Yet again a woman I liked uttered those humiliating words. . .

“I don’t want to date you.  Please don’t pursue me.”  

And after replying with,  “okay.  I won’t.  we’re just friends.  I get it…”  I then heard in a rather pathetic, albeit panicked and stressed, tone…

“No…I really mean it.  Please don’t pursue me!  I really don’t want to date you.”

The Office_Jim


I gotta tell ya, to hear those words for the umpteenth time in my life is not any easier than the first time I heard them.  I take it personally.

It’s very much like having a dagger slowly but firmly pressed deep into my chest until it penetrates my heart and once the perpetrator knows they have shoved the dagger deep enough into my chest . . . they proceed to give it a few twists.

Painfully speaking, I’ve also found that once is not enough for a woman to tell me her desire that I not pursue her.


For some reason. . . maybe it’s because they think I’m a pathetically dense idiot like all the other hapless Joe’s on the block. . . they feel the need to repeat their command a second time…however, the second time is when they feel the necessity to drive the point home with added emphasis on specific words such as, really don’t and you.

After all, it’s obviously not enough pathetic humiliation for me to wear my heart on my sleeve and tell someone who doesn’t feel the same way that I like them.  







20 thoughts on “Humiliation

  1. Oh,ouch! I am so sorry. Rejection hurts every single time. It just does. I don’t go through dating rejection, but I sure do encounter every other possible kind. Some really breath taking humiliations, let me tell you. I’ve gotten much stronger. I wish I could tell you how it’s done, but somehow we just learn to not be so needy for other people’s approval, not to let it prick our pride. Other people’s rejection or approval does not define us, and there are a whole lot of other monkeys on the monkey tree for us to spend time with.

    All in good humor here irtfy, but I’ve been accused of stalking a couple of times by other bloggers on the internet. I was doing nothing of the sort but they were such arrogant and paranoid people, they really thought I was. After that happened a couple of times, I just started saying, “what makes you think you’re even worthy of my stalking skills?” That’s really the kind of attitude we have to cultivate in order to protect ourselves from rejection.

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