They Should call it “Fear-Spreader”

Apparently, President Joseph “I’m Biden my time” and his administration are pathetically worried that the gathering of world leaders for a UN meeting of the mentally pathetic will be a super-spreader for covid-19/coronavirus virus virus.

But their fears are not justified.  It’s the whole “Chicken Little” saga repeated over and over again to scare the hell out of the naïve into thinking the worse is happening when it’s not happening. 

The CDC, World Health organizations, DHHS and the media...journalists…or whatever you want to call them… are all still beating this dead horse for as long as they can, only because they know it works to manipulate the minds of so many. 

How terrifying can they make the headline for click-bait articles and videos that are 50% factual, or how often can they attack those who they consider “enemies” before the masses decide that the narrative isn’t interesting anymore? 

Welllll. . . . To quote Charlie Brown — “Good Grief!”

I’m guessing none of these wacko, fear-spreaders in government ever watch sporting events because scenes like the images below happened all across the nation on Saturday & Sunday. 

Just a couple pictures of a stadium in Pennsylvania filled with people…humans…cattle (aka: The Herd) all standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a cramped stadium . . . 100,000 plus people in some stadiums . . . And this happened all over the country where people gathered to watch their favorite teams play baseball, football, soccer, volleyball and other sports.

And guess what? . . .

No one asked why the fans were not wearing a mask. 

No announcer asked if these people were vaccinated. 

Not one news media outlet screaming for governmental oversight of the situation. 

Not one protest inside or outside the stadium.

No Dr. Fascist or Political Puppet condemning the events as “super-spreaders”.

Nothing.  – Not even a blip on the media’s radar (Of course, that was most likely due to the fact that these were non-political events and not the enemy gathering in one place, but I digress).

Hundreds of stadiums….filled to the brim with people standing shoulder-to-shoulder, breathing on one another, and probably sharing food and drinks while they tailgate before the games.  Quite possibly sharing stories of how they all “lived and survived” the pandemic.

But hey!  It’s not like they are all in a walled office or supermarket.  They are outdoors . . . Therefore, it’s not a big deal.  So that makes it okay not to wear a mask.

– Pathetic hypocrisy!

What I’m trying to convey is that the fears over COVID-19 aren’t justified.

If hundreds of thousands of people can gather at stadiums all over the country and it’s not condemned or labeled by the hypocrites in the media or government, then why should we fret and worry over their labeling a small gathering of governmental leaders as a “super-spreader”?

It’s pathetic to continue living in fear.

3 thoughts on “They Should call it “Fear-Spreader”

  1. Well IRTFYBLOG we can only hope. A few less politicians might be a good thing?… what do they have to about anyway? They’ve all been vaccinated. Or maybe they only good a shot of normal saline. They would have a better chance at survival with the normal saline.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Swo8. And, like you said, I’m not sure what they have to be afraid of either since they all claim to have been vaxed. I’m just getting tired of the hypocrisy from these politicians. it’s getting old.

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