Weather Channel


As pathetic as this may sound, the Weather Channel is my favorite television channel right now.  

They have removed the meteorologists, gotten rid of the worrisome weather forecasts, shut down the clutter of documentaries and replaced all of it with a couple hours of weather related videos with soft music and sounds of nature.  

They call it, Escape the Election. 

I call it, brilliant.  

Thank you Weather Channel.  

Thank you. 


19 thoughts on “Weather Channel

  1. The Weather Channel was my dad’s favorite channel. He kept it on all day. I’d love when he’d call about what weather I could expect over the next couple of days…he’d tell me if it would be sunny or cold and he’d always give me a head’s up if an unexpected storm was on it’s way. That channel makes me think of him. Fond memories.

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      • Well I don’t know about that, but I do appreciate not having the background noise of the tele. But then, it’s easy enough to keep it off too. lol…

        A little side story regarding TVs:
        I have a friend on FB who has a doggie day care and bed and breakfast business…the dogs stay at her house, no kennels. She’s got a big yard, etc. She takes great videos of the dogs. Funny and fun to watch. But I keep the volume down because she’s always got that damn TV on in the background.

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        • You’re right, I should. But I’m afraid. Lol. I doubt it would make any difference and I’d likely get a some short and snippy answer like, “You don’t like it, don’t watch.”

          And that would come from some perceived hurt and I think she’d take it as a personal attack. Going by what I know of her.

          When I get over my fear…and I’m working on that sort of thing in general…I will probably say something. I can’t be the only one right?

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    • We haven’t had a TV for almost 10 years and don’t miss it. Even if we have the opportunity to watch, it’s usually for the news and weather. People seem to think we are odd as we do other things like…….. talk to each other, play cards or scrabble. read, and of course Blog!

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