I feel like something bad is going to happen at my work place either today, this week or in the near future.

Over of the past year the people here have been basically put on notice that they won’t be losing their jobs, but there isn’t a guarantee they will be keeping their jobs either, and this has been causing a lot of stress among the cattle.  

Also, I have a co-worker on my team who isn’t exactly the most positive person in the world and last week our supervisor had to talk to him about saying things that were inappropriate in the work place.  

This is the umpteenth time he’s been talked too about his vocabulary and his negative attitude.  

 You might ask, why does he still have a job?  

Welllll. . . sadly, our pathetic human resources department is about as lazy and inept as a group of people can be.  

Instead of firing people who have been spoken too repeatedly or written up multiple times for their lack of effort, irrational behavior or down-right pathetic negativity, the human resources department makes it a point to extend the leash a few more feet.  In other words, they like to give people more time to figure it out; therefore, he still has a job.

Honestly, I can understand giving someone a chance or two, but when they constantly repeat the offense over a period of ten or fifteen years…


yeeeeaaaahhhhh….. no. . . That person’s gotta go.  

Yesterday he was moody and a little out of sorts, so I’m not all that excited about working next to him today and really hope he calls in sick. 

I’d really like to leave this place and find a better environment, but I have no idea where that would be.  

Anyway…if something does happen here at my workplace, it’s been nice knowing ya.



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