Fitness + Free Stuff! = More Workouts!


The recent release of Pokemon Go was a big success getting young adults walking around and moving.  Even though the rewards were virtual things that have no value what-so-ever, the idea of a reward was still considered valuable enough in the minds of these young adults to get them out and about.  

So, I had to ask myself . . .  why don’t fitness tracking apps do something similar to reward people for achieving specific goals? 

The fitness apps could partner with different brands to promote exercise by giving out free merchandise for accomplishing goals like…

  • Walking or running a specific number of miles in a week/month/year.
  • Achieving a certain amount of minutes/hours of exercise in a specific week/month/year.
  • Increasing your heart rate.
  • Meeting a weight loss goal.
  • Participating in and finishing a road race.

The rewards would all depend on how great the achievement was and might be anything from a low-dollar water bottle to high-dollar workout equipment.  

Anyway, just another of my pathetic ideas. 





4 thoughts on “Fitness + Free Stuff! = More Workouts!

  1. I love it irtfy! Great idea. We have fuel points on our grocery store cards,why not coupons and products for fitness accomplishments? Music would be pretty cool too, you could download your favorite song.

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