Protest vs. Riot


President Barack Obama incorrectly stated that he believed the greatest threat to humanity is climate change.  

It’s not.  

The greatest threat to humanity is humanity itself.  

You pathetic morons of social injustice.  

Yes!  I’m speaking to YOU. 


The one who thinks that going out at night and throwing rocks into windows, setting fire to everything that will burn and using violence to get your point across will somehow make the rest of the world care about your dumb-ass ideology. 

I’m speaking to you.  The one who assaults a complete stranger, loots and pillages local businesses and acts like an uncivilized lunatic for no reason but to exploit the evil within your corrupt soul and to divide a nation for your own pathetic cause.  

I’m speaking to you because you need to understand what you’re doing is wrong and it’s not helping your cause.  Matter of fact, it’s reinforcing the world’s belief and opinion of what they already perceive you to be — violent, irresponsible, evil criminals who refuse to practice any type of self-restraint.

You see…there’s a big difference between protesting and rioting.  

A protest is meant to be a peaceful demonstration that will draw attention to an individual’s plight.  It’s typically managed and conducted under the guise of leadership that steers people into a direction of understanding and thought.  A controlled, self-restrained action of harmony, trust, hope, faith and love.  Its leader is the Father of truth.

On the other hand a riot is meant to be criminal.  Typically unmanaged and conducted without any sense of structure by zero leadership.  It’s a free-for-all of lust, disharmony, injustice, hatred and evil.  That’s why it’s meant to be violent.  Its intention is to strike fear and disunity into hearts and minds.  It breeds contempt and bitterness which leads to murder and strife.  It also has a leader, but that leader is the father of lies. 

Being a protester is admirable.

Being a rioter is pathetic.  



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