Frustrating Work Conversation

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My regular contact in our finance team is on vacation.  Here’s a quick email conversation I had with a different contact in our finance department who I have never worked with before.  

Please tell me if this would frustrate you as well?

Me:  Would you please assign the account number ### to subsidiary ###?   I need to make a request today in the system to release funds for a purchase.  

Finance:  Quick question, what are you buying that requires the account number for personal computing?   

Me:  A laptop.

Finance:  Oh.  Well, you do know we’re on a purchasing freeze?

Me:  Yes.

Finance:  Do you have a valid reason to make this purchase?  If not, you need to submit one.

Me:  No I don’t.  I only need you to assign the account number with the subsidiary so I can REQUEST the funds be released to make a purchase.

Finance:  We require a valid reason for the purchase before we can approve the funds to be released.

Me:  I’m NOT asking you to APPROVE the funds…I’m asking you to A-S-S-I-G-N the account number with the subsidiary so I can submit the request to release the funds.

Finance:  Due to the purchasing freeze we are asking that everyone please provide a valid reason for their purchase request and once reviewed the release of funds will be approved.

Me:  Nevermind.  — —  I’ll wait until my regular contact is back in the office.

Trying to deal with different people in the office can be really pathetic.


20 thoughts on “Frustrating Work Conversation

  1. Oh. My. God. This sounds like someone pretty much making the decision when it’s not his job to.

    This reminds me of something I had to deal with concerning a doctor and me getting PT.
    The doc prescribed PT for a really painful injury. But I didn’t have a car and no way to get there.
    My insurance covers transit if I get approved through the transit company. But it’s sort of an application process.
    All I needed was the doc’s signature and for her to answer a few questions on the form so I could find out if I was eligible.
    It was not her decision to make. It was the transit company’s decision.
    But the doctor told me that since I wasn’t on a walker or cane nor in a wheel chair I wasn’t eligible.
    I called the transit company and asked if that made me ineligible and they said no.
    I called the doctor and told her this and she still refused.
    Luckily I had a neuro-surgeon who had no problem signing and having one of the office’s admin’s fill out the rest of the form.
    I submitted it and was approved. I got my PT

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    • Oh …. wow! thanks for sharing the story, Aura. I really don’t know what to say except, with great power comes great responsibility. Doctors, accountants, lawyers, judges…heck…even parents are all in positions where they have to make decisions, but as in your case, they don’t always make the correct one. 😉

      I’m glad to hear it all worked out, but it sounds like it could have been less frustrating if the doctor would have just signed the paper. lol.

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  2. Ridiculous right? Slightly different, but our bank messengers were also our handymen when it came to changing light bulbs etc. New H&S rules meant they could no longer buy one, let alone fit it. A form now had to be raised to purchase said light bulb, and then authorised for funds to be released. BUT they could only order light bulbs from an approved outlet (cue price hike by 800-1000%). If a ladder was required to replace light bulb, someone else would have to climb the ladder, and one would hope he was suitably qualified to remove the old bulb and install the new one.
    Outcome: a fifty pence replacement on a job that took less than five minutes by one person now involved six people, cost £12 and took at least three days.
    And you were hoping for a laptop? 🙂

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