Oh! The Irony…

Ironic how demoralcrats believe the information reported by the media is accurate and real, and yet they so quickly turn to a source where the information reported is a television show based solely on satire and jokes.

Ironic how over the past 70 years demoralcrats have pushed God out of schools, out of government and out of the workplace; and the results have been a drastic increase in the following:

  • sexual immorality, 
  • underage drinking,
  • illegal drug use, 
  • reported sexually transmitted diseases,
  • robberies,
  • thefts,
  • riots,
  • hate crimes,
  • vulgar speech
  • lewd conduct

(just to name a few).

Ironic how demoralcrats want to rush everyone down a path of immorality that leads to disease, decay and death; then try to make people believe how much they care about humanity by trying to offer healthcare coverage to those they know won’t be healthy because of the immoral lifestyle they so readily promote and condone.

Ironic how demoralcrats want to force God and the Bible out of their lives, but when they get attacked by someone on the right, they quickly spout scripture like it’s a second language.

Ironic how demoralcrats believe they are promoting freedom when they fight to remove the freedoms from other people.

Ironic how demoralcrats want to promote the use of windmills to “provide clean energy”; However…they never take into consideration that windmill farms…

  • a) require roads for maintenance vehicles and heavy machinery, which….
  • b) require that large areas of farming fields, natural prairies and/or grasslands be removed for said roads and installation, which eliminates habitats for wild birds and animals,
  • c) require numerous amounts of OIL (fossel fuels) for lubrication, and…
  • d) require solvents and cleaners to wash them so the windmills are kept in working order, which can also lead to pollutants in the surrounding soil.

Ironic that demoralcrats believe government will protect them from other people, but fail to see that government was created to protect them from themselves.




11 thoughts on “Oh! The Irony…

  1. That is sort of ironic about the windmill farms. People who don’t know technology think the engineers can make everything so easy and clean. If that was the case with the windmill farms, however, the government would not have to subsidize the darn things so much.

    We should be especially wary of special programs subsidized by the government. They usually include special allowances for additional, not less, pollution.

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    • You obviously missed the ironic point entirely. — but to answer your question . . . no . . . people don’t DESERVE to be healthy if they choose
      unhealthy habits. If people choose to live a healthy lifestyle, then yes…they DESERVE to be healthy.

      In the first case, “deserve” = consequences
      In the second dase, “deserve” = rewards

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      • You have obviously not compared the cost of healthy food in grocery stores to junk food. Some of us simply can’t afford to be deserved of health. At least not by your standards.
        But that isn’t entirely what I said either. Health care, at least in my country, includes such things as counseling for those who have, for whatever reason, managed to get themselves into a bad place in life, whether it be overeating or drugs or alcoholism or the compulsion to take risks with their safety. Or simply eating too much fried food when they were younger, thus clogging their arteries. Surely those people who wish to improve deserve a chance, don’t you think? Surely people who have improved their lifestyle but are suffering from the effects of their past transgressions, whether they knew they were transgressions or not (I don’t know how old you are, but studies when I was young had little effect on my food choices, if they had even been studied), deserve to be healthy, don’t you think?


    • When we are blessed, we don’t get what we deserve.

      It is well to ask for blessings upon our family, friends, and neighbors and to be grateful for them. It is even better to strive to be one of those blessings. That’s the sort of activity that keeps us out of trouble.

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