Last night I went to bed feeling okay.  

This morning…

I woke up with my sinuses plugged, chest congested and feeling like I went three rounds with a professional MMA fighter and losing.  

In other words, I think I’m coming down with something or maybe I already have it.  Either way, I don’t feel well at all.  

What’s worse is that I do everything I can to protect myself from viruses and bacteria, but sadly, my co-workers do not.  

This office is like a giant petri dish.  Each cube containing it’s own variation of the many horrible diseases that can be spread from bovine to bovine, which is one of the many reasons I posted yesterday’s post.  


Right now (6:30 AM), I’m sitting at my desk considering taking a nap, but I’d only get a couple minutes in because a bunch of idiots show up a little before 7 AM.


I’m not looking forward to another day of listening to stupid people cluck like chickens about stupid stuff that I could care less about.  

It’s really pathetic how tired I feel right now.  I hate getting sick.


15 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Sick season sucks. Either the bovines come in and spread all of their germs, or they stay home and everyone else has to pick up their work. Either way it’s lose-lose.
    Feel better soon…and roll on spring!

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