I wonder…

I wonder how quickly they would find a cure for cancer, the common cold or the flu if they found out these were actually sexually transmitted diseases.



Cow Farts


I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it, humanity is pathetic. 

And with that being said if it were not for the pathetic of the internetwebs, those of us who don’t fall in line with the pathetic cattle called ‘humanity’, wouldn’t know just how many pathetic bovine actually exist. 

At last count I think it was somewhere in the billionsgive or take a few thousandand I’ve based that number on a calculated guess of many mathematical errors after reading the comments of numerous online articles.

For example, take this recent article about the Earth Heading for a Mini-Ice age in just 15 years then read some of the comments associated with the article.

Some of you after reading the article and comments will think that the big fiery ball of light in the sky has nothing to do with climate change and that solar climate and earth’s climate have nothing to do with one another.

Others of you, who actually possess a thread of common sense, will understand that the solar rays from that big fiery ball of light in the sky does actually contribute to the overall well-being of this planet and has more influence on the climate than a cow passing gas while blogging on their cell phone during rush-hour traffic.

The reality of the matter is that too many pathetic little bovine want to think they have more power over this earth than they really do.

Humanity is a small, tiny little creature on this planet and we’re only here for 80 to 100 yearsIFyou happen to be blessed to live that long.

Quite honestly, no human or group of humans can ever destroy this planet.  

Sure, the feeble-minded who like to boast of their intelligence will tell you that it’s possible, but the truth is that we can only make it a very uncomfortable place to live…but it’s impossible to destroy this planet.    

So…when I read comments like these: 

“man can influence the weather and we should NOT continue to destroy the only planet we have to live on,”

I tend to laugh out loud because these comments come from the bovine who haven’t considered the following…

IF what science says is true, that the earth has existed for hundreds of billions of years…and man has only been on the earth for a few hundred million years…and man has been mining and burning minerals and fossil fuels (coal) for hundreds of thousands of years…then why hasn’t the earth been destroyed yet?

The arguments of fearenvironmentalists don’t hold water to common sense and logic.

The common sense and logic that this planet was here long before they were and it’ll be here long after they’re gone. 

Humanity is just a small spec on the landscape and not even visible in a snapshot of Earth from space…


Therefore, if you consider how many nuclear bombs have been detonated, how many chemicals have been spilled into the water, how many wars have been fought and how often humanity has attempted to eradicate itself and other species from this planet or how many fossil fuels have been used over the course of time; you can get a better idea of just how little impact our role is on this planet in keeping it around.  

“Ohhhh…you are so wrong!!  If we don’t do something now our children’s children’s children’s children won’t have a planet to live on!  We have to save the planet for the children!!  and the polar bears!! 

OOHHHH!!!!   the Polar Bears!!!” 

To which I respond with a hearty laugh and the following statement:  Pathetic nonsense!” 

It’s not our responsibility to “save” the Earth…This earth can’t be saved from it’s ultimate fate, however, it is the responsibility of humanity to do what we can to keep it a pleasant place to live.  That much we can agree on.

It’s pathetic that humanity thinks they have more power over the fate of the earth than they really do.




“There’s a rat …  in the basement!”

Those words came in a shrill of desperation and panic from a very worried woman.

Did I say “worried”? … Nope.  Not a good term…  Terrified.  Terrified is a better term so let’s go with that.

That person was my mother.

She hates mice, and anything that resembles a mouse.  That includes hamsters, guinea pigs, weasels and you guessed it… rats. 

Personally, I don’t know how a weasel looks like a mouse, but in her mind it does, so she hates them.  And for this reason I was not allowed to have any pets that fell into her list of animals or rodents that would trigger fears of mass population and overall destruction of the house that she lived in.

So anyway, when she found out there was a “rat” in the basement it was up to my dad to eradicate the pest from her dwelling place.  She even started talk of moving to a house that didn’t have rats, which immediately lit a fire under my dad because he hates moving more than any other activity known to mankind.

However, the thing about having to eradicate a varmint of small proportions from your basement is that you have to find the creature first.  And that takes patience and cunning because to capture the creature you have to hunt for it, and while hunting for it, you have to begin to think like it thinks.

Normally if you can find the trail of waste product that it leaves behind, you can eventually find its nest.

Once the trail and nest are located, you can then lay traps for it to kill or capture it.

The process isn’t as tedious as I make it sound, but it does take time.  However, when you’re in a state of mental worry and panic, patience is not something you have a lot of.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my mother.

She didn’t sleep until she knew that “rat” was exterminated from the premises.

She wouldn’t step foot in the basement until she had solid proof that my dad had accomplished the task for which she married him.  And even when the all-clear was given, and my dad revealed his trophy of a deceased and decaying mongrel, my mother wasn’t satisfied.

She wasn’t satisfied until the basement was cleaned from corner to corner of every possible “rat-like” remnant.  There could be no trace of the deceased or its where-a-bouts.

That was twenty years ago.

Fast forward to today and the memory of that “rat” still haunts her.  She hates the thought of it…hates the idea of it and even complains every once in a great while that there is a family of “rats” still living in her basement.   Of which my dad assures her is an impossibility because he cleans the basement every year with the ferocity of a million clean-freak maids who just took adrenaline shots.

The point here is that our fears can always get the best of us, unless we tame those fears so they don’t control our every thought.  The only way to do that is to challenge yourself to face those fears and work towards changing your thought process towards said fears.  

If you haven’t or can’t do that, you’ll end up living every day with the idea that your fears are always waiting in the shadows to pounce on you when you least expect it.  

Like yesterday when this little guy scurried out from under a piece of furniture in my apartment:

house centi

I didn’t sleep well last night thinking that his family was lurking somewhere in the walls just waiting to spring forth in vengeance after I took the life of one of their loved ones, so I had to spray poison everywhere until I was positive that none would be allowed to live.  

I still didn’t sleep well… 

Fears are a very pathetic thing.  


Pseudo – “Christians”


Hirelings didn’t enter the leadership of the church by the Holy of Holies…the True Door, but instead, climbed over or dug their way under a wall. 

And from the very second they made their way into the pasture they have been hard pressed to indoctrinate the weak and feeble minds of the naive into thinking that the “church” wasn’t meant for those who follow Jesus and truly want to worship Him, but instead is meant for the non-believing and seeker of some strange message that tickles their ears.

These hirelings have slowly planted their yeast into an unleavened flock, infecting it with a warped sentimentality that has spread through the masses of God’s children and destroyed the very essence of God’s leadership.  Therefore, many of those who were genuine in their faith and trust of Jesus as LORD, were pressed into converting into a new way of thinking or forced into leaving the church they thought was safe and secure.

These so-called “leaders” of the church are not willing to stand up for the absolute truth of scripture, but instead malign it with their own hypocrisy and beliefs that tickle the ears of the masses but are far from the truth of God’s inspired word.  “Church” leaders have all but isolated God’s true worshipers into small groups that get ushered into a little corner of the building with the twisted plan of eventually leading them out of the pasture entirely.

Therefore, many of those who were forced out because they would not conform to the new-age doctrines and false beliefs, were left to wander in a barren wilderness searching for food.  A wilderness that has brought doubt, fear, confusion, worry and unbelief to many.

These who have been shunned by the false worshipers and systematically extradited from their places of worship, still believe and trust in God to spare them of their plight.  They believe that He will provide for them and care for their wounded hearts, and they trust in the scriptures to be their source of nourishment and the reminder that God never fails…even in the midst of impossibilities. 

Those scriptures, have never changed.  The message that leads to life, has not changed.  The meaning of the gospel, has not changed.  However, what has changed are the people who sit in the pews and the depth of their belief.

But just like the people of Israel, while wandering in the desert, they begin to grumble and complain.  They forget the promises of God and they wonder if they should return to the places they were driven out of, to conform with pathetic teachings of pseudo-christians who’s words are sweet as honey, but who’s motives are as bitter as wormwood.  


The church has never been perfect.  In years past the message that was preached was a message that reminded people of that very thing, but it was also to remind them that God the Father makes everyone who believes in Jesus a new creation, and for that reason they have every right to call themselves “perfect” because of His redemptive work on the cross.  Because of regeneration of the heart and soul through the blood of Jesus.

Those people who heard that message understood that they had been placed in a pasture of loving grace and truth and surrounded themselves with others of the same mind…the mind of Christ Jesus.   I know, because I used to associate with them on a weekly basis.  We not only met Sunday mornings for a time of biblical lessons, prayer and worship, but we also gathered on Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights for a time of praise and quiet prayer directed with our hearts and minds towards a loving, compassionate God.

We would spend hours in prayer…trusting and knowing that God would hear our every word because of our RELATIONSHIP with His Son, Jesus. 

Today, that practice would be considered a “waste of time” or “boring”.

Prayer takes a back seat to the musicals, dramas and video presentations of today’s “church”.  God and Jesus are mentioned as being a part of the entertainment, but it’s more about keeping the pew sitter interested or making it fun and entertaining so they don’t get bored, and that leads me to ask…in all that huff and fluff, where does that leave room for God the Father to show up and LEAD His people?         

The fact that prayer is shoved into a couple of minutes before the offering or a few seconds after the sermon, tells me everything I need to know about where the treasure of today’s “church” really is. 

Oh..and on a personal note…let me tell you…if you think talking or communicating with the God of all creation is boring or a waste of time, then you don’t know the same God I know.


Today…that lack of prayer and true worship by MANY who sit in the pews of “churches” has proven to me that their faith and trust in a God to provide for their needs completely, is absolute lip service.

They don’t seek Him with humble hearts, they don’t have long, deep, meaningful prayers with the One who has told them He would never fail them, always be their rock and would always hear them from Heaven and answer their prayers.

The reason behind their lack of humility and prayer is ultimately because of the person who stands behind the pulpit.  The messages and teachings are a “new and improved” ideology that has been thrust into the forefront of “churches”, leading masses to their demise down a broad road of despair and misery that has been disguised and concealed by the prince of the air as a message of hope and freedom.

The messages that are preached in most churches seems very kind and down right biblical…”love your neighbor”, “love your spouse”, “love, love, love”, “grace, grace, grace”, “don’t judge”, “don’t be a pharisee” …

but the underlying message is false in meaning, false in doctrine and false in theology; and the more the message is preached, the more it falls in line with its originator.  A master of lies and deceit, murder and mayhem…

That originator, is Satan.

He has slowly scattered weeds among the crop and infiltrated the field that was intended to bring a harvest of 30, 60 or 100 fold to the farmer who planted it, but the weeds have robbed the true crop of water and nutrients until it has accomplished its ultimate goal…to kill and destroy the crop so the Farmer has nothing left to harvest.

This is why many believers in God begin to have doubts.  It’s why they are eventually led into phases that ultimately steer them into questioning their faith and relationship with God.  It leads to hurts and pains, making mountains out of molehills, getting angry with God for not answering prayer, asking with wrong motives, isolation from people and studying scripture and then complete unbelief.  And it all begins with a simple message being sown in today’s “church” by pseudo-christians who are being led by their earthly father who seeks to destroy everything that God has made. 

Satan is a devious creature and after thousands and thousands of years…(“billions and billions” for you evolutionists)…he knows exactly what to say and how to say it to persuade people into doing his biding and fulfilling his plans, so he infiltrates the “church” and puts his own workers in leadership positions. 

They water down the messages just enough to make them sound biblical, replace prayer with announcements, videos and dramas and direct the lyrics of songs to point at the feelings of the singer instead of directing them at God. 


   …   yep.


    … extremely!

Am I finished?

  … probably not!




Everything Comes at a Price


The United States federal government passed a law a few years ago called “The Affordable Healthcare Act” and interestingly, they need to pass another bill to remove the term “affordable” because it’s really not.  

First off, the law only helps those with disabilities, children, meeting a specific age/gender and/or living on a specific income.  If you’re a male under the age of 55 who has no children, who lives on $18,000 a year or more and considered to be in good health as deemed by the government; then you are NOT eligible to receive any assistance from the government to assist with paying the overall health insurance premiums.  

If you think what I just told you is a lie and not based on factual evidence, I’d like to bring to your attention that I’m a 43 y/o male, childless and considered in good health.  I also am able to live on just a little more than $18,000 a year.  After leaving my previous job a few weeks ago I looked at the options that the united states healthcare marketplace offered and found that because of the income stated on my previously filed tax return, I was not eligible for assistance.  I would have to pay the full premium and the cheapest one I could find was around $250 a month.  Which is still cheaper than Cobra, but please…  $250 a month?  

It’s interesting that the pathetic morons in Washington never take into account that people actually have bills to pay every month and most of us are living on a budget as it is.  When figuring whether or not I need the assistance, the “healthcare marketplace” doesn’t take into consideration that I have rent and utilities every month along with groceries and a few loans I’m still paying off. 

However, if I entered in that I have two kids…wow!  the premiums dropped substantially…from $250 a month to $86 per month.  huh!?  What the…?!?!  

Soooo…let’s be clear as mud here:

If I’m a single guy, under the age of 55, no kids and healthy but lose my job, which means I lose a paycheck and my health insurance…I can’t get assistance from the government because they make the decision based on my most recent income tax return; and if that return says that I’m making too much to receive assistance, then I end up having to pay through every orifice of my being JUST to make some pathetic antfarmer in Washington happy that I have healthcare?  

How is that fair?  Not to mention…affordable?

Second, there’s a rule in the law that forces employers to track each employee’s monthly health insurance status for a new tax document.  Basically, the employers of 50 or more employees are now required to fill out a 1095 form on every employee regarding whether or not an employee is receiving “affordable” health care from the employer.  Along with that 1095 form, there is other paperwork that employers will need to track. 

They are forms that will be given to employees that are intended to help said employees answer health insurance questions on their own tax returns, especially people who qualify for tax credits because they bought insurance through the “Government Healthcare Marketplaces”.

Personally, I believe it’s yet another way for overpaid bureaucrats to stick it to hardworking Americans so that the lazy, can’t keep it in your pants because I prefer she pops them out every nine months bovine can be taken care of.  

All the data tracking that needs to be completed by employers will cost employers more and more money.  That money will come out of salary increases, bonuses and benefits that the employees would have been rewarded with for being dedicated to their jobs.  It’ll also be directly tied to price increases for the consumer because employers will have to find a way to continue making money while keeping people in jobs.  Sadly, some people may lose jobs because the employer has to be fiscally responsible and can’t afford hiring more people, so they fire someone to bring on a new employee with the skills necessary to track employees.

…but hey.  It’s ok.  We can just print more money.  What’s the harm in that!?   It’s called INFLATION.  Watch this video and you might understand the harm in printing more money –>  http://www.learnliberty.org/videos/why-not-print-more-money/  

If I recall, Mexico did that with the peso and their economy hasn’t really been all that great ever since. 

Therefore, American’s were duped into believing that the new Healthcare Bill was “affordable”, but the truth is…it’s coming at a price.   Eventually, it’ll be a price your kids won’t be able to afford. 

The laughable affordable healthcare law is pathetic!



An Open Curse To an Unforgiving Ex


I hope your new spouse gets a horrible, incurable disease and you get to watch him die a slow, painful excruciating death. 

It’s the least you deserve for being the person who wants to control every aspect of her life with an unforgiving heart.

By the way, you look pathetic in that wedding dress.

(Am I bitter and jealous?   Why, yes  …  yes I am!  Thank you for asking.) 


Belief or No Belief? That is Pathetic.


I’ve recently read a few blogs where people mention this idea that God doesn’t exist, and they attempt to argue their belief that they have no evidence of God existing in their life; therefore, since He doesn’t exist in their lives, that means He doesn’t exist at all. 

Even though I’m not a scientist, that seems a bit shallow and self absorbed on their part.  I mean, that’s like me saying that since I stand when I pee, everyone else stands when they pee. 

It’s a pathetically unscientific way of forming a conclusion, don’t you think?

Furthermore, some (not all) of these blog writers also feel it necessary to state that those who believe in God and won’t conform into thinking that the existence of God is a farce, are somehow misguided, lacking in knowledge or just plain ignorant.

Weeeelllllll, that’s all good and well, but I’d like to mention that no one has ever proven that God doesn’t exist.  The only thing they have proven is that God doesn’t exist in THEIR life.

So, what I’d like to propose is this…even though they have proven that God doesn’t exist in THEIR life, I’d like for them to prove that there is no existence of God in MY life.

Notice that I’m not asking them to prove whether or not God does or does not exist at all.  That’s not the issue here.  Instead, I’d like to be their test subject to prove that there is no existence of the Almighty, Omnipresent, Omnipotent God in my life.

I’d like for them to prove that something they don’t believe exists, has never answered my prayers in all the years I’ve been alive.  That God, a Spirit we cannot see or touch, is not living inside me.  That God didn’t rescue me out of horrible situations.  That He doesn’t hear me when I sing worship songs or pray to Him.  That He didn’t forgive my sins and that He didn’t reconcile me back to Himself through the death of His Son.

This isn’t about them anymore…it’s about me.

I’m giving them full license to try and prove that God does not exist in MY life.  Not theirs, because they obviously proved that God doesn’t exist in their life…so please…try and prove that He doesn’t exist in MINE.

Oh…and don’t give me the,  “well, we can’t prove or disprove something that doesn’t exist.”  That’s a cop out, and I won’t stand for that. 

So get to work.

I’ll wait.  I’ve got time.

(insert elevator music here)

*** We Interrupt this pathetic music to bring you an important message from Neil and Charlie!! ***

Neil:   What about Santa’s reindeer? Have you ever seen a reindeer fly?

Charlie:   Yes.

Neil:   Well, I haven’t.

Charlie:   Have you ever seen a million dollars?

Neil:   No.

Charlie:   Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean is doesn’t exist.

That dialogue is from The Santa Clause movie with Tim Allen and reinforces the point I’m trying to make here…

That it’s pathetic for those who don’t believe in a higher power to state that something they don’t believe in doesn’t exist just because they have no proof in their own life.  

And since this is my blog and my rant, I’d also like to add that in my humble opinion, it’s also pathetic for someone to attempt to convince another person that the hope they have in the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, holy, righteous, perfect God is a sham.  That is nothing more than a veiled attempt to rob them of their joy, faith and peace.

And anyone who attempts to rob another person of those precious things is … wow! … that’s as low as you can get…

Seriously, to disagree is one thing, but to argue that God doesn’t exist with someone who is struggling in the midst of darkness but sees a glimmer of light by believing in the existence of God isn’t only pathetic, that is down right vicious, mean and deplorable.

Furthermore, it’s not just attempting to rob them of their joy, hope, faith and peace…it’s also attempting to rob them of their many freedoms.  Of which are…freedom of life, liberty, speech, religion, thought, belief and most of all…the freedom to pursue what makes THEM happy.  All of which are certain unalienable rights endowed by our Creator for each individual person. 

(To those of you reading this who don’t have a Declaration of Independence in your country of origin, my apologies.  You might want to have your country adopt one.  It’s a pretty cool thing.  The United States of America has one you can copy from to get you started.) 

I could go into greater detail about each of those rights regarding this issue, but for the sake of time and the fear of losing many of you to boredom, I won’t.  Count yourselves blessed because this could have been a very long post.

Those freedoms and rights are extended to everyone of us, even those who don’t live in the USA.  And just as it’s wrong for those who don’t believe to judge those who do; at the same time it’s okay for those who choose not to believe in God to not believe, and it’s wrong for those who do believe to judge those who don’t for their unbelief.  (wow…I hope that paragraph isn’t pathetically confusing.)

In closing, I’m not trying to put an end to the argument of whether or not God exists, but I want you all to consider that your arguments supporting or not supporting His existence is quite pathetic.  

God is God…His authority is far greater than you or I will ever know; therefore, if He chooses to reveal Himself in person to you, that’s entirely up to Him…not you or anyone else.

Trying to prove or disprove the existence of God is clearly pathetic.


***  Personal note ***

I know that I have said in the past that everything is pathetic, but the one topic that I will never call pathetic is the God of Heaven that I believe in.

God is definitely NOT pathetic, and out of respect for Him I will not rant about Him.  He’s too good, too perfect, too loving and way too powerful for me to ever call Him pathetic. Therefore, I would like to correct my statement and say that everything is pathetic, except God.

Glad we cleared that up!