Crab Legs!


As I mentioned in my previous post, living in Nebraska makes it extremely difficult to get fresh sea food.  Typically, everything that is sold as “fresh” . . . isn’t.  

Seafood is shipped in frozen then thawed and labeled “fresh” by the retail outlet that sells it, which, makes all the seafood we buy in these parts frozen/fresh.  So, unfortunately, I had to buy frozen King crab legs from my local meat/seafood store.  

I could thaw them out, but since the Instant Pot is a wonder tool, I’ll be pressure cooking from frozen.

Basically the steps are the same as my previous post with a couple minor changes. 

For the steps in this recipe (and the last one), I’ll be using the instant pot ip-duo60 7-in-1 multi-functional pressure cooker.  Oh…and you might be happy to know that I actually took pictures this time!

Sooo…off we go!!!  

**Please note:  These instructions are for two pounds of king crab legs.  If you’re going to steam a larger quantity, I suggest increasing the amount of steam time accordingly.

1)  Choose which rack you want to use for steaming the King Crab legs.  — My choice is a vegetable steamer basket (left side in picture) that you can get from for $14.99, but you can also use the steamer rack that comes with the Instant Pot (right side in picture).  Either one will work to raise the crab legs above the water.

Steamer rack options

2)  Once you’ve made up your mind…place the steamer rack in the Instant Pot and pour in 1 cup water.  — Remember…we’re not boiling these, we’re steaming, so always use a steamer rack to keep the crab legs above the water level.

Steamer rack placed in instant pot

3)  Next be sure to wash off the King crab legs under cold water. Quite honestly, I have no reason why I do this other than my mom taught me to wash everything that isn’t being fried.  — no joke! 

Washed and ready for cooking!

4)  Bend or break the King crabs legs at the joint, and place in the Instant Pot.  —  I suggest breaking them at the “knuckle” to get them to fit into the 6 quart instant pot.

Broke at knuckle and Placed in Instant Pot

5)  Place lid on pressure cooker and set the steam vent knob to “SEALING”.



6)  Press “steam” button on front display then set the timer for 5 (five) minutes.  — It should default to HIGH pressure…if not, set it to high pressure manually by clicking on the “pressure” button.  Change the timer by using the plus (+) or minus (-) button.     

Steam Button.  High pressure.  5 minutes!

7)  Leave it alone and wait.It’ll take a few minutes for the pressure to build up and once it does, the pressure valve will close.  Just walk away…leave it alone…until it’s finished.

8)  When pressure cooker starts to beep, wait three or four minutes and then flip the steam vent knob to “VENTING”. —  CAUTION!!! :: DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND OR FACE OVER THE VENTING KNOB.  The steam that is released is extremely hot and you will get severely burned!!  — you’ve been warned.

Let sit for 3 min


9)  Wait for steam and pressure to escape and then open lid and enjoy the fruits of your labor!  

Perfectly Steamed King Crab Legs!


Easy peasy!

If you happen to have any questions or comments about this recipe or the steps taken…or if you want to share Instant Pot recipes and ideas, please email me at  I’d love to hear from you.







I don’t know why it is but cooking something delicious always seem to bring a smile to my face.  It might be making pizza, hamburgers or just scrambled eggs…but whatever the delicious dish of delectable decadence might be…I smile.   

Tonight, it was Lasagna.  

I started by mincing half an onion and three garlic cloves and letting them simmer on medium low heat in a large 12″ pan until caramelized.  

While that was on the stove, I diced up three Roma tomatoes and drained a 3.8 oz can of sliced black olives.  

After the onions and garlic were caramelized to my liking, I plopped in 1 lb. of 85% lean ground turkey and raised the temp to Medium High.

After browning the turkey and letting some of the liquid burn off naturally (about ten minutes), I then added the black olives and tomatoes and lowered the temp to Medium.  

At this point, I preheated the oven for 375 degrees Fahrenheit and after the tomatoes and onions and garlic and black olives were well-mixed, I then added one jar of Prego pasta sauce and let it simmer on Low for a few minutes while I prepared my cheese and noodles.  


The awesome thing about making lasagna today is that you don’t have to boil noodles anymore.  Barilla makes an Oven-Ready Lasagna noodle that requires no boiling.  You can simply layer your dish with sauce, noodles and cheese and while the lasagna is baking the noodles get soft.   It’s pretty awesome! 

So, I pulled out my little box of noodles, a stack of Homemade Mozzarella cheese, some Provolone cheese slices and a container of Ricotta cheese and started layering in a 9″x 9″ baking dish.  

A little sauce…a layer of noodles…some mozzarella cheese…then some more sauce…a layer of noodles…some Provolone slices…then some ricotta cheese…another layer of noodles…some more sauce… all to be topped off with Mozzarella cheese slices…

I covered the dish with non-stick aluminum foil and placed on a cookie sheet and placed into the oven so it would bake covered for 25 minutes at 375, then uncovered for another 25 minutes.  

Believe me when I tell you that it smells delicious in here!

Mmm…  Mmmmmm….  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!!!!!  

Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven!  





Instant Pot: Snow Crab Legs and Corn on the Cob (updated)


(Note: This post is how I steamed snow crab legs, but if you want to read how I steamed King Crab legs, click >here<)

I mentioned in my previous post that I had purchased an Instant Pot Pressure cooker and that I had planned on steaming some crab legs and corn on the cob.  Well, I did the steaming of the crab legs and corn this afternoon, and they turned out GREAT!!   

In the past I had used the pressure cooker a couple times to make pasta and lasagna.  I was shocked that it worked really well for both, and actually, it was the best lasagna E-V-E-R!

But this was my first attempt at steaming with this thing, so I was a bit cautious; however, it turned out to be really easy.  

Basically, I had bought frozen crab legs from my local butcher.  I wanted fresh, but living in Nebraska, it’s nearly impossible to get truly fresh crab legs… ha!  Who am I kidding? It’s impossible!  

Well, not entirely.  One could fly to the coast, buy them and then fly back in the same day…  but yeah…. like I have the finances for that!

So, I had frozen/fresh crab legs, however, the corn was fresh because living in Nebraska, which is a farming state, fresh corn on the cob is practically sold on every street corner.  

Anyway…  The steps were pretty simple.  

  1. Wash off the Snow crab legs and break apart from the “knuckle”
  2. place frozen or fresh snow crab legs in pressure cooker (for this I’m using frozen crab legs).
  3. Husk the corn on the cob, wash and break in half. 
  4. place corn in the pressure cooker on top of snow crab legs.
  5. place lid on pressure cooker
  6. set steam vent knob to “seal”
  7. press “steam” button on front display. 
  8. The pressure cooker should default to High, but you’ll have to set the time for six (6) min.  (I’ve corrected this from 8 – 10 min because after testing at 6 minutes with frozen crab legs they turned out perfect!  Lower time to FOUR minutes with fresh crab legs!)  
  9. walk away.  
  10. When pressure cooker starts to beep, wait three or four minutes and then flip the steam vent knob to “release”
  11. wait for steam and pressure to escape. 
  12. open lid and enjoy!  

It really was that pathetically simple.  😀   

The corn was perfectly cooked, steamy hot and after lathering in garlic butter the sweetness burst in my mouth with every bite.  

The crab legs were steamed to perfection and easy to break apart and the meat was tender and juicy.     


And it just now occurs to me how pathetic it is that I didn’t take a picture before devouring the entire plate.  

So this will have to suffice:  



The “Doohickey”


Okay…so I bought an Instant Pot Pressure cooker (which I love!) and I’m planning to use it to steam corn on the cob and Crab Legs, but I didn’t have those little seafood forks you get when you order crab legs at a restaurant.  

You know the ones…they are small enough to dig in the shell of the crab leg to get all the extra meat out…


So I went to bed bath and beyond pathetic to buy a set, and here’s a picture of what I found….  

Seafood Doohickeys


Please note that the technical term for Seafood Fork is now…”Seafood Doohickeys” 


Noises in the Office – Plastic Spoon Guy


There’s a guy who sits on the other side of my cubicle wall that eats… 

He eats crunchy stuff.  

He eats munchy stuff. 

He eats crispy stuff.  

He eats stuff from a paper bag that must be rattled. 

He eats stuff from plastic bag that must be crumpled. 

He eats stuff that MUST make noise.  If it doesn’t make noise, he doesn’t eat it. 

The other day he was eating something that made me think he was eating plastic spoons.  

Anyway . . . after a few minutes of having to listen to the clickity-clickity-clickity of whatever he was using to destroy his teeth, I finally walked over to see what he was eating and to my surprise (and actual relief), I found out that he was eating sunflower seeds.

However, I must point out that he was not eating them like a normal person who grabs a handful, tosses them into their mouth, let’s them soak for awhile and then breaks them one by one rather silently.   Oh No!! . . . he was eating them one by one and made it a point to break them apart with his front teeth individually.  In doing so, it was amplified to the point that I thought he was actually eating plastic spoons. 

Therefore and from here on, I have aptly named him, “Plastic Spoon Guy”.

What makes matters more pathetic is that I even made mention of the fact that I was concerned that he was eating plastic spoons because it sounded like he was eating plastic spoons, but that didn’t stop him from eating the sunflower seeds, which still sound like he’s eating plastic spoons.    

I don’t think he knows how annoying it is when he eats something at his desk.   I guess I should have been more clear.

By the way, this morning it was a bag of popcorn and it sounded like he was eating rocks.  

Personally and in my pathetic opinion, I think this guy could make eating a banana sound like a jackhammer crushing pavement.  

People who make a lot of noise while eating are pathetic.



Friday Funny: Adverts


I was browsing products on the other day and stumbled upon a few advertisements that were quite pathetic.  
After the first two, I thought they were just random, but then I realized they weren’t random.  People actually put these pathetic advertisements and promotional pictures together for all the world to see!  
And since I have the means to help promote all things pathetic, I figured I would share them with you all…


The below advert clearly shows that the product will allow a person to confidently shoot high-intensity lasers at whatever they happen to be looking at.  This comes in handy while camping or hiking and you suddenly get attacked by bears, moose or other wildlife.


This picture below reveals that by pointing this flashlight directly at your face, the light will instantly reveal every major flaw you possess inside and out.  It’s very handy for women to help weed out the losers from the winners. 


– – – – –

Mosquito Repellent!!

I know that if I were camping and a swarm of giant cartoon mosquitoes showed up, I’d be heading home, but not these two!

I’m not sure what happened to the guy in the hat behind that woman…I think he’s napping, but then again, maybe he was attacked by a giant cartoon mosquito and is having a reaction, but as you can clearly see,  the mosquito repellent weaponry that the woman has placed on her right wrist allows her to remain confident in the midst of a giant cartoon mosquito attack.

mosquito repel2

I don’t know if the mosquito is repelled by the wrist band or the weirdness of the situation.

mosquito repel1

– – – – –

Costume Pants!! 

These are called: Goosh Pants.

Obviously the name speaks for itself, but if you can’t tell from looking at the picture, these are for Halloween…or maybe a wedding.  Either way, anything that makes it look like you’ve just wet or soiled yourself is worth the purchase!

Halloween costume

– – – – –

Weird Toys!!

Next we have “The Breast Milk Baby”.  It’s for all those little girls who just can’t wait to breast feed!  It comes with a plastic doll and an apron that has nipples on it for the baby to feed on.

If you thought this picture was bad enough, here’s a youtube link for a  televised commercial showing how the product works: Breast milk baby video

Breast Milk Baby

– – – – –

Selfie Stick!!

Our next advert is from a selfie stick advertisement that gives us three great uses and then one rather … ummm … let’s just say that one of these things is not like the others:

one of these things is not like the others

– – – – –

Items Frequently Bought Together!!

And finally, I have saved the most pathetic for last. likes to give their customers the option of being able to buy multiple items together.  These options are usually found just below the actual item that a customer might be viewing.  For instance, if you’re looking to purchase bath towels, you might have the option to purchase bath towels + shampoo as a combo purchase.

Normally, will label these as “Frequently Bought Together” items and give the customer an idea of how much they would save if they too purchased these items together.

However, in one such instance this blogger was given a very pathetic and very weird option of “Frequently Bought Together” items:


combined items III  <— click on picture to enlarge

I guess there are a lot of pathetic people who enjoy relaxing to the soothing ocean sounds of an LED night light after a long day of trapping their own rodents and grinding them up into fresh meat!

I gotta say, that’s not my idea of healthy or relaxing, but too each their pathetic own!