Really Real


Flipping through channels the other day I happened upon a television show titled, “the real“, I also saw an advertisement for some other show titled, “the real housewives”.

I’m not buying that these shows are really real.  After all, television is about making crap up just to appease the senses of the pathetic viewer.  The more pathetic, the more prone we cattle are to watch something that we would be better off not watching.  

But if you want real, I’ll give you real…

The more alcohol and drugs you put into your system, the more you become addicted to those substances; and the more addicted you become, the more you worship and serve them.

The more friends you have on this earth, the more influence they have over your life and the less influence God has on your life.

The more objects you possess, the more you worship the things that moth and rust destroy and robbers and thieves break in and steal.

The more you become a friend of the world, the more it makes you an enemy of God.

if you want real…here’s real…

Let’s begin by assuming that you own or rent a home.  Now that we have that understanding let’s answer a few questions:

1)  Knowing that you own/rent a home, does your home have a front door?

2) Does the front door have a lock?

3)  Does it require a key to open the lock on the front door?

4) If a key is needed to unlock the front door to your home, do you give out keys on a random basis to just anyone or do people need to ask you for it?

5)  Do you have any set criteria for people who ask for the key to your home or do you just give the key to anyone who asks, giving no regard to their motives or personal feelings towards you and/or your family?

6)  In other words, do you have rules for people who want access to your home or who live in your home?

7)  Do you want people living in your home who have ZERO respect for you or your family?

8) Do you want people living in your home who complain about you all the time, or people who hate you and verbally/physically assault you and your family?

9) Do you want to have someone live in your home who you know will never follow your rules and will eventually try to kick you out and make it their own?

10) Since you have rules for the people who want live in or have access to your home…

…then why would you ever think that GOD doesn’t have rules for people who want to gain access and live in His home?  

After all, Heaven is…His house.

That’s about as real as it gets.



Herd Mooings

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