College Football is Broken


And I know how to fix it.

Unfortunately, the powers that be won’t let me near it, so I’m going to post my idea here and hope that it goes viral.


The first change that needs to be made in College Football is creating eight, ten-team conferences.  That would mean shrinking the number of teams in Division One from the pathetic 128 to a more convenient and less pathetic 80. 

I know.  I know.  How would the 80 teams be determined?  Well, I’m glad you asked…but quite honestly…I don’t know. 

It might be that a number of factors come into play, namely:

  • Win-Loss record against FBS teams in the past 30 years
  • Conference titles won in past 30 years
  • National titles won in past 40 years
  • Extent of national following
  • Average margin of defeat or victory in past 30 years…

Each of these factors, among others, could be used to determine which 80 teams would make up Division One (D-1) College Football.

The other 48 teams would be dropped into conferences in Division Two (D-2), and a number of FCS teams that have been competitive over the years would be able to join them to even out the number of teams for each D-2 conference.

Once D-1 conferences and teams have been chosen, the teams would be placed into regional conferences across the nation.

The bowl games would never go away.  Instead, teams would be matched up according to their records.  The only difference would be that teams that lose rounds one, two and three of the playoffs would be able to play in bowls with higher payouts.  A nice perk for winning more games.

But as I stated in the opening of this blog, there are powers that be who control way more than they should when it comes to college football.  

It’s pathetic how so many over-educated idiots are running things these days.  


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