Which Do You Prefer?


Obama’s America: 


Reagan’s America: 


Personally, I’d like to live in Reagan’s America again.  

It sadden’s me that we’ll probably never have that safety again in my lifetime.



6 thoughts on “Which Do You Prefer?

  1. I just visited the Reagan library, where I was reminded that the detente he negotiated with Gorbachev grew out of the personal relationship that developed between the two of them. Re the preference you have expressed here, and given the current “bromance” between Trump and Putin, who I don’t believe have ever actually met face to face, I might be encouraged to think that these two could work out a “win-win” similar to Reagan and Gorby. This hope was tempered by a quote that I observed was prominently displayed on Reagan’s desk as both governor and president. It says “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” Since we know that Trump wants to take credit for a lot of things, and I suspect Putin may as well, the impasse between the two, in light of how Reagan and I suspect Gorbachev approached their settlement, does not bode well for a similar resettlement of the current world order. Oh well.

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    • Interesting comment. Thank you for this. I believe that Trump and Putin will find a common ground, but both men will have to lay aside their ego’s for a short time to make that happen. It will be fun to watch how the many personalities around the world interact in coming months and years to a very different personalty in Trump.


  2. Irtfy, can I hide at your blog and rejoice?

    LOL, seriously, I am forced into the closet here, trying to restrain my joy and look properly glum. I have to say, that Trump speech was just awesome, pure music for my soul. I’m immensely cheered, optimistic about the future, and ready to go dancing.

    Don’t tell anybody though. I’m trying not to offend anyone. 😉

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    • lol…Sure! We can hide in my blog fort and wait this thing out. 🙂

      I didn’t get to hear his speech, but I hear it was pretty confident and something we all needed to hear. I hope we can all learn to get along over the next four years. I don’t have high hopes, so if you know anyone else that wants to join us in our fort while we celebrate, bring them along!

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      • Ha, I’ll send the party your way,irtfy!

        If you get the chance, read his speech,it’s short,direct, but rather well done. The media called it “darkly pessimistic,” which I thought was just bizarre. I found it hopeful and encouraging.

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        • Oh, IB…I agree with you. After reading it and listening to it, I didn’t find it darkly pessimistic at all. It was actually encouraging. What I heard was he’s not going to allow child-like acts from members of Congress. If they can’t act like adults, they can leave…that goes for Republicans and Democrats. I also heard that he’s going to create jobs, build up our military and help the PEOPLE of these United States unite.

          Sounded a lot like something I was wishing he would have said during his campaign. I was impressed by it and I pray for him. These next four years aren’t going to be easy, but Reagan’s first four years was no piece of cake either.

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