Most mornings it’s a struggle for me to get out of bed, not because I hate my job… no… I actually like what I do, but it’s more along the lines that I loathe the office that I work in.

In yesterday’s post I wrote about my co-worker who for the better part of fifteen years has repeatedly said inappropriate things in the workplace and basically gotten away with it because our pathetic human resources department won’t deal with the issue.

Numerous people have complained.  He’s been written up over and over again.  HR has been contacted and yet…

He’s still here.  

Furthermore, I failed to tell you that he’s also a know-it-all as well as an annoying repeat story teller.  

He prides himself on spouting the stupidest stuff and brags about it over and over again.  

Sadly, what he THINKS he knows is typically regurgitated from online media sources, social networking and other unreliable sources that lace their scripts with opinionated lies and very general information.  Quite sadly, there’s no depth or substance to his pathetic renditions of what he thinks he’s learned on the internets.

AND!!  And!!!  Annnddd…!!!!    (please imagine me shaking my pointy little finger at you while saying, “AND!!  And!!  Annnddd!!)  I should mention that if you do happen to correct him with actual facts and show him the facts to be true, he absolutely refuses to accept those facts as truth and will argue that you’re wrong and he’s right.  

He even goes so far as to call you horrible names trying to intimidate you into backing off your stance and believing what he said was truth.  He will NOT accept the truth unless one of the social internet of things corroborates what you said as factual.      

Oh!  and the issue of him being an annoying repeat story teller, I can honestly tell you that I’ve heard the same stories from him multiple times since I started working here, and I’ve only been here for a year and a half.

And believe me when I tell you . . . his stories are not entertaining.  If the Guinness Book of World’s Records had a category for the most boring and repetitive story teller ever…he would be the all-time champion.  

And of course, there’s his whole tainted selfish opinion of anyone on the earth who does NOT share his opinionated drivel.  These are the people that he will generalize and label, typically referring to them in a thunderously hostile tone of negative name-calling and boastful propagation. 

And he’s not the only one…

There’s a small group who sits on the other side of my wall who constantly complain about work, politics, the internet, insurance, people, government and anything else their pathetic meaningless minds worry about on a given day.

I actually refer to this place as my little block-o-hell because it’s toxic and more negative than the radioactive site at Chernobyl.

I’ve asked for my own office, complained about the negativity to HR, complained to my supervisor about my coworker and the others in my office space, commiserated with co-workers who share in my plight, prayed over the issue for peace…heck, I’ve even written blog posts about how this place is NOT a positive working environment…but it’s all to no avail.

I’m stuck here…

In this block-o-hell…


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sigh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If it wasn’t for people, I’d actually enjoy this place.

I hope and pray that one day soon I can finally find a work place that’s positive and that I actually enjoy getting up in the morning to go to work.




16 thoughts on “Toxicity

  1. I know you won’t want to hear, or more correctly, read this but…the annoying coworker you’ve described sounds a lot like our new Prez to me. Just sayin’, giving you my humble opinion, etc.

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  2. Well I’m like Wally in that my office is either my car, kitchen table or the closest coffee shop. I’d be lying though if I said I didn’t have to deal with petty office politics and people, even as a remote employee. I used to get really bent out of shape about and to be honest I’m surprised I was not fired for my own inappropriate reactions awhile back.

    I’ve since learned God puts people and situations in my life for a reason, or perhaps I am in someone else’s life for a reason too. Grace and empathy go a long way. Sometimes though a virtual slap just can’t be helped! 😜

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    • HAhaha! Yes, Tricia…a virtual slap is needed every now and again.

      I do wish I had my own office where I wasn’t surrounded by cube walls and the echo chamber I now reside. This little office is like a metal building…even though it’s not…where sound reverberates off the walls and carries across the room. it’s quite annoying having to listen to the random ramblings of so many.

      And you’re so correct. God does put people in our lives as well as US in their lives to provide lessons and spread His truth about Jesus.

      Thank you for the reminder…sometimes I forget these things. 🙂

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  3. Unfortunately, this is the case more often than not, IRTFYB. You be the little bit of positive sunshine and you will find other like minded people will gravitate to you.

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  4. Hi friend

    First, sorry work just sucks all of the time. Yes, people are…people.

    I am so blessed I suppose in my own work. What we do is often not that fun honestly, at least in a physical sense. We work really hard, long hours, in often unpleasant circumstances.

    I run a team of 12 guys and we cover a swath of territory of over 10,000 square miles. I don’t even have, or report to an office of any sort. My van is my office, complete with laptop and all. When I feel the need to sit at something resembling a “real” desk, I can usually find one in a MacDonald’s or something.

    We rarely actually lay eyes on one another. I might see my own boss once in two weeks. I see my guys more often, but that’s because I race around the countryside for 10-12 hours a day LOL. For the most part, we all communicate via phone call, e mail, and more often than not, text message.

    Our performance is very metric oriented and evaluated on a real time basis. Meaning, if you we are not performing, feedback is instant and non negotiable. If we are having a bad day, somebody will have been tweaked back in line literally within hours or even minutes.

    I really don’t care if somebody is a jerk, as long as our customers don’t think so and you make numbers. Besides, if it comes to that, I can generally out jerk most people. Everything is very objective and quantifiable. Perform or go bye bye. We pay a pretty decent wage, so generally nobody has an issue with that style of doing things.

    It’s quite the blessing.

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    • Wally…Your job sounds like a blessing for sure and it sounds like you do enjoy going to work everyday
      and I envy you for that and wish I worked in a place where we were rewarded for our efforts. Unfortunately, I’m here. 🙂 lol.


      • You know, I hated this job, and didn’t even want to do it 9 years ago. I was a white collar guy, and this is a very blue collar job LOL. I went from wearing a suit to crawling under houses.

        Want to hear the best part? I am surrounded by heathens every where I go.

        The fields are truly ripe for the harvest, and God knew exactly what he was doing.

        I stuck it out and stayed with what He had clearly planned, and have been blessed for it.

        Not saying yours is God’s plan, but in my case it was.

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  5. LOL, I’m so sorry ! I can’t tell you how many times I have said, “this job would be awesome….if it weren’t for the people. ”

    Sometimes it helps for me to pity them, or the more honorable mercy and empathy. The woman that just cannot shut up,she’s terribly lonely and scared. Another who must tattle on everyone, daddy issues. It’s hard for me because while I realize nobody’s perfect, I am far less dysfunctional than most of these nutcases and yet I will never be recognized for that. That’s a harsh truth to swallow. It’s not arrogance that says I’m far more qualified to be running the whole place, it basic common sense, resume, experience, and yet merit is never going to come into play, not where I work. And the most qualified? We’ll never advance. That’s the nature of the place I work.

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    • IB, thank you for hearing me out and understanding what I wrote. I know there are many like us in the world who share in these jobs that are a bit dysfunctional, a tad irrational and mostly the nature of humanity at it’s core…imperfect. 🙂

      I’ve found that once I get out of bed…make the drive into work and get started for the day, things tend to be a little better than I had anticipated. it just takes some effort to get moving this direction every morning.

      Oh, and as I make the drive in every morning, I do my best to put my hope in the promises of God that this is the day the LORD has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it…He has my life in His hands and I’m fearfully and wonderfully made…right along all the other people in my office….even those who are utterly annoying. 😀

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