Your Phone and Pager are NOT Sterile


Let me begin this post by stating that I’m very thankful for all the people who work in the medical field.  Most of you are awesome and do your jobs well, and then there are the rare few who make you look bad… but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate everything you do.  So please know that I don’t mean to disrespect you with this post because that’s not my intention.  

However, I would like to bring to your attention something that I noticed while my dad was in the hospital and that is…  

Why would anyone who works in healthcare sterilize their hands with anti-bacterial cleanser, put on sterile gloves, walk into a patient’s room and then answer their pager or cell phone that is covered in germs??  

Over a year ago My dad was in the hospital getting a kidney stone blasted into oblivion.  While in the hospital room the nurse did a great job of making sure her hands were sterile and that she wasn’t doing anything that would transfer germs from one patient to another.  However, when the Phlebotomist walked in, he proceeded to sterilize his hands with cleanser, put gloves on, began to prep my dad for the blood draw and when his pager went off, he picked it up and looked at it.  

Once he put the pager back in his pocket, I abruptly asked him if he would please change his gloves and sterilize his hands again.  

He just stared at me…then glanced over at the nurse as if to get some kind of defense from her and when she raised her eyebrows and looked at the floor, he looked back at me as if I my question was offensive.  

I didn’t flinch, nor did I apologize.  I just looked at him with a blank stare. 

After a few seconds of him trying to decide what to say or do, he slowly removed the gloves and re-sterilized his hands with cleanser.  While doing so, he had the nerve to ask in a condescending tone if I wanted to do his job.  (Seriously?!?)

I was in no mood for his crap…so I responded . . . in the same tone,  “No, but my dad’s health is more important than your pager.”  

After the phlebotomist finished with my dad’s blood draw and left the room, the nurse looked at me and said… “Wow…good catch!”    

That’s when I asked her why there isn’t a rule that BEFORE entering the room of a patient all health care professionals must leave their pagers and cell phones in a bin outside the entryway.  

Those devices are covered in germs and who knows what could be transferred from one patient to another?  

Same thing happened about a month ago in the same hospital.  

My dad was in the ER with pancreatitis and the nurse who was trying to put the IV catheter into my dad’s arm had sterilized her hands…put on gloves…had swabbed my dad’s arm…was just about to put the catheter in and her cell phone went off, so she answered it!   

What the hell?!?!?!?!  

So, I have a bone to pick with health care people.  

Your pathetic mistake of answering a cell phone or pager MIGHT contribute to the spreading of germs and could possibly kill a patient.  

You need to stop answering cell phones and pagers while in the room of the patient.  

The patient is (or should be) priority number one. . . pagers and cell phones can wait!   Leave them outside the room!!!   

I don’t have a problem with healthcare professionals, but I do think it’s pathetic that hospitals and their staff don’t leave phones and pagers outside the hospital room when working with patients.



17 thoughts on “Your Phone and Pager are NOT Sterile

  1. Working in healthcare doesn’t make you an infallible Christ.

    That’s all I’m going to say without getting too salty. I’m sorry you witnessed that, and were asked that question by that person I won’t lambast further.

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    • 🙂 lol. Oh, it’s okay if you do choose to lambaste him. He deserves it…even the nurse told me he deserved it. 🙂 I guess the guy doesn’t have a very good reputation at the hospital with staff or patients.

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  2. Yeah, exactly, “What the hell???” It amazes me what people don’t think about. Seems like a no brainer. And i find it weird af that these people get all offended when you call them on that kind of thing. Again, “What the hell?”

    Awesome you stood up to him and stood your ground. Sorry your dad is going through all that though, hope he recovers soon.

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  3. Good for you for standing up to that doctor. When I was working as a nurse I was adamant about maintaining sterility and if I saw anyone who broke barriers I would immediately insist they follow sterile procedures. This protocol is broken a lot and so I pray more health professionals and people catch those who are breaking protocol!

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      • You are welcome. I was fierce when it came to protect my patients. There is no room for error when it comes to following sterile protocol. None. And it really used to raise my blood pressure when I saw these cocky residents thinking they were above rules.

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