A Cute Doggy


A blogging friend over at 50statecanuck

well … I think she’s a friend, we don’t really converse anymore and she never seems to stop by my blog-o-pathetic, so I’m not sure if we’re still friends…maybe we’re more like acquaintances at this point. . .

. . . Anywhoo!  

She posted this picture on her blog of her little ball of fun, Abby:  


if you’ll notice…she pointed out on her blog as well…the picture has fall colored leaves all over the trail, but the leaves on the trees are summertime green.  


Proof that the world is being taken over by colored leaves?  

No matter the reason, it’s kind of a strange phenomena…don’t you think?  

Feel free to stop by her blog, if you feel up to it.







7 thoughts on “A Cute Doggy

  1. Ba-hahahaha!! OMG, you are hilarious!! I am the WORST now at reading other people’s blogs…as you have probably noticed, I’m not even posting as much on mine anymore!! Trying to shake some stuff up in my life… 🙂

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    • LOL…don’t feel bad. You’re not alone…Between yours and a couple other blogs, I don’t spend much time reading other blogs either…and like you, I’ve kinda stopped writing for some reason. I want to write, but I’m not writing… anyway, thanks for responding and finding humor in my post. 🙂 btw…if you ever want someone outside of your circle to talk with…I’m a pretty good listener.


        • sigh…. Janey, Jane, Jane… I would love too, but there are so many stories I don’t know where to begin. Take for instance, Flapjack. He’s an older man who whines more than a toddler who just got his finger stuck in a door. Then there’s Skinny Dude, who was really, really quiet until someone HE thought was disturbing HIS tranquil area moved into the cube adjacent to his. He even had the nerve to walk over to their desk when they were on the phone with a client and asked them to stop talking because HE was getting annoyed. LOL! What’s more, out of spite he decided to become increasingly noisy just to piss them off. Then the other day Plastic Spoons Guy decided to eat a bag of popcorn at his desk. Of course, there is no way for him to eat anything quietly, or with his mouth CLOSED for that matter, so the entire office had to endure his repeated crunching. I kid you not…it literally sounds like he’s eating rocks. So, as you can see, I have stories I could write about, but I’m afraid that if I did it would just sound like I was complaining. 🙂 … HAHAHA! of course, that’s what my blog is for, right?! 😉


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