Thinking I might have to Rethink this whole Blog-o-pathetic idea


For the past two years I’ve written about everything I find pathetic…some things were truly pathetic while others… not so much…but with that being said, I’ve noticed a major uptick in my blog traffic since posting about my Instant Pot pressure cooker with major views on my two posts about steaming crab legs.  I’m talking like 1400+ views in the past seven months on just the Snow Crab with Corn on the Cob post alone.  

I guess I’m not the only one who loves a good leg filled with delicious crab meat.  

So, I’m thinking that maybe I should change up my blog and write a bit more about my instant pot pressure cooker.  Maybe I should focus on the pathetic recipes I can create in that little pot of magical deliciousness.

hrrmmm….? ? ? 

What are your thoughts?  

Do you even care?




18 thoughts on “Thinking I might have to Rethink this whole Blog-o-pathetic idea

    • very good point. I’m thinking about mixing in some of the instant pot stuff with my overall theme, but not entirely changing the whole concept of what I write about. We shall see…but I appreciate your input. thank you, Beth.

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  1. Two things guarantee blog traffic



    I can write the best devotional in history and a couple of dozen people read. Put pictures of what I ate for dinner and views double easily

    Stick with the pressure cooker LOL

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    • haha! So true. Yes…the food and pets topic seem to generate a lot of hits. I don’t necessarily think I’ll change the blog over completely to pressure cooker recipes, but I plan to inject a few more posts on that topic.
      thanks for the input, Wally. I appreciate your comments. 🙂

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