Watch Your Language!


The other day I over heard a few women in my workplace talking about a guy they were attracted to.  

Now, pathetically, none of them were talking about me, but they were talking about a well-known actor who they consider to be a “royal hottie“.  About which, one of the women shockingly had the nerve to say that she would…and I quote“spread her legs for that man in a minute.”  To which, the other women in the room heartily concurred and went on to explain what ELSE they would let him do to them…  


Consequently, what I found to be royally pathetic was that directly after their conversation they began to rail on Donald Trump for the lewd and disgraceful comments he made toward women in a recently released video.  


I have watched and listened to the video that was released where The Donald was accused of saying lewd comments about women.  

Honestly, I don’t know what he said that was so bad because I’ve heard far worse come from the mouths of women towards men they found attractive.  Note the above conversation I over heard in my workplace.

There in lies the double standard.  

It’s okay for women to openly say lewd and disgusting things about men, but not okay for men to do the same thing towards women.  

Not too mention, these two men were having a conversation between guys, and this may shock the majority of you reading this, but that’s how 99% of guys around the world communicate.

Sure, it wasn’t in the best taste ANNNND he and Billy Bush (there’s a joke there, but I’ll let it go) should have remembered they were mic’d up, but the stark reality of their conversation is that The Donald didn’t do or say anything that was any different than . . . oohh. . . .saaayyyy….former President Bill Clinton..?  

Whom, by the way, will more than likely use his status as ‘First Man’ to entice his way into a few ‘oval offices‘. . . If ya know what I mean?


Speaking of the Billary’s….  

I’m almost certain the reason Hillary “Please shove a rod and ham up my ass” Clinton has been mute on the whole topic is because she knows the past actions of her husband will be brought to the limelight, and quite possibly more than the four or five that we know about, which would be a major ding to her dong…

or his dong…

or something to that effect.

Anyway, the sad truth is that the more negative press they give The Donald, the more you cattle are jumping on the bandwagon of hate.  

You’re all proving that the media has more control over your thoughts toward another human being than you ever considered, and you’re quick to forget just how lewd and corrupt your own thoughts and words have been towards a few select cattle grazing in another pasture.  

And Ladies…you’re not immune!  Don’t forget, I grew up with sisters and had to listen to their conversations with their friends about the boys they liked.  

Trust me…those were not conversations any impressionable young man should be subject too.  <<shivers>>   

So take a few minutes and consider the example this post was opened with, then ask yourself whether or not you’ve said something lewd about someone else…Doesn’t matter if it was in a private conversation or openly public…then consider whether or not you should judge The Donald so harshly for his words…

After all, double standards are pathetic. 



10 thoughts on “Watch Your Language!

  1. When I read your post I immediately thought of back room banter. Who released those tapes anyway? I doubt it was the “Donald”. Some “high road” that came from. Also this was taped without consent – how legal is that?

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    • Leslie, you bring up a good point about who would have recorded this, released it and how legal it was to be recorded anyway…but considering that he was on a “Today” show bus and both trump and Billy Bush were wearing lapel microphones, everything they said was legally recorded by the networks.

      The real trouble here is that Donald and Billy weren’t smart enough to keep their mouths shut. 🙂

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  2. To me, the things Trump said on the video were just icing on the cake of reasons why I won’t be voting for him. Not shocked at all that something like this surfaced, not sure how anybody at this point could be. His core is rotten as is Hillary’s and I won’t be pro actively responsible for electing either of them. My vote does’t matter any way out here in the Land of Libs.

    As to your main point, I completely agree. Women “locker room” talk is just as vulgar and hypocrisy abounds on both sides. First you have those who had no problem at all with Bill Clinton’s creepy sex predator/rape antics and who shouted on about how the personal life is separate from the political. Then of course you have all the so called family value conservatives who cried for Clinton’s impeachment who remain silent about Trump.

    I can’t take it really any more. The sad thing is the real trouble starts AFTER Nov 4. Buckle up!

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    • Awesome comment and spot on!

      I’m really unsure what this country will be like after this election. Neither of these candidates has gained any respect from the American people and from what I can tell, they can’t seem to make a solid connection with voters. This whole election just feels like scripted reality tv show that is so awful and yet so disgustingly entertaining that it’s impossible to look away.

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  3. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I was thinking about writing a post of this sort, but this one is well done. I would have mentioned the strangeness of an ten-year old video being an October surprise, but irtfyblog found a more interesting angle. So it is my pleasure to pass it on.

    Of course, I will say the obligatory thing. I don’t approve of what Donald Trump said. No excuse for such behavior, but it is easy to say things we should not. Even if we are careful of bad words and don’t engage in locker room talk, we all fail to tame our tongues somehow. Thus, when Trump lost control of his tongue, he just said what the men he was with wanted to hear.

    A bunch of guys talking among themselves will often say stupid things about the opposite sex. That includes many of our posturing elected representatives. As irtfyblog observes, women have the same problem.

    So why is this post significant? We have binary choice. Trump deserves to have his mouth washed out with soap. The Clinton’s belong in prison. So who should we vote for? Trump or H. Clinton? The guy with the dirty mouth or the lady who prefers a “good” lie over the simple, honest truth?

    If you are a woman, do you really want the first female president to be someone you know we cannot trust? Do you really want to vote for someone who should be in prison? Is the competent leader with a foul mouth that big of a problem?

    If you are a man, are you going to disqualify the jerk you would let near your wife and daughters because of his foul mouth or the woman who thinks selling out the future of our country is just the way politics is made profitable?

    It not a good choice, but it ought to be an obvious choice.

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  4. I’m sorry irtfy, I hear you. Lots of feigned outrage and offended sensibilities, as if we have all never heard such language before. The hypocrisy is quite astounding. I suppose when we were all cracking jokes about cigars and blue dresses in the oval office, people thought we were really talking about tobacco and fashion? And the 50 million copies of 50 shades that was recently sold, who bought all those?

    That said, while girls may well talk like that these days, they shouldn’t, because it really is vulgar and crass and it cheapens us all.

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    • Exactly, IB! …you get it!

      I’m not condoning what Donald said, I know it may come across that way, but I’m not. However, the reality of the issue is the deplorable state of our Union and the hypocritical reactions from so many foolish people who fail to look at their own words and behavior before condemning another. As the state of decay continues, I’m not surprised that these two candidates are the “best” either party has to offer. thanks for the comment and once again…i agree with you wholeheartedly.

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